FIK 3042: English for Communication II Forum topics Discuss each topic below. 1.

Children nowadays lack physical activities due to electronic games and online games. Provide some suggestions on how to encourage children to be more physically active. 2. Teachers should utilize technology to develop children’s creativity in the lessons. Discuss. 3. Mastering more than one language other than English and Bahasa Malaysia among teachers should be encouraged. How can this benefit the teaching and learning in the classrooms? 4. Spending time with our children is more precious than spending money on them. Discuss. 5. Moral values among students are declining nowadays. Do you agree? Provide some evidence to support your answer.

Note: 2 marks will be awarded for each discussion topic – 2 marks X 5 topics = 10marks • Students have to post their responses to each of the discussion topic. 1 mark will be awarded. • Students have to also comment on at least one of their coursemate’s response. 1 mark will be awarded. • Full marks will be awarded based on the quality of the response and comments for each post i.e. the responses and comments must have content. Responses and comments such as “Well done!”, “I agree with you” and “Good Job!” will not be awarded any marks.

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