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Step-by-Step outline on being SCOT FREE

Step-by-Step outline on being SCOT FREE

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Published by Marc Boyer
This is a very concise to the point explanation of how trust law can create this Scot Free opportunity CHECK IT OUT
This is a very concise to the point explanation of how trust law can create this Scot Free opportunity CHECK IT OUT

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Published by: Marc Boyer on Sep 29, 2013
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Here's the basic step by step rundown as to how to become a bonded grower, under a Pier trust, and then

how to create an EDA /Co-op that can legally grow and dispense these goods Any and all residents of Canada are basically covered as having a regular MMAR member status by getting a $42. Canada Post [CP] money gram and you're covered under our Pier trust from that day on - In order to be in our Cannabis Cultural Guild, send another separate CP Moneygram for $420. - This is actually a 'good faith' deposit on the 'buy out' on any and all tangible /fungible goods that you are soon bringing across into a legitimate co-op that can be set up in any province, under a Pure trust – IMPORTANT - from the date you pay the $420 means you cannot plant a new clone until you find a legitimate customer, but you can crop-off this last now-bonded crop, 3 months from now. CAVEAT: All you need to do is print off our Elections Canada membership application, fill it in – If you're an eligible voter then sign it, and if you just 'a resident' then say so instead of signing. – You go to Canada Post, get a moneygram, and make it payable to: Our Quadra EDA Pool. – Then email me @ marcboyer420@gmail.com and give me the tracking number and just give me the mailing address that's on the Elections Canada form [or send me a jpeg or pdf of file] – AND, i'll snail mail you a nice original Certificate with a stamped gold seal, and any appropriate documents /receipts /statements that you should have in order to carry-on Scot Free I suggest you find a trust accountant in your town - he can itemize your inventory and goods just like it should be presented - it's like a bankruptcy filing, except it's the EXACT opposite. You walk away from all past liability, in law,- you become a whole free and clear new man This new accountant will explain how to formally transfer /cross this '10% donor line' AND as long as you keep the Peace and be of Good behaviour, means you're Scot Free. You get to keep everything by paying 10-cents on the dollar for all your goods AND they are now bonded secured chattel goods that you hold until you transfer them to your new Co-op. - Any good trust accountant can /should do this for you - he can call us for details.

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Meanwhile contact Blair Longley and ask for any EDA you want and he will give it to you, just tell him you've joined our Guild. Again this is a simple form to do, but get the accountant to set the EDA up – With this EDA in hand we can now sell/ license 1-POS to two of our Cannabis Cultural Guild Agents, who form a separate Federal Agency, with their new POS, for $3000. AND with this POS, you cannot screw up your books, by simply entering every sale of bonded goods and all purchases of bonded goods and all that complex ORR accounting is done automatically. – This POS can also do all your basic accounting like payroll, and such office transactions and all kinds of present office equipment can be used in our system as long as they can be retrofitted to a Linux computer. We simply cannot offer a tight security system with Microsoft [for example] BUT for an average office /dispensary [starting from scratch] will need to spend about $3 to 5,000 on hardware like, wired scales, card printer, debit card stations. etc. – On the grow op side of the POS - a set of 5 bare-bones custom kitchen /like scales for one table costs about $200. You can put 1 scale under every pot for about $40 each, or a 1 scale for 1 light set up is easy to set up. Frankly we cannot operate a comprehensive accredited program without these scales in order to comply under Weights and Measures standards. – There's all kinds of instrument gadgets that are really cool, but not necessary in being compliant to trust issues, and they range in a price from $30 to $100 for each gadget Then this EDA should go visit any City they want. Bring our BC-MMAR trust documentation as back up with you as an initial courtesy visit, and ask to set an appointment with your trust accountant. - They can talk to each other – The City really does not like talking to you [nothing personal] i don't like lawyers and that's personal - this accountant can make the City at ease about the nature of this Pure trust. The collecting of City taxes is the key to Peace in your City BOTTOM LINE: You cannot be charged under a Pure trust, as long as you keep the Peace

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