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Astrlogy:1.Celtic astrology 2.Aztec astrology Scrying does not have to be an expensive undertaking. The price of a lead crystal sphere is outside the price range that most of us are willing to pay. This is especially true for someone new to scrying who is not yet sure of succes s. Nostrodamas is credited with seeing the future in a bowl of water that was colored with ink. This and other low tech methods are ideal for someone who wan ts to try his hand at scrying without a heavy investment. The method that I prefer is a scrying mirror. One of these can be construc ted for less that five dollars. The first step is to buy a picture frame. An o val frame is ideal but any other shape is acceptable. Try to find a frame that has some aesthetic appeal for you. Frames may be found in many of the dollar sto res that seem to be popping up everywhere. The frame must have a glass insert and not a plastic one. Now on t o the construction. First, disassemble the frame. Clean one side of the glass with your Scrying Mirror Cleaning Solution (i.e. Windex). Paint this side with a thick black pain t. Oil based enamel seems to work best. I prefer the gloss black but matte bla ck will work well also. Apply several coats of paint until light will not pass through the glass. At this stage you may paint designs or symbols around the edge of the frame if you are artistically inclined. If not there is a variety of frames with des igns already on them. The choice is yours. Next, assemble the frame with the painted side of the glass to the inside. The thicker the plate of glass, the deeper the mirror will appear. A method is needed to hold the frame at a shallow angle to the vertical. S ome frames have a leg on the back that will do nicely. Trimming the bottom of t he leg will adjust the angle. An alternate method is to use one of the display stands that are used for collector plates. Varying the size of the stand will i ncrease or decrease the angle of the frame. These are available at craft stores or those stores where America shops . An alternate method of constructing a scrying mirror is to use a clear crys

tal plate. Paint the back side as described for the picture frame. With this m ethod I recommend covering the painted portion with felt or some other heavy mat erial. This will help protect the paint from being scratched or scuffed off. You are now ready to begin scrying. Good luck and clear visions!