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To The Project Manager Mc Nally Bharat Engg. Co. Ltd. Palatana.Udaipur. South Tripura.

Sub : Fabrication and Erection of Clubbed water OTPCL. With reference to the above subject we are submitting herewith our rates.

Sl no
01 02 03 04 05 06

Fabrication & Erection of 90 degree Mitre bend. Fabrication & Erection of 90 degree branch piping.
Dye Penetrant Test

Inch dia Inch dia Inch dia Cum Inch mtrs

385.00 395.00 37.00

Three hundred eighty five only Three hundred ninety five only. Thirty seven only.

Wraping coating of piping Excavation and backfilling Fabrication GI piping

Sq. mtr 483.00 97.00

four hundred eighty three only. 215.00 Two hundred fifteen only Ninety five only

We do trust, you shall find our offer in line with your expectations and look forward to be favored with your valued order. Thanking you and assuring of our best attention at all time. Yours faithfully For,R.P.CONSTRUCTION COMPANY