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Foot Binding

Foot Binding

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about foot binding in china
about foot binding in china

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Published by: Chyntia Selvi Anggraeni on Sep 30, 2013
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Foot Binding


Presented by : Chyntia Selvi Anggraeni CV VI

What is Foot Binding? .

Shoes for Foot Binding Foot Binding People .


44544529 . 20.Benteng Heritage Museum Cilame Street. Tangerang Telp 021. Pasar Lama. No.

WHEN and WHERE the PLACE of foot Binding are occurred? .


Who is doing the Foot Binding? .


Cut your nails as deeply as possible. Buckling your toe into sole of the feet. Change your band twice a week Band your breaking foot as strong as possible .Step-step for Binding your foot Smeared your foot with herbs and animal blood. The ideal Food Binding is 7-9 cm.

Conclusion Sign of Beauty Social Status Foot Binding Sign of obedience .

谢谢 Thank You 谢谢 谢谢 谢谢 .

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