Ami Blue Prof.

Blue Composition 3 July 8, 2009 How to Live on a Tight Budget In order to keep a tight budget, I have to find a new job, keep a record of my money, and take care with my free time. The first step is to consider getting a second or third job because doing so has two advantages: you can make more money, and you have less time to spend the money! Secondly, you must record all the money that you receive and spend. The money you receive is called your salary, and it should be more than the money you spend. This is called a budget. Don’t forget to include money you spend regularly, such as gas, rent, car insurance, and electricity; also, keep in mind any special checks you write, such as those you write for food, new shoes, and vacations. Finally, think about how you spend your free time; try to spend your free time without spending money! For example, you spend money on activities like movies, parties, and restaurants. You should cut back on these unnecessary expenses. After you follow these steps, you will save money, time, and worry.