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September 30, 2013 Contact: Joseph Liberti 719-422-JAZZ (5299) ______________________________________________________________________________

Musicians And Fans Celebrate First Birthday Of The Jazz Soire

Friday October 4 The Jazz Soire will celebrate one year of business with a special edition jazz party at Soire Art Gallery & Event Venue 1003 S. Tejon Street. Jazzman Joseph Liberti started The Jazz Soire, a concert and wine event, in October 2012 to provide an extraordinary experience of contemporary jazz music in an intimate environment. Soire Art Gallery & Event Venue was the perfect choice of venue and owner Michaela Hightower, the perfect strategic partner. Each month, Joseph Liberti, leads the house band FluteDaddy and guest artists in a fresh jazz concert. It truly is an extraordinary experience, says Joseph. Soire is a quiet space for listening, the audience gets very engaged and they spark the musicians to a high level of creativity. Top musicians love to play here and the audience raves. Michaela Hightower owner of Soire Art Gallery & Event Venue, hosts the monthly jazz party and serves some of her secret stash wines to delighted customers. Michaela transformed the former Nemeths restaurant into an attractive, intimate, inspiring space, thats also great for a jazz concert. The October 4 birthday bash will feature Colorado jazz icon Alan Joseph on guitar, former Spyra Gyro bassist Kim Stone, premier drummer/percussionist Dennis Bueno, Joseph Liberti on utes and a Jazz Soire rst, two keyboard specialists. For this rst Friday jazz party, the two keyboardists Denver composer David Hanson and Colorado Springs favorite Brad Bietry will create a tapestry of piano, organ and synthesized sounds as a foundation for jazz improvisation. The birthday celebration also adds one extra hour of music and fun 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM. Cake will be served. Area jazz professionals are invited to sit in. Advance tickets, are $12 and tickets are $16 day of show. Reservations are encouraged: Visit: Soire at 1003 South Tejon Street (southeast corner of Tejon and Mill St) Click: Call: (719) 633-8313 ###