Hatchet Meets The Lost Trail

In literature class, we read two books that were similar in some ways, and they were different. A difference was that Brian’s story was fiction, and Donn’s was nonfiction. Another difference in the two stories is how the boys ended up having to survive in the wilderness. Brian was on a plane going to see his dad when his plane crashed; Don was hiking a mountain with his friends when he was separated from them. A similarity between the two stories was that they both had a run-in with a bear. Brian was picking raspberries when a bear came by to eat from the patch; Donn was picking strawberries when the bear started to eat from the same bush. Another similarity was that they both saw a moose. Brian was relaxing by the fire in his shelter when a moose ran up to him and started attacking him and then it destroyed his shelter; Donn was walking through the forest, and he saw a moose and two does eating grass so he started eating the grass too. These two books were very similar and very different.

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