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Nudge Me V01

Nudge Me V01

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Published by Tim Antric
Summary of the thinking from www.nudges.org
Summary of the thinking from www.nudges.org

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Published by: Tim Antric on Jul 09, 2009
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Nudges / Choice Architecture

Decisions, decisions, decisions
Every day, our audiences make decisions about how to save our money, get to work, whether to wash our hands, give up smoking, where to shop, and what to put on our dinner plates.

Decision architecture
We can design choice environments that make it easier for them to choose what is best for themselves, their families, and their society, KiwiSaver is one example of this.

Decision architecture
A structure to improve the quality of decisions made by people. Often invisible, choice architecture is the specific user-friendly shape of the point of decision/sale. Examples of choice architecture include a voter ballot, a procedure for handling well-meaning people who forget a deadline, or a skyscraper.

Decision architecture
Good choice architecture is not merely attractive; it also "works”.

It nudges us towards the most beneficial decision.

Decision architecture
A philosophic approach to governance, public or private, to help people make choices that improve their lives, without infringing on the liberty of others. It is not a pledge for bigger government, just for better governance.
Libertarian paternalism - a weak, soft, and non-intrusive type of paternalism where choices are not blocked, fenced off, or significantly burdened.

Decision architects
We must recognize that "neutral" design is impossible, and that seemingly arbitrary decisions… such as where to site the bathrooms, are of enormous importance.

The tools of choice for libertarian paternalists and choice architects.

Examples include default rules, structured choice systems, incentives (market-based or socially created), feedback mechanisms, social cues, frames, and transparent designs.

Give more tomorrow Gambling self-bans

Charity debit card

Destiny health plan


Dollar a day

Quit smoking without a patch

Water filters

Making it easy for people to make the right choice

HP contracts include the total cost of the finance. Car running costs include all factors – insurance, upkeep and fuel Financial advice is positioned where people make their decisions – online banking, shops, etc.

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