Description: An extensive tutorial for beginners and experienced freestylers that will help you learn many soccer

tricks; includes videos. Explanation: The tricks will go from easy to hard, and will have a definition and a small amount of advice on how to go about the easier tricks. Below each trick will be a link to a video, and a time signature, which highlights the specific trick. Try slowing down the trick and watching it over and over to help you learn it. Note: Ive decided to separate the tricks into sections since this is a long guide. This way it should make it easier to find specific sections and tricks. EASY TRICKS First off; the EASY TRICKS. Beginners should learn these first. Footstall: Balancing the ball on the instep of ones foot. Curl toes upwards and 'pin' the ball to shin if you can. If catching from juggling, raise your leg slightly before touching the ball, and lower as you come into contact with the ball, cushioning it. Video: Emil does a footstall from juggling Around the World - ATW: A single revolution around the ball. Can be done inside (hit the ball with the inside of your foot on the joint of your big toe) or outside (hit the ball with the outside of your foot on your pinkie toe). Can be done from footstall, or from juggling. Learning from stall is where you should start, as you have more control. Video: (0:37-0:50) Bane shows both inside and outside ATWs. Crossover: Jump, and with the leading leg go around/over the ball, and with the trail leg, kick the ball back up under the leading leg. Learn first without the leading leg, by dropping the ball from hands, and trying to jump and kick the ball with the trail leg, without using the leading leg at all. When you can kick it back up to your waist, try going over/around with the leading leg. Video: (Around 1:02) Emil incorporates a crossover into a long combo. Rainbow: Ball is caught between feet and flicked up in the air. Get the ball between your feet and roll the ball up one leg with the other (can be done with both feet but usually with the dominant leg) and with the other foot, bring your foot up and connect with the ball with your back heel. The ball should flick up into the air, and maybe even over your head, hence the name rainbow. Video: (2:02-2:05) AZN Freestyler does an over-the-head rainbow. Neckstall: Catching the ball on the lower neck/upper back. With your back at right angles to your legs, head facing straight forward, and shoulders raised, the ball is balanced in the dip created on/just

behind your neck. Practice by throwing the ball just above your head and catch it. Throw higher as you become better. Video: (0:16-0:18 ) Palle does a neckstall from juggle. Hotstepper: Bouncing the ball alternately with the soles of your feet. Quite easy to do one or two, but more can be a challenge. Drop the ball from hands and after it bounces hit it back down with the sole of your foot. As you do this try and hop over so your other foot is ready to do the same. Video: (2:57-3:00) Emil does around six in a row. Okay guys, those up there are the easiest tricks. Next up are the standard tricks for you to master. STANDARD TRICKS Hop the World - HTW Kick up with one foot, and do an ATW with the other. Can be done with either foot, and in two ways. The first way is lightly touching the ball with one foot, and with other jumping/hopping over it with the other (although this gives you less stability to carry on combos afterwards). The second way is to kick the ball up with one foot, put it down, and then come around the ball with the other. This is harder as you have less time. Video: (3:48-3:52) Emil does alternate HTWs. Toe Bounce: Ball drops onto your standing foot, while the other foot goes over it. This move can prove difficult. Practice by dropping the ball from hands onto your foot and going over it with the other. However the ball wont bounce up. Once you are confident with this, you must curl your standing foot's toes upwards and do it almost standing on your heel. The more momentum you can get hitting the ball up the better, try 'sliding' back when you do this. Video: (3:03-3:05) Emil does two good toe bounces. Chest Stall: Balancing the ball on your chest. Lean backwards so your chest is as horizontal as possible. If you cant do this well, put one foot back to aid you. Cross your arms over the ball when you catch it so that your chest creates a dip for the ball. To practice throw the ball up and try to cushion the ball. Video: (4:23) Emil does a short chest stall. Headstall: Balancing the ball on your head. Place the ball around the place where your hairline starts and in the center of your head. When the ball goes forward, so must you, etc. Eventually when you get better you wont have to move your feet,just sway your body. To practice kneel or sit down, and do this over and over. Video: (4:24-4:25) Emil does a controlled headstall. Aeroplane/Backroll: Ball is rolled over both shoulders to the air. From juggling, the ball must be hit up to head height, then when its at its peak/coming down, make contact with one shoulder, and spin round so it rolls

over your back to your other shoulder and off, to continue juggling. To train throw it up yourself, without juggling, adjusting the contact point and spin speed if it doesn't work. Video: (0:10) Luke does a nice aeroplane/backroll here. Piledriver: Ball is pounded down from the shin and rebounds off the floor to carry on juggling. The ball, usually from footstall), is flicked up to be hammered down by the waiting shin, and then once bounced off the floor, to a trick or resumption of juggling. A good way to practice is to bounce the ball from hands and then try to hammer the ball down. Video: (1:46) Tierney does a piledriver from juggling. In the Ditch: Balancing the ball in the middle of your back. From neckstall, the ball is touched backwards with the head so that it rests in the middle of your back, to relieve strain, put hands on knees. Video: (0:31-0:35) Frejd does In the Ditch in an upperbody combo. Shoulder Stall: Balancing the ball between the shoulder and neck. To get used to the ball being there just put the ball in what you find the best position, and spend time with it there. Once this is mastered it can be done from most upperbody stalls and from juggling. Video: (0:27-0:29) Frejd does a shoulder stall from a neckstall. Okay, standard tricks done, next will come the intermediate moves for you to look at. INTERMEDIATE TRICKS Dislocated Knee: Like knee control, except you kick out with your leg and the ball 'pops' up. Can be used instead of knee control. Upper leg is the same as with knee control, but at the point of contact the lower legs kicks out straight, and the ball 'pops' up in a different way. Can be hard to control. Video: (2:53) Tavinho does a dislocated knee. Hat Slip: Headstall with a hat, which is then removed, for headstall to carry on. With a beanie hat, quite simple if headstall is mastered, just grip the hat at the back, and tug sharply, but keep your focus on the headstall. Video: (1:20-1:25) Angelo performs a hatslip, with replay. 360: Neckstall-Chest Stall-Neckstall. An upperbody-combo trick. Looks good when its performed fluently. Roll your body around the ball, over your shoulder to your chest, and back over your shoulder to your neck. When done properly, and viewed from the side, the ball should seem to stay in one place. Video: (0:23-0:25) Frejd does a nice 360 in his upper body combo. Knee Around the World - KATW: Around the world from the knee. Hit the ball gently with you knee and wrap your leg around the

ball, controlling at the end with your foot. Can be done either inside or outside like in ATW but most people will find one much easier than the other. Video: (2:59-3:00) Murilo performs an inside KATW. Knee Hop the World - KHTW: Hop the world from the knee. Hit the ball gently with one knee, hop slightly and wrap the other leg around it, with control from the foot at the end. Can be done on either knee. Video: (1:15-1:16) Palle performs KHTW in a stunning combo. Around the Moon - ATM: A revolution with the head. Obviously you cant go over the ball, so one must go around the ball to make the revolution. From neckstall Flick up the ball with your shoulders, and carry on in a circular motion win that direction. After a full revolution is completed, cushion the ball back on your neck. Video: (2:12-2:15) Murilo does three consecutive ATMs. AKKA: An Elastico in mid air. Can be done in all the same ways as an elastico, plus more including a touch with the knee first. An elastico being Ronaldinho's trademark move, hit the ball one way with your foot, and then the other. Simple sounding, but hard to master. Video: (1:50-1:51) Kamalio performs a good moving AKKA here. Heel Hop the World: Touch with your heel then an ATW. Gently touch the ball with the heel of one foot, so that it comes to the front of your body, then with the same leg wrap around the ball and control. Make the touch not too high or low or it will be too hard to get the ATW in. Video: (0:47-0:49)MickyD#9 Performs a nice slowmo Heel Hop the World. Heel Around the World: Touch with the heel then ATW. Similar to Heel Hop the World, the difference is that you don't come around your body to do it. Lightly touch with the heel, then an outside ATW (as if the heel touch was a normal touch before an ATW) Last to come are advanced tricks, which are the soccer tricks for those of a high level. ADVANCED TRICKS Magnetic: A side-headstall. The ball should be balanced on the small dip by your ear, or on your ear. Practice by placing it on there with hands and getting used to the feeling. Then when you feel confident you can practice getting there from a headstall by sharply tipping your head to the side. It is better to be balanced in a 'sideways lunge' stance. Video: (1:00-1:23) Tavinho does a Magnetic for each side of his head. Bicycle Juggle: Juggling the balls on the soles of your feet. Lying flat on your back touch the ball lightly with the sole of each foot. It should look like peddling a bicycle. Practice first by getting someone to help

you, then progress to getting it up there yourself. Video: (0:44-0:48 ) Murilo sets himself up for 3 juggles. Touzani Around the World - TATW: A combined Outside ATW and Crossover. Whilst in the middle of the ATW, push off with your standing foot. As you finish the ATW raise the other leg so that the Crossover is incorporated and the ball comes back up under that leg. Video: (1:41-1:58 ) Palle does 14 consecutive TATW. Mitchy Around the World - MATW: A combined Inside ATW and Crossover. Same as TATW except with an inside ATW. Whilst in the middle of the ATW, push off with your standing foot. As you finish the ATW raise the other leg so that the Crossover is incorporated and the ball comes back up under that leg. Video: (2:44-2:57) Bane does 4 MATWs. Hopping/Homie Touzani Around the World - HTATW: An ATW with both legs. You combine an outside ATW with one foot and an inside ATW with the other (so both legs go the same direction). You control with the other foot with which you started the move. Video: (1:18-1:19) Kamalio does a sweet JATW. Lemmens Around the World - LATW: A double ATW with no touch in between. The easiest way to perform this trick is to go around the ball, though going over it is possible. Complete the first revolution, but instead of stopping and lowering your leg, carry on with the second revolution. All work should come from the knees. Can be done inside and out. Video: (0:09-0:10) Palle and Timinho both do LATWs together. Alternate Touzani Around the World - ATATW: A kind of HTW MATW combination. Hit the ball straight up, and with the other leg you make an inside to outside rotation around the ball. At the same time you make a jump and swing the other leg around the ball and kick the ball up from underneath that leg. Picture: A .gif of doing an ATATW. Alternate Mitchy Around the World - AMATW: A kind of HTW MATW combination. Hit the ball straight up and with the other leg you make an outside to inside rotation around the ball. At the same time you make a jump and swing the other leg around the ball and kick the ball up from underneath that leg. Picture: A .gif of Owen4ever doing an AMATW. Written by: Sputnik