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The Survival Instinct

We have read two survival stories in literature class Hatchet, a fictional story, and Lost Trail, a true story. Many differences and similarities make these books very interesting. The main similarity between Brian and Donns stories is that they were both lost in the wilderness. Brian was in a plane that crashed into a lake in the wilderness; whereas, Donn was lost in a storm on Mount Katahdin, Maine. Another important similarity is adaptation, in other words, getting used to. Brian adapted to making his own things, like the two pronged spear and bow he made from wood; Donn adapted to the annoying chipmunk he encountered, to uncomfortable surroundings, and to the wild. A difference in these two stories is the reasons being lost. Brian was flying to visit his divorced father, but the plane crashed; Donn was taking a fun family trip up Mount Katahdin, but then a storm struck. Another difference is what they did. Brian decided to live by an L-shaped lake in the Canadian wilderness; Donn decided to walk along a stream near a trail in the Maine Mountains. In conclusion, they are both very good stories, but I prefer Hatchet because of the amazing detail.