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T.I.F.F TIFF was made in 1968 and its called Tagged Image File Format.

It is mostly used in the image editing industry and it is also used for publishing other document. This is a raster file, which means that is uses pixel data to open up the files and pictures. TIFF is also a manipulation documents meaning that you can edit and change things a lot of times as you like. TIFF is a supported by an image manipulation application; it does this by publishing, scanning, faxing and word processing. It also uses character recognition and some other application. TIFF is widely supported by many formats and it is also used as a scanner. Both MAC and Windows computers support it, and it supported by them too. However the down side is that it is not supported by some Web Browsers. It also does not automatically compress files, so they are left as large documents and would take up space on your desktop. The most times that you might use this file is probably when would want to have a large image to be printed on, such as a billboard. The file extension for TIFF is . tiff , or .tif CGM CGM was made in 1986 and its name is Computer Graphics Metafile. It is a Meta file, which means that it uses both raster and vector, files. Since it uses raster file that means that it uses pixel data to cooperate the documents to open them and save them. On the other hand by it using a vector file it means that it uses mathematical equations to enable to save documents. It is a free file- which means that it works on any sytem. It also has an internationaly sytem , so it means that it can work anywhere that you want t open it. This is good when you would like to work away from home or on a another desination around the world.