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Advertising solar board

Lightening advertising is a classic way of outdoor advertising with a message to the client during the day and night. Especially for you, our company developed photovoltaic, autonomous, lightening advertising signboard, which will make your advertising message remarkable everywhere. Carefully selected elements/ items of the systems warrant the quality of the product and the duration of its life. Distinguished by its stability of external influences and mostly no expenses for electricity.

Advertising solar board

Specification: Photovoltaic module 48 Wp. 1 pc. LED lamp 1 pc. Photovoltaic charge controller STECA ( automatically switch on/off ) 1 pc. Battery12V/24 Ah 1 pc. Cabinet IP65 (for the battery and the controller) Stable aluminum construction Frosted tempered glass (without advertising stickers) Option: Motion sensor (option) Application: Advertising signboard in front of a showroom, hotel and business center and so on. Indicative signboard

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