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Using arpeggio’s
• Arpeggio turnback


We use our chord tone as a starting point and the arpeggio turns back to it. If you use three note arpeggio’s as in the example above, you land on a non-chord tone on a strong beat. You should consider inserting an extra chromatic tone. The arpeggio can be turned upside down like in the following example

Listen If you use four-note-arpeggio’s, you stay far removed from trouble.



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4. but –as much as I advise you to use your imagination.4.03 12:20 • Arpeggio’s to continue Between the chord tone and the next tone you insert the three note arpeggio from the next tone and then continue down or up or changing direction Listen You could think of the same two notes F and E and consider taking a three note arpeggio from above. insert an uneven number of notes before continuing. If the last note of your arpeggio is a CT on a weak beat. Listen [EmailProject]. if it’s on a strong beat insert an uneven number of notes before continuing. http://users.02. If the last note is a NCT on a weak beat..ghijselen/4_4__arpeggio's. Last changes: 08 februari 2003.use your ears to judge if it’s any good.skynet. If it’s a CT on a strong beat all’s well.be/jan. • Leaping off the scale with arps You can always insert arpeggio’s but keep in mind the rules of thumb. you’re ok. Arpeggio's 10.htm Page 2 of 2 .

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