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Design a class diagram for ATM system. Clearly mention classes with attributes and operations.

Also mention associations between classes with proper association name and appropriate multiplicity on both the end. 1. Bank has many customers. It manages many debit cards and also maintains ATM information. Bank has code and address. 2. Customer having name, address and date of birth owns more than one account and zero or more debit card. 3. One or many account provides access to many debit cards. Account is of two type current account and saving account. Both type of account has account no and balance information, and can perform debit and credit operation on account. 4. ATM information identifies many ATM transactions. It has ATM location and managed by information. Also, it has identifies and transactions operations. 5. ATM transaction manages transaction id, date and type of transactions. Multiple transactions modify account information. ATM transactions are of four types: withdrawal, query, transfer and pin validation.