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T vng ting Anh chuyn ngnh ti chnh

Di y l mt s t v cm t ph bin ni v cc vn trong nn kinh t:

1. Credit crunch (Tht cht tn dng) credit crunch = tht cht tn dng (tc l khi vay tin t ngn hng s tr nn kh khn hn v c c th phi chu mc li sut cao hn) a shortage of credit = tnh trng thiu tn dng cheap credit = tn dng vi li sut thp credit crisis = khng hong tn dng (tc l tnh trng cc ngn hng ngng cho vay i vi cc ngn hng khc, sau ngng cho vay i vi khch hng ca h, iu c ngha rng hin ang c a shortage of credit v khng c cheap credit) Economic terms (Cc thut ng kinh t) Central Bank: ngn hng trung ng finance minister: b trng ti chnh financial market: th trng ti chnh (ni mua bn c phiu hoc hng ha) to inject (money) into (the financial market): bm (tin) vo (th trng ti chnh)

downturn = thi k suy thoi recession = tnh trng suy thoi depression = tnh trng nh n financial crisis = khng hong ti chnh to slide into (recession,...) = ri vo (tnh trng suy thoi,...) rising inflation = lm pht gia tng increased cost of living = gi c sinh hot tng to cut interest rates = ct gim li sut to bring down the rate of inflation = gim t l lm pht to compound the misery (= make things worse) = lm cho mi vic ti t thm to fall house prices = h gi nh negative equity = tnh trng bt ng sn khng c gi tr bng s vn vay mua bt ng sn pessimistic = bi quan gloomy = m m

Personal finances (ti chnh c nhn) High street banks = l cc ngn hng bn l ln c nhiu chi nhnh to lend money = cho vay tin a form of loan (such as car loans or personal loans) = mt hnh thc cho vay (nh cho mn xe hoc cc khon vay c nhn) a form of mortgage = mt hnh thc th chp subprime mortgage = mt hnh thc cho vay c cp cho cc c nhn c lch s tn dng xu toxic mortgage = khi mortgage loans (cc khon vay c th chp) tr nn "toxic" th chng c th tr thnh mt gnh nng ti chnh (cho ngn hng cho vay)

(poor) credit rating = mc tn dng (thp) risky lending = vic cho vay mang nhiu ri ro default = s v n foreclosure (=repossession) = s xit n to be bust = b ph sn to be nationalised (= bought by the government) = b quc hu ha savings accounts = ti khon tit kim (low) consumer confidence = tin cy ca ngi tiu dng vo nn kinh t (thp)

Unemployment (tnh trng tht nghip) to be made redundant = b sa thi to cut one's workforce: ct gim lc lng lao ng to lay off = cho ngh vic job losses / job cuts / redundancies = nhng ngi tht nghip claimants = ngi np n yu cu thanh ton tin t chnh ph hoc cng ty bo him,... unemployment benefit = dole = tr cp tht nghip be/ go on the dole = lnh tin tr cp tht nghip Phrases (mt s cm t khc) to weather the storm = to survive bad times = vt qua thi k kh khn to be in good shape (the economy is in good shape) = to be strong = mnh, bn vng to live beyond your means = not have enough money for your spending (so you need to borrow it) = tiu xi qu kh nng to pay the price = to pay for your mistakes = tr gi (cho nhng li lm) to foot the bill = pay for someone else = thanh ton tin

to be at rock bottom = to be so low you cannot go any further down = thp nht (gi c) in free fall = keep falling without anything stopping the fall = ri t do (gi c)