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Photovoltaic blinds, covers

Mounting standard external blinds and shutters will give you the following advantages:

Protection against the sunlight Better thermo and sound insulation of the rooms Protection against curiosity of the people Better security By replacing the lamellas with a photovoltaic panel you can produce electricity without losing the said advantages of the standard products The consumption of the produced electricity will accelerate the return on the investment and in the meantime will contribute to the energy autonomy of the real estate property.

Photovoltaic blinds, covers

Tempered prismatic glass Laminating foil EVA High quality silicon cells Laminating foil VA Back sheet TPT Provide protection against sunlight Achievement of better thermo and sound insulation in the rooms Protection against the curiosity of people Better security



Choice of colours Light permeability according to the clients request

resistant to

junction box





cable junction box

cable junction box

A M1:4
to 180


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