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Shop Our Store! Motor Kits Experimentation Supplies Parts and Tools Industrial Motors Miscellaneous Projects Technical Information +Assembly Instructions Kits #1-4: Simple Reed Switch Motor Kit #5: Reed Switch Motor With Transistor Kit #6: Motor On Hall Effect Switch Kit #7: Motor With Optical Control Kit #8: Complete Kit Simple Reed Switch Motor You Can Build Yourself Simple Conventional Motor Experimentation Kit #1: Speed Control Unit Experimentation Kit #2: Wire Comparison Kit


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Links to some related areas Simple Electric Motors: Beakman's Electric Motor - Build your own working motor as seen on Beakman's World TV show. Chapter 2: Electromagnetism - Another version of Beakman's motor by Simon Quellen Field. How Stuff Works - A great site for information on how electric motors work. Homopolar motor - Build this interesting (but unfortunately not very useful) model in 30 seconds. Simple Electrostatic Motor - Build a high voltage motor from plastic pop bottles.

Reed Switches, Transistors and Optical Sensors: Reed Switch - Information from Wikipedia, the free online encyclopedia. - Information from "Explain that Stuff!".

How do Transistors Work? - Simple explanation of the principles of transistor operation. Opto Sensors - Description and application notes from Aleph.

Soldering Tips and How to Use a Multimeter: How To Solder - Very detailed instructions on soldering. How to Solder Correctly - Soldering Guide from "Curious Inventor". Help on Soldering - Another page with information on basic soldering techniques. Using a Multimeter - Information on how to use a multimeter to measure the current, voltage, and resistance.

Books: Mims, Forrest M. Getting Started in Electronics. Radio Shack, Pub. 62-5003, 1998. Mims, Forrest M. Engineer s Mini-Notebook: Optoelectronics Circuits. Radio Shack, Pub. 62-5012, 1998. Mims, Forrest M. Engineer s Mini-Notebook: Magnet and Magnet Sensor Projects. Radio Shack, Pub. 62-5020, 1998. Werninck, E.H. Electric Motor Handbook. London; New York: McGraw-Hill, 1978. The first 3 books may be found at Radio Shack; the last book may be available at your local library.