Questionnaire On Buying Behaviour of People in Big Bazaar

Personal Profile Customers Name Age : : 16-25 26-35 36-45 Above 45

Monthly Income Level:

Below Rs.10000 Rs.10000 – Rs.20000 Rs.20000 – Rs.30000 Above Rs.30000

Educational Qualification:


Source of Income:

Mother/Father Business Other Specify. .

Salaried Pocket Money

1) How did you come to know about Big Bazaar Friends Family Spouse Others Specify.

Advertisement .

2) How frequently do you visit Big Bazaar Twice in a week Once in a week During Special offers Whenever the need arises

3) Are you happy with the location of Big Bazaar Yes No 4) What influenced your purchasing in Big Bazaar Friends Newspaper Spouse Experts Others Specify. .

5) Why do you prefer to make your purchase in Big Bazaar? Ambience Availability/Variety Quality Service Others Specify Price .

6) What do you normally look for in a product? Durability Prestige Uniqueness Quality Price Others Specify

Style Offers .

7) Which category of products do you prefer to buy frequently Ethnic Wear M-Bazaar Utensils Cosmetics Food Bazaar Footwear Others Specify Electronics .

8) Who accompanies you for the purchase Friends Family Spouse Alone Others Specify .

9) Have you seen the advertisement of Big Bazaar Yes No

a. If ‘Yes’ which advertisements of Big Bazaar in media influences you more Serious Informational Emotional Humorous Macho

10) How long have you been visiting Big Bazaar Weekly Monthly Yearly

11) What time of day do you prefer to purchase in Big Bazaar Morning Noon Anytime is ok Evening Night Others Specify .

12) How much time do you spend in Big Bazaar per visit. 30 Minutes Less than an Hour 1—2 Hours More than two Hours

13) What is that part that distinguishes Big Bazaar from other retail stores Quality Price Ambience Offer Location

14) Do you wait for the offer to make purchases Yes No 15) Are you satisfied with services provided by Big Bazaar Yes No 16) Are you happy with the parking facility provided Yes No 17) What is the response of Sales Representatives in Big Bazaar Good Best Better Worst

18) Rank the following features of Big Bazaar on the basis of your evaluation. (Rank 1 to 8; 1 for the best and 8 for the worst)



Features Price Quality Offers Convenience Brand image Range of products Cleanliness/ambience After Sale Service


19) Tick Mark the most appropriate choice Questions I like this Big Bazaar In the past year majority of my shopping has been done in Big Bazaar I prefer to shop at Big Bazaar even if other retail outlet offer a new deal. I occasionally prefer this store for my purchase Would you make purchases on special occasions Strongly Agree Agree Undecided Disagree Strongly Disagree

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