Election Day is October 22! Here's how Pnina Salomon will work for you!

Making Zichron Clean and Green:
-I'll do my part to make our home a place where the environment is a top priority. I'll fully support initiatives that incentivize green living, and eliminate wasteful energy expenditure in the public areas. -As a Council member, I'll encourage initiatives that promote "Good Citizenship," and instill personal pride and responsibility in the cleanliness of our streets.

Advancing Education:
-Every child deserves a quality education, and every child deserves to feel safe at school. I will support anti-bullying initiatives, and promote dialogue in the local schools and youth groups about Child Safety, Internet Safety, and Positive Values Education. -I am committed to spearheading the ght to build a National Religious Public school campus from kindergarten through grade 12. By utilizing help from Ministers in the Bayit Yehudi Party , the Ministry of Education and the City Council, I can get this issue the attention it deserves. -I will work with the local schools, volunteer organizations and the City Council to establish a "homework help center," open to all, sta ed by volunteers and teachers.

Building Bridges:
- An elected representative can in uence allocation of community resources. With my healthy respect for diversity and bilingual communication skills, I'll build bridges between community institutions like youth groups, schools, and synagogues. These bridges will result in more e ciency, real cost savings and less wasted resources. -I plan to make the city website more user friendly- by creating a community calendar, in Hebrew and English, where social, educational, and cultural events are o ered for all of Zichron to share.

Providing Services for New Olim and English Speakers:
-Every resident of Zichron Yaakov has the right to get accurate and timely information from their local government. I'm absolutely committed to providing that service to the English Speaking community. -As an recent new Oleh, I know from experience that every new immigrant deserves a caring representative on the City Council. - As former chairman of the English Parent's Committee at Yaavetz, I believe that every child deserves a free, quality English education. -I will work to establish a "Help Center", using volunteer and paid sta , as a resource for English Speakers and New Olim who have di culty understanding bills, school notices, voice mail systems, and other challenges.

"Open Door Policy"
-As City Councilwoman, my door will be open to all residents of Zichron Yaakov with local bureaucratic issues. I'm here to help!

About me:

Pnina Salomon, 39, mother of ve from New Jersey, moved to Zichron Yaakov in 2010. Before the dust settled, she threw herself into community projects- revamping Yaavetz's English program, recruiting a youth director, organizing community events, helping new Olim, and joining the Parent's Association. From community activist to number two on the Bayit Yehudi list was a natural progression. Pnina graduated from Downstate University in New York and worked for several years as a neurosurgical Physican Assistant at Beth Israel Medical Center. She now works part time as a nonpro t educational consultant. She's thrilled at the chance to give back to the town that welcomed her so graciously.

Vote Bayit Yehudi on October 22!
Pnina Salomon See my launch video: https://vimeo.com/71482516 Phone: 052-700-2935 Email: habait.zy@gmail.com

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‫הבית‬ ‫של‬ ‫כולנו‬ ‫בזכרון יעקב‬

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