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This is not a TEST

(Name not required but answer all the questions and no malpractices)
1) Who is responsible for the failures in the rigs? a) Management b) Operators c) Rigs What are the maintenance activities that you perform? a) Cleaning b) Inspection c) Both d) None What will you do if you find a loose nut or connection on a motor? a) Inform to supervisor b) Inform to maintenance personal c) Fix it d) Leave it Coriolis meter is used to measure a) High pressure b) High Flow c) Low pressure Why do we have to clean the rigs? a) To make it look good, show off and get comfortable b) To inspect and detect abnormalities c) Since the management asked to. What will you do to a tool box when you are finished using it? a) Leave for the next operator b) Put it aside of the rig so that its not obstructing any path c) Put it back in its assigned place How often is the bearing lubricant checked? a) Every test b) Daily c) Weekly d) Monthly How did you learn the process of pod assembly and testing? a) Co-employee b) Manual Why are striped tapes on the floor? a) To make the area colourful b) To make to warn you c) To tell you something









10) What do you do to the dust after seal failure? a) Clean only the floor b) Clean only the equipment c) Clean only pod d) Clean pod, floor and equipment 11) What to do if you see a rise in pod temperature? a) Open the door and check it b) Stop and call the maintenance personal c) Stop and check it d) Stop, check and report Do a) b) c) d) you want to maintain your rigs? (your rigs but not for sale) Yes No If trained May be


Your thoughts
What are the common problems faced by you in the rigs?

Who is responsible for maintenance and is there any work to be done by you (operator)?

Any suggestions for improving the rigs performance?