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Title: Student Work Experience and Internships: Bridging the Gap between Academia and Practice Objective: This proposal seeks to integrate academia into practical tour operation by absorbing students that have studied Tourism and Tour Operations in their academic work. Category of Interns: Students from Tourism & Hospitality Institutions Educational Level: Diploma Advanced Diploma Degree

Courses: Tourism Tour Operations Sustainable Tourism

Competencies to be acquired: Report writing Intercultural communication skills o Handling cultural differences The Tour Operations Supply Chain Process Management Practice

Mode of Engagement: Part time [as and when]

Duration: Minimum of o 3 Tours o 6 months office work

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Areas of Operations: Ground Handling Tour Guiding Management of Tour Operations Office

Accreditation: Tour Operators Union of Ghana (TOUGHA) and Tour Guides Association of Ghana (TOURGAG) to register student interns at a fee with their CVs and Certificates and membership cover letters from the Institute of Hospitality confirming the acceptability of their qualifications and competencies [this is to create a credible professional skills pool] o TOUGHA and TORGAG to create Student membership category to handle this in coordination with the Institute of Hospitality Upon completion the following is circulated to TOUGHA, TORGAG and the Institute of Hospitality (Ghana International Branch) for a joint Certificate of Practice to be issued o Time sheet o Sample of Reports written while working o Letter of Reference or Recommendation from Employer


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