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‘epee rus Dot tb cy lab sn Eee ce ‘SESS fee atc wey Wo Cn tea ep ort To Core Rulebook II v.3.5 asd anthe rginal Devons & Daacns game ‘erated by E- Gary Gypieand Dave Ameson “This Wo er Cone game prod conti Opes Gan Cont ‘Ne eto af hsworknayberepossd a rm nour persion elearmmore tout the Open Garin iced the do Stes Lies, ewe ne wear, EUROEAN HEADQUAKTERS {SLA PACIFIO, 6 LATIN AMERICA Wie Gost lg 7 ero Raden re P Sinan T6496 tegen 00 GonrmpoorEN — g8r6ra3*1 est Prating Jul2003 nrc Canc Ts a ofc pce oa pare ‘Visit our website at ind REDITS DUNGEON MASTER'S GUIDE REVISION Davi Nooyan, Ric ReDMan D&D REVISHON TEAM Rick Baxer, Anpy Cotins, David Noonan, Rich REDMaN, SxrP WILLIAMS DEVELOPMENT AND EDITING Gwenpotrs EM. Kestret. PRO O-F READERS Bit McQuittax, Ca Moone, Karsuro Nagasawa DUNGEON MASTER'S GUIDE DESIGN Monte Coox DUNGEON MASTER'S GUIDE D&D DESIGN TEAM Monte Goox, Joxatuan weer, Sxrp Wirttams ADDITIONAL DESIGN Perer ADKISON, RicHARD Baker, ANDY Corts, Davin Noonan Bayou thet. 30% Jota Mantis, Jou Reve are RR Gere Gn man enor EDETORIAL ASSITANCE Kim Monan Dypssgp Cor vnt, Jere Qurce CORE D&D CREATIVE DIRECTOR MANAGING EDITOR Ep Stark Kim Monay ¢ DIRECTOR OF RPG RED Bret Staviesex A, RATA S Desk ECE THOR Daws Muni CG boay Rn AR T Henry HiccrnsoTHaM. CORE D&D CREATIVE DIRECTOR, Ep Stark a DIRECTOR OF RPG R&D BILL SLavicsEK VISUAL CREATIVE DIRECTOR Jos Scupenerte INTEREOR ARTISTS ee Ot ome ee 8 ol Mart Givorni, En Cop, Dans Guuser- Winer, Scorr Fischer, JOHN Fosrer, JEREMY Janis, Joun ax Lava Laxe¥, Toop Lockwoos,, Davip Mawtax, Riven Mrwura, Wayne ReYNotps, Scott ROLLER, Brray SNoppr, ARNTESWEKEL, San Woop GRAPHIC DESIGN Dawes Munns CyAR T ORG R AMPH BOR Topp Gamare GRAPHIC PRODUCTION SPECIALIST AnGeitxa Loxorz PHOTOGRAPHER Crara Cupxonvrsxy D&D CONCEPTUAL ARTISTS Topp Locxwoop, Sam Woop D&D LOGO DESIGN ‘Mart Abgtsrencer, SHeRRy FLovD GPO FY Belk A Re ee Henry HicGinpornam’ INTERIOR ARTISTS Lans-Guarr Wess, Scorr Fraciten, Jom Foster, Toop Lockwoop, Daya Mantis, Waxxe RexNnowps, ARNIE SWEKEL, Kevin Watken, Sam Woo GRAPHIC DESTGNERS Sta Guinn, Sueney Ford Tyr Of Ro Aeon ER ‘Vicrorta Avsianp, Enis Dorares, Axoztixa Loxorz, Nancy WALKER R VICE PRESIDENT OF PUBLISHING “Manx Kincorr CATEGORY MANAGER ANTHONY VALTERRA PROJECT MANAGER Martix Durnam PRODUCTION MANAGER Cuas DeLoxe OTHER WIZARDS OF THE COAST RED CONTRIBUTORS Pavt Barctay, MIicHELE Carter, JENNIFER ‘Cianke Witxes, Bruce R. Conprii, Mrxe Donats, Davip Ecxetserny, Sxarr Bias, ~ Axprew Frxcu, Jerr Gauss, Ron Hetnsoo, Gwexpoixn EM, Kesrret, CuristoPuer CART O GRAPHER ‘Topp GamBLe PHOTOGRAPHER Crate Cupnonursxy BRAND OM ANA GER Ryan Daxcer ‘ CATE@ORY MANAGER Kerr Strom PROJECT MANAGERS p Lanny Werner, Josu Fisciten DIGI-TECH SPECIALIST eset ena Ponnnss, Cranirs Rvax, Micnart. PRODUCTION MANAGER SELINKER, JONATHAN TWEET, JaMEs Wyarr Guas DeLoxe S P EvCaieAoi, T.H A'N*KOS SEM EC WALL: ot HAN OK, S: Many Exizapere Atten, Srerues Rapsey- " Cinpr Rice, Jr Lix, Rrcuaep Gansrenp, Mckee rua, Avex Wertz, ANDY Sar Eras, ANDREW FINCH ~ Sutra, Mar SMrrn, JErrenson DuxtaP

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