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SCHUBERT AVE MARIA Op. 52, No. 6 for high voice and piano Ave Maria German translation by (walter Seott) ‘Adam Stork English adaptation by Franz Schubert, Op.52, No.6 Ds. Theo, Baker Molto lento (sehr langsam) Voice Piano Maid = en Jung fran gra. tia “ple - = ve Ma-ri - al = te Masri ~ - a ve Ma-ri - al Php = =a. oF ten to a maid-esis prayer; For Thou cansthear a= mid the re ernerJung.frau Fle - hen, aus die - sem Felsenstarrund gra-ti-a ple - ma, Ma-ri - a, gua-ti-a_ ple. Ah! His - er-hi Ma-ri - ay USA bp Sctimer tne 7505 rx °Tis Thou, ‘tisThoucanstsave a- mid soll mein Ge-bet 2u dir hin-we a 2 hen. A+ ve A’. vel Do- mi-mus, Do-mi-nus te-cum, =a or sium ~ ber safe - fy till the mor- row, Tho’ cen by men out-cast, re-vild: schla - fen si- cherbissumMor-gen, 0b = Men-schennoch so grausamsind. o ai -cta in inmu-live-ribus, et be - ne-di - cts, et = a pool aay Maid - en, see a maiden's sor-row, Jung-frausiek der JunafrauSoreen, be — no-di- ctus fru-cius ventris, Oh Moth - ef, hear a suppliantchild! 0 Mut - ter, hir? einbittend Kind! wentris tu - i, Je - = sus. 27505