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K 1100/1200 RS + K 1200 GT

Adjustable practicality: Seat Bag with 17 – 25 litre volume. Suits you, Sir! Tailor made tank bags for RS and GT. Cruise Control: A simple but effective solution. Can you handle it? Adjustable bar risers for improved riding position.

Carbon fibre huggers: Very functional but beautiful, too.

Comfortable seating for the passenger: Footrest lowering.

Keep an eye on the oil temperature: RR precision gauge.

Let there be light: Increased safety with additional lights.


K 1100/1200 RS + K 1200 GT

K 1200 RS/GT
Can the RS/ GT be improved at all? Actually, it can as we’ve found out. One thing for instance is the seating position which many riders felt uncomfortable with. So we developed the adjustable VARIO ERGO handle bar risers and received a lot of praise from customers. In conjunction with our ERGO seats even long tours are now a comfortable and relaxed affair. An absolute sensible part to fit are our additional lights, these superior lights add safety and make night riding much more enjoyable. The demand for additional storage capacity was fulfilled with various luggage systems such as the adjustable tank bag “RSR” and the rear seat bag “RS + GT” which swallows up to 25 litres of volume.

“Vario-Ergo” Handle Bar Riser
Veteran 1200 RS or GT riders are always easily recognisable by their hunched gait. Joking aside, the original handlebar concept of the RS/GT is good, but do dictate a rather forward leaning riding position. Most riders prefer a more upright and comfortable riding position. In order to find the best solution for each rider we have designed our handle bar risers so that an adjustment similar to the original design is possible. The adjustment has three positions and is quite easy to change (similar to original). K 1200 RS: The bars are moved 30 - 42 mm higher and also 20-27 mm towards the rider. K 1200 GT: The bars are moved 27 – 31 higher and 20 – 37 mm towards the rider. With the bar risers fitted the RS/GT has a long range riding comfort comparable with touring bikes. The risers are made of aircraft spec high quality machined aluminium, and are anodised silver. A “K” emblem on each side is included in the kit. Comes complete with all fitting material. TÜV approved.

K 1200 RS

K 1200 RS
K 1200 RS K 1200 GT

For normal and “Comfort” handle bars. Inclusive a longer brake line.
Note: In some rare cases the clutch line might be too short. Order a longer one directly from your BMW dealer: BMW part number 21522352173

ABS models Integral brake models

Part-No.: 8160129 Part-No.: 8600400

K 1200 GT

A carefully matched and designed shape in aircraft spec aluminium of the highest quality. A longer brake line is NOT included as many bikes manage without. However, if in the top position the lines are tensed the longer brake line needs to be ordered separately. Ask your dealer for a possibility of ordering the brake line first and returning it if not needed. Bar Riser Longer brake line Part-No.: 8600415 Part-No.: 1978503

K 1200 GT


K 1100/1200 RS + K 1200 GT
“Pro Sports” Handle Bar End Weights
As a replacement for the original bar weights. About 0.7 kg lighter and smaller, reduce the width of the bike. Complete set of two incl. bolts. Available are either a silver anodised or polished set. For K 1100 RS Silver Polished Part-No.: 8160389 Part-No.: 8160387

Silver version

Polished version

Cruise Control
This is a simple but effective cruise control solution. On long riding stints the throttle hand can become tired and cramped, with the cruise control installed this becomes less of a problem. The Cruise Control is fitted instead of the right hand side end weight, and simply by turning the adjustment wheel the Cruise control applies pressure onto the twist grip. The adjustment wheel has wide spaced teeth that allow easy turning of it even while wearing a glove, so it can be dialled for exactly the required pressure. To disable, the adjustment wheel is simply turned the other direction and in a matter of seconds the twist grip returns to normal function. Available in three versions: 1) Black coated steel body “Cruise Control” with silver anodised aluminium adjustment wheel. Replaces the right side bar end weight (the left side end weight stays original). 2) Alu Light Weight Kit Silver, consists of a silver anodised light weight aluminium body “Cruise Control” with a blue adjustment wheel, as well as matching silver aluminium left side bar end weight. 3) Alu Light Weight Kit “Polished”, consists of a highly polished, shiny light weight aluminium body “Cruise Control” with a silver adjustment wheel, as well as matching polished aluminium left side bar end weight. For K 1100 RS Black Steel Cruise Control Part-No.: 8166120 Silver Alu Light Weight Kit Part-No.: 8166175 Polished Alu Light Weight Kit Part-No.: 8166170

Brake Lever Enlarger
It‘s important to be able to find the rear brake pedal when you need it! The original brake lever tip is a bit too small, the enlarger slips easily over the existing one and increases the overall size of the tip. It substantially increases the size of the rather small original brake pedal and provides a greater margin of safety and level of comfort. The cut serrations provide excellent grip, especially important on wet days. Anodised silver. Once you fit it, you won’t go back…About 6 mm wider and 15 mm longer than original. Pushed on and secured with set screw. For K 1200 RS + GT Part-No.: 8160169

Gear Lever Enlarger
Same as with brake lever, it increases the overall size of the small original lever. Makes changing gears easier and safer (no slipping), especially when wet. Machined from aluminium with grip surface. Silver anodised. Easy to fit. For K 1100/1200 RS + K 1200 GT Part-No.: 8160431


K 1100/1200 RS + K 1200 GT
Passenger Footrest Lowering
The footrest lowering set will move the passenger footrest 60 mm lower. The change in footrest position will increase the knee and hip angle, that can make all the difference during those long Autobahn/Motorway trips. Better blood circulation and less cramps will make a full tank ride much more enjoyable. The part is made of silver anodised CNC machined high quality aluminium and comes with all components needed, including a “K” emblem for each side. No modifications to bike needed. TÜV approved. For K 1200 RS + K 1200 GT. Part-No.: 8160135

The tall Z-Screen screen is 42 mm taller than the original, and with an overall size of more than 50 cm wide and high offers vastly improves weather protection for the K 1200 RS rider. The screen was designed to reduce buffeting, a small air inlet in the lower screen lets air enter behind the screen to reduce turbulence and negative pressure. We have extensively checked this screen during one of our tests, 800 km on the famous German Autobahn mostly in top speed. The test showed that even in these extremely high speeds a relaxed and stress free riding is possible. Also, the effectiveness of the adjustment is even more evident with this larger screen. Available are either the lightly tinted tall screen (51,5 cm tall), or the slightly darker (Shadow) version with a reduced height (35,5 cm) for the sporty rider who does not need a lot of wind protection. Made of scratch resistant Lexan plastic and fits the existing mounting points. The original adjustability is still usable (see “Adjustment Lever” below), and the screen comes with TÜV approval. For K 1200 RS (1997 - 2001 models) Lightly tinted (51 cm tall) Shadow (35,5 cm) Part-No.: 8180017 Part-No.: 8180018

2002 models onwards

K 1200 RS (2002 models onwards) 1997 - 2001 models 2002 models onwards Lightly tinted (51 cm tall) Shadow (35,5 cm) Part-No.: 8180019 Part-No.: 8180020

Adjustment Lever
The K 1200 RS has a screen with two possible positions. Lowering the screen is ok, but raising the screen into the top position requires the rider to get off the bike, and then pull the screen up. So if one is riding on a motorway at night and it suddenly begins to rain it is very hazardous to pull over, dismount, raise the screen and then re-start. Our CNC machined aluminium lever allows raising and lowering the screen quick, fast + without a problem, no need to touch the screen with gloves. The lever is silver anodised, and comes with a “K” emblem. For K 1200 RS (2002 models onwards only). Part-No.: 8010370


K 1100/1200 RS + K 1200 GT
RIZOMA Speedster Mirrors
Only RIZOMA can manage to stylistically improve a BMW just with the help of a set of mirrors. The original mirrors are not a match for these lovingly crafted beauties. The mirrors have a standard 130 mm long stem (roughly same length as original), if needed this can be extended to 150 mm with an extension piece (included with stem). All parts are machined from solid, high quality Billet-aluminium and either polished or anodised in various colours. Important: All parts need to be ordered separately, for one mirror assembly please order 1 Mirror Body, 1 Mirror Stem and 1 Adapter. For K 1200 RS + GT

Mirror Stem (incl. 20 mm extension)
Polished Matt aluminium (silver) Black Anodised Blue Anodised Part-No.: 8161225 Part-No.: 8161226 Part-No.: 8161227 Part-No.: 8161228

Mirror Body
Polished Matt aluminium (silver) Black Anodised Blue Anodised Part-No.: 8161233 Part-No.: 8161234 Part-No.: 8161235 Part-No.: 8161236

Mirror head and stem


Part-No.: 8161246

RIZOMA Lever Set
Not many know how to turn a lump of metal into a motorcycle part that is a work of art like RIZOMA does. Not only do these levers add visual value to the bike, they also fit perfectly to the hand. The levers can be fitted using the original adjustment wheels or alternatively with the RIZOMA made ones. You have the option of putting together a set of levers exactly to your liking. Machined from high quality Billet-aluminium and then either anodised or polished to a high gloss finish. Easy to fit. For K 1200 RS + GT

Brake + Clutch Lever Set
Polished Silver Anodised Blue Anodised Part-No.: 8161215 Part-No.: 8161216 Part-No.: 8161217 Silver anodised with gold anodised adjustment wheel

Adjustment Wheel Set
Polished Gold Anodised Silver Anodised Blue Anodised Part-No.: 8161223 Part-No.: 8161221 Part-No.: 8161222 Part-No.: 8161224 Adjustement wheel Polished version

RIZOMA Brake + Clutch Reservoir Covers
These covers replace the plain black covers on both reservoirs. The whole area on both ends of the handle bar is transformed and looks much more interesting and dynamic. The covers are lovingly machined of aircraft quality Billet aluminium alloy, the surface finish structure shows just how complicated the production process is for these parts. Easy to fit, comes complete with all parts needed. Each colour version sold as a left + right side set. For K 1200 RS + GT Polished Silver Anodised Blue Anodised Part-No.: 8161241 Part-No.: 8161242 Part-No.: 8161243


K 1100/1200 RS + K 1200 GT
RIZOMA Brake Caliper Cover
These beautifully machine covers made by RIZOMA add a point of beauty to the rear, but they also add protection to the rear brake caliper. Machined from solid high quality aluminium alloy and then either anodised or polished to a high gloss finish. Easy to fit, all parts needed supplied. Available in 3 different colour version. For K 1200 RS + GT (from 2001 onwards)

Rear Brake Cover
Silver Polished Blue Part-No.: 8161251 Part-No.: 8161252 Part-No.: 8161253

Top Yoke Thermometer
This high quality part is not only an attractive replacement for the original plastic cover in the centre of your top yoke, it provides you with a reading of the temperature that you are riding through. This is especially useful when riding in cold weather because it can give you an idea how close you are to the freezing point and make you aware of the potential for ice on the road. The dial resembles the BMW instrument design and features both Celsius and Fahrenheit scales. Fitting the Thermometer is a simple task, it is glued into position with normal automotive silicone paste. The Thermometer body is made of a silver plated aluminium alloy.
Note: The temperature reading may vary from the actual outer temperature due to its fitted position (direct sun etc).

For K 1200 RS + GT Part-No.: 8600660

Aluminium Rear Shock Adjuster
This CNC machined part replaces the original plastic pre-load adjuster of the GS. It looks better and provides more grip for adjusting the pre-load due to the designed shape. There are three versions available: Polished, blue or silver anodised. Only K 1200 RS + GT original rear shocks. Silver Blue Polished Part-No.: 8200031 Part-No.: 8200030 Part-No.: 8200029

Treat yourself or any Boxer-friend with these quality shorts and gift box. See our “Accessories” section for details and sizes.

Boxer Shorts

Aspherical Mirrors
Beautiful CNC machined aluminium mirrors with better rear view and safety. See our “Accessories” section for details.


K 1100/1200 RS + K 1200 GT
“Daytona” Wheel Hub Cover
Smartens up the rear wheel centre with the classic racing look of a quick release wheel hub, and reduces the amount of dirt that accumulates in the wheel centre. Machined from solid aluminium and anodised silver and blue. A chromed “R”- pin secures the blue nut when fitted. To fit the hub, the centre wheel bolt is simply replaced with the special high quality steel bolt, and the Daytona is in turn secured to this bolt. Comes complete with special bolt and chromed “R” clip. For K 1200 RS + GT Part-No.: 8160610

Hub Centre Caps
These small machined aluminium caps are fitted to the centre of the rear wheel. This is an alternative for those who don‘t want to fit the larger hub caps but still want to add a bit of beauty to the rear hub area. Comes complete with a “K” emblem, but can be fitted with an original BMW emblem. (Please buy from your dealer, part number 71609056263). Anodised silver. Easy to fit. For K 1200 RS + GT Part-No.: 8160286

Hub Cover “Hexa T”
This is a Hexagonal cover to complete the rear wheel centre of the 1100 RS. Machined from aluminium, and silver anodised. Easy to fit to the existing plastic part. As a as a crowning glory and a service to our customers we have included an original 60 mm BMW emblem (not pictured) for the hub centre. (The whole Hexa T was designed and made by Wunderlich, only the emblem is an original BMW part). For K 1100 RS Part-No.: 8160450

Final Drive Bolt Covers
This aluminium part covers up the big hexagon nuts on the final drive joint. It keeps dirt out + improves the appearance of the rear of your bike. There are two versions available, one for the outside and one for the inside bolt. Easy to fit, as it uses an expandable rubber insert. Anodised Silver.

K 1200 RS/GT
Final Drive Bolt Cover (Outer) Part-No.: 8160690 Final Drive Bolt Cover (Inner) Part-No.: 8160700 Cover fitted outside ... and inside.

K 1100 RS (only inner available)
Final Drive Bolt Cover (Inner) Part-No.: 8160690

Final Drive Filler Plug
Replaces the original matt Allen bolt. Machined from aluminium and either anodised or highly polished, this plug has a neat appearance which enhances the look of the final drive housing. Comes complete with a seal ring, and can be tightened easily by use of an Allen key inserted in the side hole. K 1100/1200 RS + K 1200 GT Polished Silver Anodised Part-No.: 8160355 Part-No.: 8160356


K 1100/1200 RS + K 1200 GT
Side Stand Enlarger
A BMW parked on soft ground or hot tarmac is a recipe for disaster, especially if fully loaded with luggage. Fitting this part frees your bike of this danger. The precision machined plate is made of 8 mm thick aluminium alloy, the contours of the side stand are matched for a good fit. The surface area is increased by 100% compared to the original side stand. Anodised black, comes with all bolts and a vibration-damping pad. Easy to fit.
Tip: Before fitting the enlarger, paint the underside of your original side stand with black paint to prevent further rusting of the blank + scuffed metal.

For K 1200 RS + GT Part-No.: 8500039

Cockpit Rings
These nice looking rings will enhance your instrument panel and add a bit of class to the black plastic dominated area. The rings are machined of solid Billet aluminium and then either anodised silver or polished to a high gloss. They are easy to fit, simply glue with normal clear silicone paste. Sold as a complete set for the speedometer, rev counter and both gauges. For K 1200 RS + GT Polished Silver anodised Part-No.: 8700257 Part-No.: 8700256

This quality instrument surround is made of carbon fibre which is coated with a clear plastic layer to give it a 3D feel. The special coating brings out nicely the carbon structure. The multi piece set covers the whole area around the two instruments and both gauges. Back is coated with a thin + strong 3M adhesive and therefore very easy to fit. K 1200 RS + K 1200 GT Part-No.: 8160060

PureCarbon Cockpit
An alternative carbon fibre instrument surround. This part is a single piece carbon fibre material that is coated with a layer of clear coating (not 3D). It covers the area around both clocks as well as the temperature gauge. It is easy to fit, simply sticks to the existing cover. Fits in well with other carbon fibre parts available for the RS + GT. K 1200 RS + K 1200 GT Part-No.: 8160531

Yoke Protectors
These self adhesive pads protect the top yoke from key damage and greatly enhance the appearance of the yoke. Even previously scratched yokes can be made look nice again by covering up the damage with one of those pads. They are precision cut from carbon fibre and have a nice gloss finish. The back is coated with a thin, strong adhesive layer which makes it easy to fit. K 1200 RS K 1200 GT Part-No.: 8160480 Part-No.: 8410201


K 1100/1200 RS + K 1200 GT
Key Holder for Spare Key
Put one or more spare keys to good use with this key holder. The chromed body has a solid feel, and the key is held firmly in place with a set screw. Comes with a “K” emblem. The emblem can be replaced by an original BMW emblem (order directly from your dealer part # 51 142 308 800). For K 1100/1200 RS + K 1200 GT spare keys*. Part-No.: 8160670
* Spare Key Holder with “K” Emblem

Carbon Fibre Tank Pad “Z-Protect”
A nice “3D” looking tank pad made of real carbon fibre enclosed in clear plastic. Protects the tank against scratches and scuffs. Self adhesive, easy to fit. For K 1200 RS + GT Part-No.: 8160465

Carbon Fibre Filler Cap Cover
Self adhesive carbon fibre cover that fits easily onto your filler cap. Improves the look of your bike, especially in conjunction with other carbon parts. For K 1200 RS + GT Part-No.: 8410200

Tank + Paint Protection “Venture Shield”
A flexible and indestructible plastic protection foil that was originally designed to protect propeller and rotor blades from stone damage. Speed-of-sound aircraft application to protect your BMW! This almost invisible foil protects the paint from stones, sand, bugs and any other flying object that may cause scuffs, scratches or abrasive marks as well as accidental marks from tools, keys and other day to day objects that might come close to the bike. As any damage to the paint is detrimental to the resale value of a bike it is important to keep it in a good as possible condition, so the investment is worth considering. The foil absorbs most of the impact energy, it makes sense to fit the head light foil as well. It is UV resistant, but lets UV rays shine through so that there are no differences in the colour of the paint between protected and non protected areas of the bike. Each piece is custom made and cut to an exact shape for a perfect fit. The foil clings very well, but can be removed quite easily. Bike can be cleaned as before (even steam cleaned). The kit comes complete with cleaning fluid, tools and everything that is needed and can easily be fitted by anyone with a bit of patience (see fitting pictures in “Accessories” section). Available is a tank set, complete set and a “Universal” foil. The 3 piece Tank Set consists of 2 foils for sides and one for the top of the tank. The Complete Set consists of a tank set plus additional foils for the fairing and head lamp, forks, mudguard and various other small foils (see picture). The “Universal” foil is a single 20 x 30 cm foil, cut and use wherever else needed. For K 1200 RS + GT Tank Set Complete Set Universal foil (20 x 30 cm) Part-No.: 1250305 Part-No.: 1250300 Part-No.: 1250455 Tearproof foil



K 1100/1200 RS + K 1200 GT
Oil Cooler Grill
The cooler grill protects the delicate oil cooler fins from damage from stones, insects and other flying objects. It is almost impossible to clean a cooler from insects and dirt without bending the cooler fins, and after a while the front of the bike does not look as nice as it should. Fitting the cooler grill not only ensures that the cooler is protected, but after a quick clean with a rough brush the bike always looks nice. The mesh used is made of tough and durable stainless steel and is strongly bonded to the frame. K 1200 RS (form 2001 onwards) + K 1200 GT Part-No.: 8160472

Cleaning Tip:
Anybody who ever looked at a cooler grill after a ride knows how all sorts of wildlife and dirt is stuck onto the cooler protector. Cleaning this mess is fairly easy when our protectors are fitted, ingredients needed are: A paper towel, hot water, one tea bag and a cup: Press a wet paper towel gently against the grill. Then use the hot water + tea bag and make yourself a nice cup of tea. After about 20-30 minutes all the insects will have softened up by the wet towel and will easily come off the grill. Whatever is left can be quickly brushed off. Et voilà!

Extenda Fender
The rear section of the front mudguard is not long enough to effectively keep road debris off the exhaust and front of the engine. The mudguard extender solves this problem effectively and elegantly. The updated version of the RS/GT extender is very easy to fit and does not need drilling or modifying of the mudguard. Strong double sided adhesive strips and the bolted clamp are used for a strong connection to the mudguard. Made of tough black plastic. Comes complete with all parts needed. For K 1200 RS + GT Part-No.: 8110197

Carbon Fibre Rear Wheel Hugger
These Ilmberger-made huggers protects the rear shock absorber unit, silencer, collector, rear subframe and lower legs/ feet of the passenger. Water and dirt cannot be blown freely on the passenger feet and legs as well as penetrate deep into the bike‘s systems. Especially the rear shock is protected against premature wear. A must for any owner who loves and wants to and protect his BMW (and the passenger). The hugger is fastened to the swingarm via a curved metal bracket that is bonded directly to the carbon fibre hugger body. This elegant solution shows again that when it comes to carbon fibre applications Ilmberger has the design and quality to produce a very practical but good looking part. Easy to fit, sold with all fitting material needed. K 1200 RS + GT Part-No.: 8160960

RR - Oil Temperature Gauge
This precision temperature gauge replaces the original oil filler plug and lets you keep an eye on the important motor oil temperature. To keep the needle steady the instrument is filled with a damping fluid, the air bubble left is to allow heat expansion. The gauge provides accurate reading, the “Tourenfahrer” motorcycle magazine test results say: “... The accuracy is very good… and is definitely worth it’s cost”. The outer ring provides a solid grip and makes installation and removal easy. For K 1100/1200 RS + K 1200 GT Part-No.: 8154006


K 1100/1200 RS + K 1200 GT
Magnetic Sump Plug
The strong magnet fitted to the sump plug traps those knifesharp, abrasive small ferrous particles and therefore reduces the overall wear of the engine. Helps analyse damage and detect possible wear earlier.
Note: It is recommended to be change the copper washer whenever plug is removed (order separately) to avoid annoying oil leaks (also with original plug). So, also whenever changing oil don’t forget to order a new one.

For K 1100/1200 RS + K 1200 GT Magnetic Sump Plug Copper Washer Part-No.: 8154010 Part-No.: 8154011

Magnetic Helpers
Filter Plus and magnetic sump plugs protect your engine. How? See our “Accessories” section for details.

Brake and Clutch Reservoir Bolts
Replace the original crosshead screws (which are easily damaged) with good quality Allen head bolts. Looks better and lasts longer. Sold as a set for each reservoir with a matching Allen key.

K 1100 RS
Brake Reservoir Set Part-No.: 8166004

K 1200 RS + GT
Brake Reservoir Set Clutch Reservoir Set Part-No.: 8166031 Part-No.: 8166031

Stainless Steel Bolt Sets
These high quality bolt sets replace the original (often rough looking) bolts on fairings, mudguards and various covers of the K 1200. The set includes all the visible (and some non visible) bolts that are affected by corrosion. These high quality bolts will look great for years to come and help keep the value of the bike. The whole set is made of stainless steel bolts which have either a “Standard” matt brushed finish or are hand polished to a “High Gloss” shine for an even more impressive appearance.

High Gloss (polished)

K 1100 RS (incl. 8 special bolts) Part-No.: 8166096 K 1200 RS Part-No.: 8166050 K 1200 GT Part-No.: 8166090

Standard (brushed)

K 1100 RS (incl. 8 special bolts) Part-No.: 8166095 K 1200 RS Part-No.: 8166045 K 1200 GT Part-No.: 8166085

Tank Filler Cap Bolt Set
Blue or red aluminium bolt set for the tank cap. No more rust and corrosion, and improves overall look of the bike. It is advisable to change one at a time to ensure the thread ring does not fall into the tank. For K 1200 RS + GT Blue anodised Red anodised Part-No.: 8166036 Part-No.: 8166035


K 1100/1200 RS + K 1200 GT
Quick-Bi-Lock Fuel Coupling
On bikes where there are no fuel taps on the tank this part makes really sense as no fuel is spilled on garage floor! These quick release fuel line connectors have valves that close off the fuel at both ends when they are pulled apart. Fits all 8 mm pipes. Fuel, oil and acid resistant. Comes as a set of male + female connectors inc. “O” rings. Replacement “O”-rings available separately. Note: Some bikes have two separate fuel lines, in this case order 2 sets. Also, it is advisable to secure each coupling with a jubilee clip (order separately, sold as a single part).
Note: The K 1200 RS/GT is already fitted with quick release couplings from factory.

Fuel Coupling (male + female) Part-No.: 1025701 Replacement “O” ring seal for 1025701 Part-No.: 1025702

FIRM Jubilee Clips

Very flexible high quality clips. Suitable for fuel and breather hoses. Made in Germany Jubilee clip (each) Part-No.: 1157904

Tank Pad Kit
Tank pads effectively protect the tank from scratches and damage. The three-piece kits are each made specifically for the tanks of the RS + GT to provide a good fit. The centre pad ensures no damage to the tank from zippers or belts. Soft, black plastic material, self adhesive. Easy to fit. K 1200 RS + GT Part-No.: 1250082

Safety Wire
This steel safety wire can safe you a lot of trouble and money. The mirrors of the K 1100 RS are not bolted on to the bike, they use a quick release connection allowing the mirrors to fall off at an impact. This has safety reasons, but sometimes even a small amount of force will cause the expensive mirrors to disconnect and fall onto the road. The sight of a following bus crunching your mirror is not a pretty one and can be avoided by fitting the wire. The plastic coated steel wire is designed to withstand a load of 17 kg, that should ensure the mirror stays on the bike under normal circumstances. For K 1100 RS (Sold as a set of two.) Part-No.: 8600730

Odyssey Pure Lead Battery
This battery is the solution for blinking ABS warning lights and non starting BMW bikes. The extremely strong starting power ensures that the bike will start even in very cold weather. Amazing starting power + extremely long life (can last 8-10 years if treated correctly) + vibration proof. Will hold the charge for months when not in use (needs to be fully charged beforehand) and is totally maintenance free. The special pure lead “Dry” technology made this battery spill-proof, weather proof and reliable.

PC680 “Powerpak” ABS blinking problem
Because the PC680 is much stronger it eliminates the annoying blinking ABS lamps. Background: Only above a certain battery voltage does the ABS function correctly. Conventional batteries often drop below this voltage, especially after night riding or repeated starting actions.

Same size as original but with 280 amp. (!) starting power, 680 (!!) peak starting current, (conventional 20 Ah battery has only 120 A and a very good “Gel” battery about 170 A). Size: 6,2 Kg, 185 x 79 x 169 mm The battery is sold ready to go (no initial charging needed) complete with metal adapter. For K 1200 RS + GT Part-No.: 8200003


K 1100/1200 RS + K 1200 GT
Additional Light Set
Additional lights are gathering more and more fans, the main reason is safety- “See and be seen”. Properly mounted and adjusted (to avoid blinding oncoming traffic…) they will greatly enhance night vision in every weather condition compared to the sometimes poor original lights. They are best worked in conjunction with the “low” beam (not legal in every country, please check!!). The “Micro Flooter” lamp used for the RS and GT - Sets has a compact square shaped black metal body. Our tests showed that it‘s high tech projector technique (55 watts) produces a powerful light despite the smaller than most size. It produces a soft-light transition at the edge of the light beam, and illuminates the road sides almost like a cornering light (helps to avoid wildlife jumping out of bushes at night). The set mounts inside the fairing and is almost invisible when not on. It consists of a laser cut silver anodised aluminium bracket, 2 lamps, H3 bulbs, relays, switch, wiring, in short everything needed to fit onto the RS or GT. With “E” approval.

K 1100 RS

The set mounts just under the head lamps, the square shape of the Micro Flooter matches that of the head lamp. Part-No.: 8600480 K 1200 RS

K 1200 RS (from 2001 onwards) + K 1200 GT*

Set mounts almost hidden inside the fairing - but when switched on makes a big impact on visibility and presence of the RS/GT. Part-No.: 8600460
* Does not fit if a BMW computer is fitted as well.

Test results
Mounting Test: We tested many lamps, and found that all of them smashed against the mudguard or rubbed against the forks in certain conditions (We test all possible and “extreme” positions such as bottoming out the forks, riding down the side walk with steering on full lock etc.). This is the reason why we use the Micro Flooter, after extensive tests it passed all our testing criteria. Light Test: We conducted extensive lighting tests with original lamps against additional lights. It proved that only with additional lights fitted a perfect light coverage of the road is possible as well as good side light.

The results in detail:
K 1100 RS K 1100 RS
• Original light is inconsistent and patchy, with strong intensity differences. • With the Micro Flooter fitted a very good light carpet (highest increase from all bikes tested). Overall illumination definitely better than with original. • Good side coverage (cornering light) and soft transition on upper edge of beam. • No self – blinding. • No blinding of oncoming traffic. • Our opinion: The K1100 RS should only be used at night with additional lights installed.

We test all lamps with the use of a light meter, our testing rig and with help of photographs. Many of the lights seen mounted on the rig have good light properties, but cannot be fitted because they are too large or are still in evaluation. Our testing procedure is also a stern test for the Hawker battery, the only one that survives such a “marathon”.

K 1200 GT/RS

• Closes the dark gap on road between head light beam and bike. • Good side coverage (cornering light) and soft transition on upper edge of beam. • No self – blinding and less shadows of front whell left + right side. • No blinding of oncoming traffic. • Our opinion: The RS/GT can now be ridden in a “sporty” manner also at night.

For battery chargers, socket adapters + bike start kits please see our “Accessories” section.

The Wunderlich Testing Rig


K 1100/1200 RS + K 1200 GT
Blue Longlife Performance Air Filters
“Blue” air filters for BMW were specially made for us by Green, a European manufacturer with motor sport experience and excellent production methods. The filters are made to a very high standard to ensure the best airflow and cleaning properties. They enjoy better air flow than many similar filter types, the low pressure manufacturing process ensures that there is very little spillage of the black plastic into the woven cotton sheets (more spillage = less filtering area…). A few facts:
• Deep pleats in the double-layered cotton create a 10-20% increase in filtration surface. This increase allows a greater volume of air to move more freely into your engine cylinders. • Blue uses 2 layers of woven cotton compared to most other brands who use 4 layers of cotton gauze. There are 3 main benefits to woven cotton: it’s thinner, holds oil better, and is stronger. • Blue filter’s rubber mouldings are almost exact around the edges with no wasted surface area. Using this more efficient process the air flow is greater than the same size filter that is mould injected. • Blue Longlife Performance Filters are designed to be oiled. The oil creates a positive (+) magnetic charge with the mesh, which attracts the negatively (-) charged dust particles. The dust and dirt builds around the mesh to form a tunnel. This allows the cotton to remain cleaner for maximum flow. • Normal servicing every 50 000 km or once a year. In very dusty conditions re-oiling or servicing may be needed. • Pleat design: The filters have pleats that are parallel to the width. This makes the filter more rigid and stronger and reduces air leaks. • Stainless steel mesh on both sides • Custom Fitment Tabs (for square filters only). Plastic air-boxes can warp out of shape or even distort from the heat radiated from the engine. These tabs also benefit the filter by centring and aligning it in the airbox, so the filter is evenly sealed. • Easy to fit, just replace the original with Blue Filter • 1 Million km warranty • Warning sticker for air box

A smooth surface and soft flexible rubber base ensures an air tight seal. Deep pleats in the double-layered cotton create a 10-20% increase in filtration surface and improved air flow. Blue Filters are produced using a time-consuming 4-step production process which virtually eliminates rubber seepage into the cotton. Other manufacturers use a mass production fast pressuremoulded injection process, but this process pushes rubber onto the filtering surface which can restrict the airflow by up to 25%.

Blue Filter for K 1100 RS

Blue Filter for K 1200 RS/GT

K 1100 RS K 1200 RS + GT

Part-No.: 8120002 Part-No.: 8120005

Blue Service
For servicing a Blue Filter use only the approved Blue Filter cleaner and oil to ensure the filter is not damaged and the filtering effect afterwards is not impaired. The special formulated cleaner bottle (500 ml) and oil can (300 ml) are available either as a slightly cheaper cleaner + oil “Service Pack” combination or as single components. Cleaning and oiling the filter afterwards is easy to perform. Instructions included. Cleaner + Oil Service Pack Filter Cleaner Filter Oil Part-No.: 8120010 Part-No.: 8120011 Part-No.: 8120012

Blue Service

K 1100 Remus Sound
Remus produces some fine exhaust components for the K 1100 RS. The sound is greatly improved, and the cat. converter – free silencer allows the gasses to exit more freely which in turn increases the power output. The header pipes and collector are in one single piece, even though the form is complicated they are precision made and fit very well. The header pipes and collector unit is made of stainless steel with excellent finish. They are available in two versions: The “Low” position allows fitting of side cases, the “High” position has a more sporty look with upswept silencers (fitting of original cases not possible). The silencer for this system come in two versions, either Aluminium or Titanium, both have EG-ABE approval. For one bike order one header pipe/collector unit and one silencer (both are not compatible with the original exhaust components). K 1100 RS Header pipes/ collector “Low” “High” position of silencer K 1100 RS Part-No.: 8600166 Header pipes/ collector “High” Part-No.: 8600165 Aluminium Silencer Part-No.: 8600167 Titanium Silencer Part-No.: 8600174

“Low” position of silencer K 1100 RS


K 1100/1200 RS + K 1200 GT
K 1200 Remus Sound
Remus produces some fine exhaust components, and the best sound engineering:
• Low down a pleasant “thump”, over 5000 rpm a real sporty sound without getting too loud. • Even power delivery • 35% less flow resistance • Lighter than standard system • Durable construction (inner components completely made of stainless steel) • Dual purpose silencer: Removable insert turns street pipe into racing. • Easy to fit • ABE approved.

The header pipes and collector are in one single piece, even though the form is complicated they are precision made and fit very well. The header pipes and collector unit is made of stainless steel with excellent finish, and available in two version, with or without a catalytic converter (cat.). The silencer is the trusted Revolution silencer, available in two versions and both with the removable insert. For one bike order one header pipe/collector unit and one silencer (both are not compatible with the original exhaust components) Header Pipes / Collector for K 1200 RS + GT Without cat. With cat. Part-No.: 8600091 Part-No.: 8600093

Remove the catalytic converter?
No problem. This system allows the existing Lambda (oxygen) sensor to be fitted. For the sensor it does not matter if the “cat” is removed as long as it can measure the oxygen and pass the information to the “Motronik” unit. The removal of the cat also allows the use of low quality petrol + usually “leaded” petrol.

Remus Revolution Silencer for K 1200 RS + GT Aluminium polished Titanium Part-No.: 8600092 Part-No.: 8600176

Performance Controller
Modern motorcycles with computerised fuel injection are limited in their ability to adjust for changing conditions. This clever electronic device allows the rider to adjust the amount of fuel delivered at any riding situation in order to optimise the response and performance wherever the potential for improvement exists. Inherent lean mixtures, sluggish response and slow transition from cruise to rapid acceleration and the dreaded surging can all be dialled out. When fitting performance parts such as free flowing air filters, larger air ducts, sport collectors, open exhausts, camshafts and any other tuning measure require the addition of fuel in order to really benefit from them. Changing fuel octane rates or fuel qualities as well as high altitudes all require different fuel amounts (with old bikes you would change the main jets, raise the needle etc to achieve this), the Performance Controller lets you adjust for the best performance for all those eventualities. As the Performance Controller only adds fuel there is no danger of damage to the engine. Features 6 adjustment ranges, with tree large adjustment buttons (can be adjusted with gloves on) and a waterproof casing. The Performance Controller is easily plugged into the existing wiring loom using simple connectors (no cutting or modifying loom) and manages to get more out of the bike even with base settings dialled in. The extremely compact case (84 x 50 x 10 mm) is easily stowed away on the bike. Includes a 30 day return option, enough time to be convinced of the qualities of this system!
Note: The PerformanceController cannot be used together with any chip-tuning

How does it work?
Modern engines have to be able to pass stringent emissions test for different countries, therefore the works settings represent a compromise. The PerformanceController optimises the settings using the good base provided by the original injection mapping by adding fuel to a number of riding situations. The 8 coloured LED’s at the front show in what mode you are presently in (tick-over, acceleration, cruise etc) and with the help of the 3 buttons at the front the fuel mixture can be adjusted. Basically, the PerformanceController allows the rider to use the classic adjustments of a carburettor for the modern fuel injected bike, but with the comfort of pushing electronic buttons. And the best thing is: the PerformanceController does not require any permanent modifications to the bike or bike electronics, removed in a matter of minutes and the bike is back to standard.
Tip: A demo showing how simple the adjustment of the Performance controller is can be found on our website under the part number.

The PerformanceController for the K 1200 RS + GT is currently in development, ask your dealer for details. K 1100 RS K 1200 RS + GT Part-No.: 8530117 Part-No.: 8530115


� � � ��


K 1100/1200 RS + K 1200 GT
Wilbers Suspension
Wilbers suspension units will greatly improve the handling of your K - BMW. These are only some of the technical specs:
• • • • • • • “Wet” running rod + Teflon coated bushes Extremely sensitive response Improved ground contact of wheel due to superb damping 44-click “Wunderlich Edition” damping adjustments Pre load adjustment (either with nuts or hydraulic depending on model) Superb finish ABE approved

Type 630 front

We have tested the Wilbers products ourselves in the hardest possible way with all types of bikes. From Siberia + Mongolia to the deserts of north Africa and the middle east, in all weather conditions and all riding styles the Wilbers proved itself without failure to be a top product and greatly improve the handling. Our off-road competition bike is fitted with a set, as well as our 24 hour racing bike. Can be dialled in for a more “sporty” ride or comfortable touring depending on springs used and settings. Available with normal pre-load adjustment for the front and hydraulic pre-load adjustment for the rear, and with a choice of springs to cater for different weights of riders and riding styles. Normally the “Comfort” version is suitable for riders up to 90 Kg (passenger and luggage possible). For heavier riders the “Strong” version is available. These suspension units will positively transform the handling and roadholding of your LT! K 1100 RS (1992 - ‘93 with or without ABS 1) Type 640 * “Comfort” rear Part-No.: 5180305 Type 640 * “Strong” rear Part-No.: 5180306 K 1100 LT (1994 - ‘98 with ABS 2) Type 640 * “Comfort” rear Part-No.: 5180310 Type 640 * “Strong” rear Part-No.: 5180311 Type 640 with hydr. pre load adjustment K 1200 RS Type 630 “Comfort” front Type 630 “Strong” front Type 640 * “Comfort” rear Type 640 * “Strong” rear

Part-No.: 5180395 Part-No.: 5180396 Part-No.: 5180400 Part-No.: 5180401

K 1200 GT Type 630 “Comfort” front Part-No.: 5180405 Type 630 “Strong” front Part-No.: 5180406 Type 640 * “Comfort” rear Part-No.: 5180410 Type 640 * “Strong” rear Part-No.: 5180411 * With hydraulic pre-load adjustment Ecoline 36 mm

WILBERS “Ecoline” 36 mm Shocks

These are good quality base-level replacement shocks with the well-known WILBERS built qualities and step-less adjustable pre-load, but without the damping adjustments. K 1100 RS without ABS (rear) K 1100 RS with ABS 1 (rear) K 1100 RS with ABS 2 (rear) K 1200 RS (front) Part-No.: 5180745 Part-No.: 5180750 Part-No.: 5180755 Part-No.: 5180820

Wilbers Fork Springs

The progressive WILBERS springs provide a good, sensitive response to light loads, and with growing load they offer ever increasing resistance. These fork springs are going to transform the handling of your K 1100 RS. Facts:
• • • • • • • High quality chrome-silicone spring steel. Sensitive response Soft transition between soft/hard Better straight line and cornering stability Reduced brake “nodding” and no bottoming out Better riding comfort, also with luggage 5 years warranty

K 1100 RS

Part-No.: 5180520

This oil is of the highest quality made specially for Wilbers. Wilbers recommends using the SAE 10 oil grade for the K 1100 RS*. SAE 7,5 (1 Litre) SAE 10 (1 Litre) SAE 15 (1 Litre) Part-No.: 5180460 Part-No.: 5180465 Part-No.: 5180470

Wilbers Fork Oil

* The K 1100 RS needs only 1 litre for both forks.


K 1100/1200 RS + K 1200 GT
BRAKING Wave Discs
BRAKING are the pioneers of the ever popular wave brake disc technology and are therefore always a step ahead. The wave disc has several technical advantages compared to a normal one, and has the added benefit that is also looks great! All BRAKING discs are made of a special patented high-carbon content rust free steel. This “Karbonit”-steel offers a high coefficient of friction for best deceleration properties. The shape of the disc is achieved by precision Cad/Cam laser cutting processes which ensures the best tolerances. All non contact surfaces are blackened using an electrophoresis process. All BRAKING discs are ABE approved. Sold as a single disc. The advantages of the wave discs are:
• • • • • • •

The wave form aids self-cleaning of disc and pad. Lighter than original, reduced unsprung weight. Lighter disc = less gyroscopic effect = better handling. Strong braking action with good braking “feel”. Even wear of pad. The upper disc looses more heat (larger surface) The outer “teeth” can expand (grow) outwards when hot, therefore not causing the disc to warp. • The constant change of contact area between disc and pad reduces the “grabbing” effect.

Note: When changing discs it is strongly recommended to change the brake pads as well. Also, make sure to fit + secure the disc bolts with thread locking fluid! K 1100 RS front* Part-No.: 8130076
*For the K 1100 RS we offer only a standard (not wave) replacement BRAKING brake disc.

K 1200 RS front** Part-No.: 8130052
**Note: 1200 GT discs are in preparation, ask your dealer for details

Best deceleration and longevity. The braking systems of the BMW require a pad that will ensure best braking action in all weather conditions or braking situations. These pads provide good braking “feel” even in wet weather and provide good feedback. For the front we recommend the high quality sintered material, these have excellent progressive braking properties, withstand high temperatures and are hard wearing. For the rear we recommend the use of the semi-metal pads. They reduce blocking of the rear wheel and provide good feed back. These pads are first choice when using original discs, but of course they are perfectly matched for the BRAKING Wave Discs. ABE approved.
Sold as a pair for each single disc.

BRAKING Brake Pads

Semi Metal Pads (sample picture)

K 1100 RS Front Rear

Part-No.: 8481047 Part-No.: 8481052

K 1200 RS (1997 - 2000 models) Front Part-No.: 8481047 Rear Part-No.: 8481052 K 1200 RS (from 2001) + K 1200 GT Front Part-No.: 8481053 Rear Part-No.: 8481052 Sintered Pads (sample picture)

Wunderlich Testing
The French Alps and our home region of the Eifel mountains are our testing grounds. All components are extensively tested to make sure they deliver what they promise.

Workshop + Service
For copper paste, thread locking fluid and various sealants - see our “Accessories” section for details.


K 1100/1200 RS + K 1200 GT
Tank Bag RSR
Up to 27 litres volume, 2 additional side pouches and new, improved fixing points and double sided map holder as well as all the known attributes of the Wunderlich designed tank bags.
• Expandable from 17 to up to 27 litre volume using a perimeter zipper. • Small side bags for tools or mobile phone • Large, double sided and removable map holder with strong and clear PVCglass. Large rubber zipper-handle allows opening wearing gloves. • Map holder can be used on its own without tank bag. • Hard PVC-plastic reinforced walls to keep the shape. • Adjustable, strong base plates with soft underside to protect tank. • New quick release + wide Fastlock connectors at the front (fast removal or tilting when fuelling). • New design front and rear fitting pads can stay on bike even without bag fitted. • Rear pad acts as tank protector • Fast tilting for tanking • 100% waterproof “Cordura” material. Strong, tough and does not bleach. Teflon coated. • Bag underside made of special “clinging”-material to prevent chafes on tank. • Wide and comfortable carrying handle. • With the supplied straps can be carried as a rucksack. • Low weight • New black/silver material • Additional accessories available

The Facts:

K 1200 RS

Can be used as rucksack.

15 - 27 litres For K 1100/1200 RS + K 1200 GT Part-No.: 1250170

Small pouch for the tank bag with small document compartment. Is simply attached to the carrying strap of the tank bag. Can also be clipped to your trouser belt. Removable clip included. For RSR Tank Bag Part-No.: 1250040

“Add Bag”

On K 1100 RS with “Add Bag”

Rain Cover

A rain cover for the tank bag is useful, as the zippers of the tank bags can let in some moisture during strong rain. Improved version with transparent top (to see map) and strong rubber band. Part-No.: 1250028

Bag Accessories Quick release Velcro strips at rear. Large Fastlock connectors at front. Map holder can be used alone.
Add Bag, Multimedia Bag “Navigate and other bags + luggage related accessories can be found in our “Accessories” section.

Please turn!
The double sided map holder can be quickly turned around so that the other side of the map is seen as well. The full length zipper allows the map to be inserted without too much wrinkling. The adjustable strap allows the compressing of the tank bag to reduce flapping. Can be fitted on it’s own on the base plate instead of tank bag.

Handle Bar Muffs
The classic method to keep your fingers warm. See our “Accessories” section for details.


“Add Bag”

K 1100/1200 RS + K 1200 GT
Rear Seat Bag RS + GT
When riding solo, the passenger space is an ideal place to carry luggage. This rear seat bag is quickly expandable from 17 to 25 litres and is mounted onto the passenger seat. Fully extended the bag “swallows” a lot of luggage, because of the better position and lower centre of gravity a far better solution than a bulky top case. Made of waterproof “Cordura” material with Teflon coating with reinforced walls to keep the shape even if not full. Can be used as a rucksack with the supplied shoulder straps, a passenger can carry it on his bag while the base remains fitted to the seat. Easy to install, only requires quick removal or passenger seat. Bag can be quickly zipped onto (or taken off) the base plate which remains on the bike, the extra large and strong zippers make this an easy task. The kit includes one bag, a base plate and fitting instructions. A Raincover is also available (order separately), the Cordura material is water proof, but the zippers might allow some moisture to enter. For K 1200 RS + GT Rear Seat Bag Rain Cover Part-No.: 8160825 Part-No.: 1250030

17 litres

25 litres

Easy fitting

Rear Carrier Bag “Mini Pack”
Mini rear bag. Attaches to the rear carrier and provides additionally storage place for smaller items. Held in place with straps. Inside is reinforced with hard PVC. Made in Germany. For K 1100/1200 RS + GT with original rear carrier. Part-No.: 1724518

This patented rear seat bag has features that make it the first choice for many riders: Aerodynamically tested, it does not produce turbulence as other rear bags. Adjustable from 16-60 (!) Litres storage capacity, easy to fit and remove when not needed + can be used as a backpack. The base and top are made of very tough ABS plastic, and the soft sides from a water resistant Nylon material. The lockable plastic lid has carbon-fibre-look, it hinges and is easy to open, but can be removed completely for easier access when packing/unpacking. This system does not require additional mounting of rear carrier frames or other hardware. Want to go suddenly for a weekend ride? Don’t waste any time. Strap it on and go! Fast!! For K 1200 RS + GT Part-No.: 1250200


K 1100/1200 RS + K 1200 GT
For Multipod, MediaBag, Boxer Shorts, Vario Scarf, Wunderlich Watches, gift ideas and many more items: See our “Accessories” section for details.

Boxer Shorts

Vario Scarf



Boxer Watch II, K-Power Watch + S-Power Watch


More parts for you and your bike: Aspheric Aluminium Mirrors, Filter Plus, Digital Tyre Pressure Gauge, Motorcycle Covers, Pocket Tyre Plugger, Bike Start Set, Variable Bungee Set, Strapping Loops, Visor Cleaning Kit, CTEK Battery Charger, Throttle Rocker, Plugs and Sockets and many more practical items, tools and service products for your bike: See our “Accessories” section for details.

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