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Want to / need to /would like to


Circle the correct words

1. We wants to / want to participate in the contest
2. Bod need to / needs to go to the supermarket
3. I doesnt need to /dont need to buy more food this month
4. She want to /wants to talk to her mother
5. You want to / wants to eat chocolate and sweets
6. They dont want to /doesnt want to do their homework


Complete the conversation with the positive or negative form of want to and need to using the
verbs in the box

listen - get ready walk go buy

get something
Laura: Hurry up! We 1. _____________________________to leave (want)

Jack: Leave? What are we going to go?

Laura: To the studio. Dont you remember?
Jack: No!
Laura: You really 2. _____________________________ to Paula (need)
Jack: I know! And is Sally coming with us?
Laura: Not today, she 3. __________________________ shopping and buy presents (want)
Jack: Arent you going to buy any presents?
Laura: I bought all mine yesterday so I 4. ___________________________ buy anymore (not need)
Jack: Oh right! Well I 5.________________________ for Tom (want)
Laura: Well, do that later. We 6. _______________________ now or well be late (need)
Jack: But lets go by bus. I 7.__________________________ because it is raining (not want)
Laura: Ok, but lets go now!

Write what the people want to, need to and would like to using the correct form.

1. I ____________________________________________________________________
My classmate_____________________________________________________ ______

want to

My classmate and I______________________________________________________

2. I_____________________________________________________________________
My classmate___________________________________________________________
We ___________________________________________________________________

need to

3. I _________________________________________________________________
She / He___________________________________________________________
We _______________________________________________________________

would like to