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The following applies to NetBackup Enterprise Server only. Automated cartridge system (ACS) robots can have multiple library storage modules (LSMs), each with multiple media access ports (MAPs). When you configure a vault that uses an ACS robot, you can specify any MAP or a subset of MAPs to use for media ejection. Vault ejects media to as few of the configured MAPs as possible based on a nearest MAP algorithm. The algorithm considers the volumes to be ejected, the MAPs configured for ejecting in the vault, and the configuration of the LSMs. The algorithm assumes that the LSMs are connected in a line. If your LSMs are connected in a configuration other than a line, see the following two sections within the NetBackup Administrator's Guide: See "Adjacent LSM Specification for ACS Robots" in the NetBackup Administrator's Guide. See "Media Access Port Default for ACS Robots" in the NetBackup Administrator's Guide. The Any MAP option does not mean all MAPs; media are not ejected to all MAPs, media are ejected to the nearest MAP in each LSM. If you specify any MAP:

MAPs that have only one element are not used. Vault selects from MAPs that are on-line when the eject begins; MAPs that are offline are not considered for eject operations. If only a subset of MAPs are used during ejection, all MAPs are busy and unavailable. For example, if the media are ejected to only two MAPs in one LSM, all MAPs are still busy.

For all other robot types that have MAPs, media are ejected to the default MAP. NetBackup does not support ejecting to multiple MAPs for other robot types.