9.1 Lets take a look a t the following pictures.

2004 1994


9.2 Read the information about Jessica and fill in the missing one.

Her name is Jessica. She was born in 1994 She’s 16. She has played basketball since she was 8. Besides that, she has studied languages for a long period of time.

9.2 Complete the following table with the conjugation of the verb `to have` and add more verbs to construct new sentences.

Read the following information and draw a semantic map. He has worked on the first synthetic vaccine for malaria. Manuel Elkin Patarroyo was born on November 13.Subject have verb complement We have studied basketball drunk rock They danced in the river I She has swam too much exercise done water since I was 3.5 Share your semantic map with your partners and explain it to the class. 9. His findings are very important for the human being as many people die every year as a result of this disease. He is a Colombian pathologist. You played 9.4. He has tested the vaccine and its effectiveness is from 30 to 60 percent and as a result of his successful research many drug companies have offered him a lot of money for the vaccine rights but he has rejected all of them. 9. He bought twice It flown candy in the same place. Add more information about the text. He says that working on that type of studies constitutes his life project as well as his life purpose. Answer the following questions When was Manuel Elkin Patarroyo born? .6. 1946.

8 Fill in the blanks with SINCE or FOR according to the sentence. Mary has taken driving lessons _________ January. Peter has lived in Pereira_________1999. 2006 They have swam since 9. Today is may the 4th.7 Analyse the following examples and discuss the use of FOR and SINCE. . He has swam for three months. He has taught English since 1998.What’s his job? What has he done to save many people all around the world? What have the drug companies offered to him? What has he rejected? What else do you know about him? 9. 2010 so he has worked as English teacher for 12 years. They have played the guitar __________ 2 hours. I have taught English_________ 10 years. He has taken piano lessons for two years. May mother has lived in Bogotá ________6 years. My sister has studied at the University __________ 2007.

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