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Bill Reilich

So much more we need to do

John C.


all 62 counties
some 40 stops

these #s come from Tourism Economics, div of Oxford Economics
contracted by nys tourism, I love NY, to give each county overall picture of each
Niag County

over $526m in overall spending in the county
labor income at $272m, how mch labor generates – direct – people working in
industry; and indirect – people that may work at linen company that clean the linens
for hotels; food service companies that service restauratns

direct $160m
employement - direct a little over 9000
second largest industriy in county
close to 13919 direct and indirect
tax generation – more than $37m is generated in local taxes by hospitality industry
$28.9m in state taxes
formed 2003
bed tax revenue, receipts, collected by our diff entities, nf niag county and Lockport
county – anything outside those two
bed tax receipts , up 70% in 10 years, llittle change in inventory
avg daily rate in hotels
our numbers are bright and really have been very strong over this 10 year period
even in dip of econ crisis 08 09
I chair subcmte of tourism, wny regional ec dev council
USA Niagara, great
ive been selling, joined cvb in 1998, for 15 years
seen a huge transofmration
a lot ot do with city admin and sua Niagara and empire state dev
conf center, once a boarded up building
giacomo, old fals st
our downtown corridor has really seen a transofmraion and really has changed over
the years.
make sure allocation of casino dollars continues to flow to perspective parties
every bit of dollars we receive go into marketing advertising
just rec’d check of back payment from compact
very pleased with settlemtn of that
those dollars are used exclusively
policy in place, none of it is to be spent for salaries
adv and marketing of destination
putting together new 5 year strategic plan
2 year marketing plan
Greater Niagara reion – vacation region under I love ny, erie niag gen Orleans
11 vacation regions in nys
econ dev – niag eerie chaut Allegany
also have detailed demo research on visitors
four hours
about 50 percent of incoming traffic stay overnight
50 percent are day tripper
continue to see increase in hours
now is in range of 7 to 11
overnight visitation up in destination overall

important to say rediscover nf
for 50 years ive been coming here,

8x increase in fall campaign< Columbus cleave, pitss syr erie Ithaca
have been able to increase 8x previously
we always counter that Canada is better view
they have a panoramic view, theydont have a better view
up close and Powerful
really need to play off many of advantages

how much does cmte bring all attractions together?

We really worked hard initially
there was greater Niagara region
we quickly put together brochure
in five counties that have not prevworked together
erie and niag have
chaut alleg and catt counties, put together
brochure got out this summer; large captive audience, like state park
CFA application
what brand should be?
what should that message say?
since we’re such a diverse group of counties
from urban to rural, a lot in between
how do we mask that gtogeher
resonate with inbound
get people to Allegany, get people to Niagara

have the numbers for tourism gone up after wallenda

hard to say how
would have to hire a researcher to say it was a result of this
last couple of years our number has been strong
exposure during wallenda has made an impact
hard to say what specific impact is
when he walked the grand canyon
we did a quick incease of advertising
cant remember how many communities
ran an ad took 4 days
it ran locally

said congrats nik wallaneda, congrats from your friends

various communities around the nation
tried to ge t a lot ofexposure during that walk again

study of trolley
the assumption that there are a lot of beautiful attractions here
Lockport NT
how do we get people to stay longer here and visit different attractions

if you go to diff urban destinations, hop on hop off tour
hicago, ny, urban destinations have that
this is a little different, so expansive and so large, Niagara cty
this agency is for transportation
in order to get off ground we need to fund it
would be nice to see something maybe in buffalo billion
to maybe slice up a small portion of that to finally commit to a transportation
its very diff to get from here to Lockport via public transport system
lot of times have to go to buffalo to transfer to Lockport, take 3 to 4 hours
just has to be funded properly and dedicated
it takes 2 to 3 yrs min to get something off the ground like that
we’re committed to it
if it happens, promoting it
we are for that trolley system for sure, because we know its needed, badly needed


T Mehzir
I would just like the spirit of cooperation to contineue
I think if our comm.
have to talk to each other, have to listen to each other, have to do whats good for
communiites, not each individual
we’ve seen a lot of dev
born and raised here
to see it happen is specia l to me
old falls st, conf center
we need more and we wall need to work together and again listen to each other and
work out our differneces and make things happen
continue to support ntcc
I think we all start talking publicly about the good things that are happening in our
and not the things that haven’t happened yet, we’ll see much better proress

Cathy Walker
I think that its important we continue to develop between park and old falls st
Seneca $3m beautifiucation
our property that abuts to old falls
peope in the
supporters of hamister’s
any dev that occur in that raea is going to be good for all of us
got to have partnerships
if everyone can give a piece
make tourism more of a package
extend the stay
also think Niagara and erie and the whole region
have to be a little less parochial and look beyond our boundaries

Perry Jost
maj of feedback of my guests
when they go to Canada, touristy, loud
appreciate serenity and quaintness
we need to embrace the grape
grew up in bay area
being so close to napa and Sonoma
those guys really understand what it means to embrace the grape
if we do that here in the Niagara region we would start to bring some of the
population that go to those reigions out here as well
embrace our heritage
our heritage
my guests want to seehistory, they want to know where to go
want to be told what houses are built for
Nabisco, carborundum

Bruc Erck, Fly Inn Lodge, in Burt

family run organization, wife, daughter, son
world class fishing
the people that are coming are coming
theyre coming to stay at my place in burt
to visit the falls
just that little ad in ntcc book is doing its job

would you all agree in last several years
seen uptick

the development is happening
Ive seen the ups and downs
I truly believe that we’re on the right road
have to talk to each other and do whats best for community

how would you rate working otogether? State and local?
what id like to see is not have to get to that point
would like
not to have to have an intervention

Cathy Walker
that’s a great ex of where state interaction helps area
continue to need state local and community involvement and all 3 groups working
at pace that woul d make everyone say wow.

Margo Sue Bittner
first winery opened in 1999
02 created wine trail
I was winery #4 in 2004
5000 thru my door
we now have 19 wineries
will have between 40 and 45 k people thru my door
it is a big part now of our economy
forms of innovative partnership
Niagara wine trail magazine
various advertisers, limo companies, restaurants
expansion of wine trail
from 390 and 104
right to where 104 his Robert moses parkway
Two new wineries
SLA has been wonderful to work with, very consumer friendly
worked with DOT on framework for putting up our signs
I met w/ roch dot office
learned that when
roch dot puts up signs
buffalo dot, we put the signs up
so buffalo DOT could help us put up signs
electircla lines, signage
we are in the agritainment business
agriculture and entertainment
trying to show people where their food comes from
10 events over year, Lewiston festival to murder mystery
propose a toast our unique offerings

it was hard getting wine trail bill through aseembly, esp transportation cmte
new trend in organic food and locally grown foods and turning that into a business
how much can that contribute?

Lewiston peach fest – all from singer farms in Appleton
farmers markets, ability to reach w/ education
my winery in 150 liquor stores across state

nyc area

challenge is they don’t know it’s ours
his apples go to sun orchard fruit, then go down to nyc
if send
peaches, will go to another
regional stop that makes more regular trips to nyc
ny farm viability institute
Dave Reisemeyer
new nys apples
snapdragon, ruby red

talked to Jim Bittner re: taking advantage of Canadian market

atwater foods in Lyndonville
apple slicer
last one, closed 5 years ago
Canada -
permits only when Canada is down
wine duty going back to Canada is 75 to 125% after 2
Canada to us 14 cents a bottle


GAY Molnar
open since 1965
internal renovations and brand new penguin exhibit
275k people come through each year
approx 30k school children and educated
time to get some updating to be more viable
also to extend the staty of the wonderful people that come in
thought 5 to 8 years ago about adding another pod, but econ was not supportive of it
now with everything’s happening in region, we are seeing a lot of different people
coming in
southern Ontario golden triangle
ask for continued support of projects
its very hard, a lot of people forget about us, bwe’re here and we’re making the most
of it
we don’t have a problem of coming to Albany and talking on the floor
a lot of times in Albany talking about downstate, north country, long island
start construction oct 2014
50th birthday june 2015 to cut the ribbons

Bob Emerson
since 1726
old fort niagara’s visitation has grown enormously in last couple of years
projecting to have best tourism year since 1983 in 2013
in 1983 was bicentennial, end of it
when history was very popular
thi sis a great achievement
comment on why this visitation has grown so much
investment in infrastructure
we’ve had an tremendous invesetment of state dollors and tremendous investment
in private monies from the region in past decade, visitors center, exhibits
second thing – ntcc and their efforts
I think that the ntcc’s work is so important that it bears repeating over and over and
over again
state invetsmtne in our infra, we appreciate
challenges – we do , we’re not quite
we don’t entertain quite as many school children as aquarium
seeing it decline with withdrawal o fstate $ for field trips
increase in asian tourism
asians can afford but we cant even afford to send

Paul Faltyn

just reopenedi n former tremianal in nf airport on 6/29

to date, over 1k visitors
had minimal marketing
getting word out to public that we’re around
over 100 years in aviation history and wny genius
so many firsts developed here
first helicopter, first American jet
engine that lifted astrnaugts was designed at bell aerospace
stating to see some Canadian tourists that come to
bridge potential problems
a lot come early
people from factory outlet mall
a lot of men
starting to get inquiries from schools, field trips, veterans groups
we offer a pretty well rounded venue for tourists
sort of the new kids on the block
cooperation and helping each other
I don’t want to insult anybody
I was sort of taken aback a

About amonth ago

two smaller tourist vans come up
how much are you going to give us a head to bring tourists a head
generally driver gets $5 a head
if you want to get into tourism game in Niagara falls that’s what you have to do
come in and try to shake us down
we offer a great venue from people of all ages
have a reseach library facility
we add a lot to tourism in wny
these two individuals came in and really set me back

Kelly Lang /buckley, nacc

it is a consortium of individuals, run by members
it is
it started as preservation project, we are individuals, a group of volunteers
purchased and restored the old nfhs
one of largest buildings in nf
have to fil it with people
people who are inspired and inspiring
we do the maj of our funding through rentals to nf artists
in 2006 the building was built in 1901
became a multi arts center
it was completely a grassroots movement
largest multi art cdnter outside of nyc in nys
home to 75 different artists, art groups and orgs
art and cultural tourism is highest revenue source
they spend more money, they spend more time
we are very family friendly
free entry
free tours
in doing that we can’t pay $5 a head
we are almost , unless we completely restructure
almost completely run by volunteers
2 galleries , 2 theaters, recently certified nys sound stage
also host
multicultural centers
native am , af am, Italian am, polish programming
we’re workingon agritourism
we do community gardens
have a chidrens program, teach gardening and art gardening
nys historic sites for the portage
info distribution center for families who are tourists in Niagara falls

Ray Wygle, Niagara County Historical Society

in tourism since 1980
a few lessons we have learned
I thinkw e all recognize that it has worked when we started thinkig of ourselves as a
destination as an area, as a region
large part from efforts of ntcc
there is no one quick solution
that doesn’t work
no one signel solution, there are a lot of solutions
there are many pieces of puzzle, all need to e worked on at same time
working together
we have all diff levels of govt
we have federal state
businesses , educational
we can’t just focus on one thing here
have to work on all of these things simultaneously
fix a small part of the problem
regional destination, steer clear of fancy magic bullets and do need to recognize that
we have to keep working on small pieces all the time


thi is a local tour agency
not motorcoach fromoutside area
actual local tour companies

one wonders which of the many so called visitors centers this is coming out of , it’s
clearly based on one of them
a number of them do that
visitors to
look like something that’s official
may or may not

its old school mentality
possible legislation
there is a need for organized tours
have to do it propertly
cannot gouge the visitor or mislead the visitor

it’s a certain mindset or culture that needs to change

convo w/ governor last week
he says he rode around nf and area

And went over to Canada

actually said to me
as walking to car
he thought nf was further ahead than what it is
nice in a way, because comment itself is concern for area
ride over to Canadian side, almost like night and day
very saddened by that
one of the things he said was,
we need to do better to provide things for families
basically says then, we do those things for families
that will provide more things to do in area and go to our hotels
need to provide that entertainment
the key thing is is that its almost like the iron is hot for your businesses
very possible for us up here
because the gov is listening
does want to make difference in tourism in nf area
we have to stay together
if we speak with one voice for this area and it s a positive voice and present to gov I
think we’re going to be successful

a lot of people start nodding head
a lot of corruption in nf
is there something where there’s any retribution
is it more organized type
just one of companies
theyre going to pick and choose
if they can make a dollar by going to one attraction
that’s wehere theyre going to push them

Paul F
two ladies pulled up in van
she gets $5 a head
other gentlemen, this is the way its done in nf, you have to pay the driver
one was specialized tourist
other one was

on flip side, doyou go to these tourist meccas and do you actually make contracts
with them

taken back
felt like I was been

Gay Molnar
I think percy
all of us
deal with a lot that’s very similar to this
does it exist yes, but is it a lot better, yes.
now , I think with orgs such as ntcc, also state parks
there has been some very very good positive feedback
there’s an org, Cultural Alliance of Niagara, incorporates many of culturals
It puts what’s happening in some aspects
such as at the museum, it puts a little bit of a black flag on it
but we have orgs that will take care of it
and you in Albany realize that this just doenst happen in our region

is this common practice?

used to drive cabs, hotel used to pay drivers

some places happy to pay it


Remington Tavern

Christina Maroulis

Amanda Miller, restaurant opened a year ago

its been
we’re proud to e playing arole in showcasing the region
offering an upsacale dining experience
think and hope is drawing people to the county
we’ve hosted some events and collaborated with leadership Niagara buffalo
working w/ culinary program at nccc to bring students from there
our point of beinghere
supporting local ag and farmers and wineries
mostly our role
to be a part of this collective business community
what do you see as our role
Hutch’s, 20 year, and Tempo, 10 year

I hear constantly about how nys is not good to small biz

Lou P.
Power Vista, celebrating our 50th year this year
nearly 15k people for wildlife festival
school groups – challenges
transportation system
this is a world class fishing

could do better

past our last year’s attendance in August
Planning to do renovation of several million at power vista
we have to interpret that schoellkopf site
there’s a great opp to tel the story
birth of electricity, fall of schoellkopf impact on nf

Bob Belkota
airport Bob
ive worked with Niagara usa and mr percy has done a great job
ive seen people ocme off airplane, expectations ver high
jump on expressway
drive right onto old falls st
I live here, go there all the time
what do tourists think about old falls st
I think it could be made better, more attractive
is it going to be open to drive through
is it closed
should be opene all year round
what I love indians
I think more can be done to old falls st, somehow

Might take some time

make more time
drive, my wife
more history markers
Lincoln slept here at Cataract house
Pope John Paul II was here
combine all thoughts together oto me

exec dir of Niagara Science Museum

only four star attaractino
since our inception in 2008
nobody pays attention
last week meeting w/ mayor, tom desantis
I was just pushed down, no way
nick leave us alone we are not going to support you
largest science museums are on first name basis with me
Whirlpool Park, Power Vista, Castellani and Niagara Scie Museum
we can organize easy
somebody should
showing industrial culture in Niagara falls
just before first world war, culture started there

Bill Hilts Jr
outdoor sports specialist for ntcc
recreation and our outdoor resources
should be a panel
should be recognized as
not just fishing
$30m, based on 09 10 NU studies
also get involved in promiting biking and birding and boating
pres of lake Ontario sport fishing promotion council
8 counties on lake ont
we show that it’s a working model
working hard to get DEC and I love ny division of tourism
working together to promote our outdoor resources
saw them working otgehter in lake placid
outdoor writers of America conference
not just memorial day to labor day

Deanna Brennen
Pres of Niagara usa chamber of commerce
momentum that we have here that is coming raound
thank you to governor putting cmtes and funding in place
I think what is more important to community
residentas and businesses
our elected officials need to be accountable
so much inner turmoil and what it does to
damage done
make sure accurate info
not just certain agendas that are out there
keep our centralized moeney coming into

held 40 task force mtgs, gov finally listening
without task forces held
glad we provoked him

operate s ervice stateion across from howard Johnson
owner operator
how to get to falls
where to eat
can’t get breakfast
third st, first st
right in front of howard Johnson, falls straight ahead
one says Canada keep right, other says nf keep left, not there anymore
they closed the street, whirlpool, closed 8 years
should reuilbt parkway, existing on main st.
pine ave, 34 vacant stores
busiest street in study, nothing being done with it
trolley, is a waste o fmoney, empty most of the time
can’t get off at michael’s como
this is a small city, we don’t need a trolley
state park, what a disgrace it is

I can understand
coming formoutside
last time I was here for task force
looking for something in immediate prox to eat breakfast
from an outisders point of view, on way to find

Niagara Tourism Advisory Board

NFTA, we did have 210 trolley that came from buffalo airport to nf, it’s being
can’t charge $15 per trip, will lose federal funding
approached private operator, said its too hard to do biz in ny
airport – flight out of ny
continue on to Chicago
not interested in that because buffalo is our main airport and where we earn our
attrations- midevil times
we do need backup entertainment
particularly families in this city
thi sis personal eperience,
taxi driver
$20 per cash
$15 for taxi to downtown from train station
falls motel on buffalo ave, $65 dollars

tourism training program for hotels and tourism providers

pres of nys assoc of
$60m for tourism fund
$30m for hurrican sandy
$30m for cash in tourism fund
allows us to compete with other states
signage is an issue we all hae to work on

thank you all for teremendous amount of interest
ive done quite a few of these
always had the largest amount of participation

it is concerning to me to hear some of issues raised
signage , dot
I work closely w/ some districts in my district

Aseem Minority econ dev decuation and infrastructure task force

it really does help coming to these events
have some of same issues in my district
hadnds on convo with you
really appreciated
we do actually sit down and talk about this
what course of action we can take immediately, what
do go forward with this
when we get this type of input

Hopfeully by next year, see somet things being done

hunting crossbow, was legal, $800, now ihave to go to

DiPietro bill
easier to get home rule bill through
ask to expand erie and Niagara
the four of us did not vote for the SAFE act
I think we have to stay together and speak with the same voice
things are on the upswing

Emerson - field trip money


shakedown/tour companies

cuomo's comments about canada


wine issues

support for ntcc

jost - embrace the grape, historical

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