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September 11 Commission Report Revised December 2008

September 11 Commission Report Revised December 2008


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An alternative explanation for the reasons behind the September 11, 2001 attacks.
An alternative explanation for the reasons behind the September 11, 2001 attacks.

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Published by: ep heidner on Jul 09, 2009
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This report contends that key owners and executives of the Deutsche Bank and related
cartel members (especially UBS, Bank of New York) had motive, opportunity and
capability to initiate the attack on the World Trade Center. Their motives were primarily

• $23 billion in annual potential equity banking revenues;

• Hundreds of billions of illegal gold reserves, and profits from managing those. Those
revenues alone could easily reach $20 to $30 billion a year.
The relationships upon which this cartel is founded go back in history to World War II,
when gold stolen from treasuries and personal fortunes was transferred from the Third
Reich to a group of industrialist and financiers. This group built a financial empire
founded on fraud and crime, refusing to return this wealth to its rightful heirs.
With the not too distant history of German banking involvement with the Third Reich, it
may be tempting for some to jump to the conclusion that these bankers are somehow
connected to the rumored return of that regime. Nothing could be further from the truth.
The history of German Banking – if not international banking – suggests that while a few
bankers may succumb to the political winds of the time, they generally remain “adaptive”
and learn to coexist with the current regime. Two recent studies support this conclusion:

"They (German bank elite) built strong relationships over a period of ten, twenty and even thirty years.
They often shared similar convictions on issues such as class, business, and the importance of U.S.-
German economic ties. In many cases, they shared business partnerships and investments as well. This


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does not mean that they had a single point of view concerning Hitler, either before or after the Nazis
climb to power in 1930-33. Contrary to the popular myths concerning the Dulles brothers, for example,
Allen Dulles was a relatively early advocate of U.S. backing for the British in their showdown with
Germany, while John Foster Dulles remained considerably more tolerant of Nazism. Others were
prominent Jews who were destined to be dispossessed by the Nazis. Banker Eric Warburg was forced
to sell off most of his German properties in the early 1930s, but he returned for the reconstruction after
1945. Some members of the elite did become creatures of Hitler, however, such as Dresdner Bank's
Karl Lindemann, who was characterized as a "rabid Nazi" by one of the bank's senior executives.
Despite their differences, these U.S.-German "reference groups" or "linkage groups," as they became
known to sociologists, shared common convictions that were to them far more fundamental: the central
importance of maintaining the viability of capitalism as a national and world economic system, and the
key role of U.S. and German productive capacity and markets within that effort. Measured against
these more basic values, the Nazis and their whole brutal apparatus were seen by much of the elite as
transitory, at least during the 1920s and 1930s. From the standpoint of corporate ideology, this elite
saw itself as a new generation of the so-called managerial revolution; they considered themselves to be
"forward thinking" and unencumbered by the stuffy formalism of earlier times." [Christopher Simpson,
The Splendid Blond Beast, Common Courage Press, 1995]
"Right from the start, the NSDAP ideology was hostile to the financial sector. Financial capital,
according to Nazi ideology, was more profit-earning than working capital, was disembedded from its
national context and was in the service of Jewish interests. In his 1925 published pamphlet "Mein
Kampf", Hitler (1925/1999: 213) wrote, "the hardest battle would have to be fought, not against hostile
nations, but against international capital" which was "robbing the enterprises" (ibid: 314). Thus the
strong continuity of the bank's entanglement with industrial corporations over the Nazi period and
beyond was not a forgone conclusion. The relationship between different groups of industry and the
NSDAP is the subject of numerous controversial debates… but there seems to be a consensus that
"Hitler's assistants" were located more in the heavy-industry sector – the political commitment of Fritz
Thyssen is a well-known example of this – than in the financial sector …..Nazi elite failed to make an
extensive reform of the banking sector their top priority. The cartel-like banking system and the banks'
ties with industrial corporations were not dissolved….the "Schutzstaffel" (SS) agitated against banks as
rent seekers of the war and demanded the nationalization of the large banks. Again, the banks’
influence over industrial companies was a main point of criticism (James 1995: 390-395). Hitler
refused such demands, arguing that National Socialists should not assume any responsibility towards
banks……By and large, the company network remained stable in the years of the Nazi dictatorship."
[Martin Höpner and Lothar Krempel, MPIfG Working Paper 03/9, The Politics of the German
Company Network, Max Planck Institute for the Study of Societies, September 2003]

The three largest German banks of Deutsche Bank, Dresdner and Commerzbank did
indeed control most of industrial Germany, but that did not by default make their
management Nazis. Sparing them the indignity of that accusation however, should not be
construed as exoneration. These banks – especially the Deutsche Bank – seem to have a
consistent reputation for being involved with organized crime, and they seem to deal with
virtually any organized criminal element one can name. Moreover, it is fair to observe
that more than one of these gentlemen has the potential to be linked to a German version
of ‘Manifest Destiny’. Some of these gentlemen have lineages that are hundreds of years
old, with a familial legacy of conquest and imperialism to live up to. Such men might
easily subscribe to a German version of the New World Order.

Accountability for corporate institutions can best be attributed to the Board of Directors.
That being said, it would be inappropriate to claim that every – or even the majority of -
Board member of Dresdner, Deutsche Bank and Allianz is responsible for the actions of a
few rogue executives. The key issue is going to be: how few and how powerful are these


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rogue bankers? Research has suggested that the following candidates for this infamous
distinction should include former Deutschebank Board members:

• Michael Freiherr Truchseß von Wetzhausen - on the Board of the Deutschebank until
June 2003. With a family name several hundred years old, his ancestor was a Grand
Master of the Templars. His father was an SS Lieutenant at Dachau, killed by
Americans troops from Brooklyn. If anyone was a candidate to represent the old
school of the German Motherland – this individual has the best credentials. If
revenge is considered a motive, he should become a suspect.

• Dr. Diethart Breipohl. Former CFO of Allianz, this Board member of Allianz has
probably served on more boards throughout Europe than any other board member
from this group. This individual is clearly a ‘power.’ A partial list of his leverage is
as follows:

− prior to 12/1999 member of the executive committee of the alliance AG
− prior to 12/1999 member of the supervisory board of the RWE AG
− Member of the supervisory board of the alliance AG (2000)
− Member of the supervisory board of the Rheinelektra AG (today: Lahmeyer


− Member of the supervisory board of the Beiersdorf Co. AG
− Member of the supervisory board of the Continental AG
− Member of the supervisory board of the Grundig AG
− Member of the supervisory board of the metal company AG
− Member of the supervisory board of the Bavarian Hypo and association bank
− Mostly it is his involvement in Multigroup that puts his name on a list of

Six Board Members – or former members - of the Deutsche Bank being investigated for
approving tax evasion (also known as money laundering) activities should also be
included as prime suspects. These gentlemen have all apparently demonstrated a
willingness to allow illegal activity.

"Investigators claim the bank helped clients transfer money anonymously to Switzerland and
Luxembourg with the knowledge of these board members. Frankfurt's chief prosecutor, Job Tilmann,
said they suspect Deutsche Bank employees not only "systematically" aided customers in such
transfers, but also that Breuer and other executives were aware of the practice. "This is not about a few
individual cases," Tilmann said. "The number of instances in question is so large that we're led to
believe it has been part of a more widespread practice." [Deutsche Bank’s chairman faces probe into
tax evasion charges,” Vanessa Fuhrmans, Financial Express, 6/18/1999]

Rolf Breuer, Deutsche Bank AG Chairman;
Carl von Boehm-Bezing, Deutsche Bank Board Member;
Juergen Krumnow, Deutsche Bank Board Member;
Tessen von Heydebreck Deutsche Bank Board Member. A descendent of
William the Conqueror;
Ulrich Weiss, former Deutsche Bank Board Member; and
Georg Krupp, former Deutsche BankBoard Member.


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These eight men would not constitute the entirety of the cartel, but it does represent a list
of German financial executives with questionable activities of a money laundering nature
in their background.
On the North American continent, it is appropriate to designate at least two former high
ranking Deutsche Bank Executives:
• Mayo Shattuck: former Deutsche Bank Board Director and CEO of Deutsche Bank
Alex Brown who resigned on 12 September 2001, Trustee of the Bronfman family
fortune and financial advisor to Adnan Khashoggi. Mayo would move on to become
CEO of an energy company and soon created a company whose primary business was
trading energy derivatives and power –replacing Enron in a market vacuum after it’s

• Tye W. Burt - the former Chairman of Deutsche Bank Canada and Deutsche Bank
Alex Brown Securities Canada, and Managing Director and Head of Deutsche Bank’s
Global Metals and Mining Group., and on the Advisory Board of Barrick Gold.

Additionally, Marcus and Jacob Wallenburg need to be added to this list because of their
involvement with the cartel and Donald Rumsfeld. Their family roots with this cartel
were long disguised, but the release of post-war national archives in both Sweden and the
US changed the world’s view.

“…a darker chapter is being written now about the Wallenberg family and its extensive business
empire, as Sweden confronts dismaying new evidence that the country's wartime collaboration was
more extensive than is widely known, and that the Wallenberg family profited from secret dealings
with the Nazis. For instance, documents from World War II contain evidence that Jacob and Marcus
Wallenberg, Raoul's cousins, used their Enskilda Bank to help the Nazis dispose of assets seized from
Dutch Jews who died in the Holocaust.
According to extensive documentation, the Wallenberg bank also provided illicit cover so a German
company could operate in the United States - with help from a future US secretary of state, John Foster
Dulles. The documents indicate that the company, Bosch, paid its fee in gold, but that the Wallenbergs
insisted that the gold be used to buy Swiss securities because they feared the gold had been stolen by
the Nazis.” [Family long viewed as heroic profited from Nazi deals , Walter V. Robinson, Boston
Globe Staff, 07/06/97 ]

“There were many other Swedish corporations that enjoyed profitable relationships with the Nazis.
However, the one most cherished by the Nazis was the Enskilda bank, owned by the Wallenbergs.
With good relationships with a bank the Nazis could borrow funds and launder their stolen gold.
Safehaven documents revealed that the US had been tracking the pro-Nazi activities of the
Wallenbergs for several years. In February 1945, Morgenthau, in a letter to Secretary of State, Edward
Stettinius, charged that Enskilda was making substantial loans to the Nazis without collateral and
making covert investments for German capitalists in US industries. Note that Morgenthau's letter
confirms Bormann's plan to allow Nazis to invest in the United States as a means of preserving their
assets. He further charged that the bank was repeatedly connected with large black market operations.
In the letter Morgenthau identified Jacob Wallenberg as strongly pro-Nazi and rebuts the claim that
Marcus was pro-Ally. The Wallenbergs were playing both sides,…. Marcus Wallenberg came to the
United States in 1940 and attempted to purchase on behalf of German interest an American held block
of German securities…. Enskilda Bank has been repeatedly connected with large block market
operations in foreign currencies, including the dollars reported to have been dumped by the Germans.”
[Nazi Gold , Part 5:Operation Andrew & Sweden's Neutrality

“According to Hewitt's report, it was Wallenberg's opinion that the only alternatives to Hitler were
Himmler, backed primarily by the Waffen SS and the Gestapo, or the Wehrmacht secret opposition
cells if they could survive Gestapo harassment and rally the main body of the army before Hitler


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became aware of what was going on and destroyed them.’ [Dispatch from Wartime Sweden:
Reichsführer Himmler Pitches Washington, John H. Waller]

The relationship between the Wallenbergs and Himmler’s industrial underworld efforts
have carried into the present times, with the primary vehicles of the Wallenberg empire
being ESB (the Wallenberg financial company), Investor AB (the primary holding
company for Wallenberg wealth), and ABB Ltd – (the engineering company that built
and sold components for nuclear armaments to North Korea.) It is from the Boards of
these companies one finds the entwined relationships of the Wallenbergs with the
German cartel, with Jacob Wallenberg currently having a position on the Board of
Directors of the Deutschebank. Even more interesting, one finds the name of Donald
Rumsfeld on two of these boards: Investor AB and ABB. (Of note: While on the Board
of ABB, Rumsfeld approved the sale of equipment vital to North Korea’s nuclear
capability. His recollection of this has failed, but other board members have recollected
his participation.)

All of these bankers had a vested interest in seeing the various investigations in World
Trade Center disappear. While there were thousands of individuals who benefited from
the destruction of that evidence, this group benefited the most, along with the criminals
they were protecting.

12.3 Israeli “Fixers”

The suspects that concocted and executed these crimes begin to emerge in the murky
world of the Israeli Mossad. By historic example, the October Surprise meetings, (which
were the beginning of the Iran-Contra affair, the sabotage of US rescue attempts of
hostages, and the $40 million payment from George HW Bush to the Iranians to not
release the hostages) were initiated by the Israelis. These Israelis (led by David Kimche)
wanted to be able to continue to arm the Iranians and feed the war between Iran and Iraq.
Profiteering on the side was also part of the agenda.

“… in January 1986, Nimrodi, Schwimmer, and Kimche were replaced by the prime minister's
counterterrorism expert, Amiram Nir. According to the Israeli newspaper Yedioth Aharonoth, Prime
Minister Peres was uncomfortable with the idea of an Israeli, especially one of his friends, making
commissions on the transactions. Perhaps more pointedly, Haaretz reported that some Israeli mediators
had "meddled" with the bank account in Switzerland that was used to channel money from the Iranians
to the Americans and eventually to the contras (New York Times, December 1, 1987).” [Contragate
and Counterterrorism: An Overview, Gregory Shank, Crime and Social Justice, Vol. 31, No. 2,2003]

It is the conclusion of this report that because of the extensive involvement of Israeli
intelligence agents in so many aspects of the attack on the World Trade Center, and their
key connections to both the German/Swiss banks and Iran-Contra/Azerbaijan group of
‘businessmen,’ that it was they who first proposed destroying the entire World Trade
Center to solve the Bank Cartel’s problem. This solution – if blamed on Muslim
terrorists – would fit their national agenda of enlisting American opinion against the
Palestinians, the Hezbollah and the Iraqis. There are two primary “persons of interest.”
David Kimche is a 30 year veteran of the Mossad and was involved not only in the very
first October Surprise meeting, but through the entire Iran-Contra scandal as well. He has


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maintained a relationship with Saudi, Syrians, Iranians and his North American
intelligence cohorts through Richard Secord. He is connected to Adnan Khashoggi as
well. When Israelis were “recruited” for conflict in Azerbaijan, he was responsible for the
recruiting. Over the years, he has developed deep relationships with the pro-Israeli
movement in the US though his work with Jon Kimche. His involvement has been
documented in various sections of this report. He is a major “hidden” conspirator in this
crime. Today, in his leadership role of the Glocal Forum, David Kimche is in a perfect
position to recruit and run sayanim in and out of third world contries on a regular basis.

The other primary candidate of suspicion is Meir Dagan, the current head of the Israeli
Mossad. Since Dagan’s ascent in 2002 to head of the Mossad, over 200 agents, including
seven section heads, have left the agency. These ‘early retirements’ are generally
attributed to a concern and disagreement over his priorities and methods. Dagan’s
experience puts him in a central position for suspicion in all of the charges, ranging from
directly or indirectly ordering the brutal execution of American and other hostages in
Iraq, to the planning and execution of the attack on the World Trade Center.

Meir Dagan, son of a Russian immigrant, started his military career in the late 1970’s,
running the Sayeret Rimon. Sayeret Rimon was the first of its kind - a special forces unit
which became the first “Mistaravim type unit.” Mistaravim, in Hebrew, means to
‘disguise as an Arab.’ During his eighteen months of running this unit, he deployed a
host of innovative techniques for the Israeli Special Forces:
• Hiring Palestinians as point men. He would use special persuasion to convince
convicted and imprisoned Palestinian felons to act as fronts for his units;
• capturing Palestinian freedom fighters, he would simply execute a number of them
with a bullet to the head;
• failing an ability to capture his targets, he would have them assassinated, quite often
by car bombing; and then
• Attributing his attacks and car bombing to other fictitious groups.

After the first Invasion of Iraq by the US, Dagan was tasked with building the Mossad
infrastructure inside of Iraq, using many of the same tactics he deployed while with the
Sayeret Rimon. (This report contends that operation is still active, that Zarqawi was an
agent of that group, and that it still foments civil unrest in Iraq through its traditional
methods. The assault on an Iraqi jail by the British troops in Iraq to free two arrested
terrorists is largely thought to be a rescue of Israeli agents before they were discovered.)
He retired from the military after this assignment, but he designed and built the
organization that has executed numerous competitors to the Mossad in Iraq. As the top
commander of the Mossad at the time of the executions of Berg, Hensley and
Armstrong – if the Mossad is responsible, then he is to be held accountable.

In the late 1990s, Dagan became the Economic and Commerce Representative of Israel to
Nigeria. Other than a simple notice of his holding this position, there is nothing in the
press about his activities during this time. To understand the importance of his role as a
chief architect of Israeli trade in Central Africa during this time, it is important to put this
time and place in context. The last fifty years have been a time of great turmoil in Central


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Africa. Nigeria is considered to be a relatively stable and neutral country. To the west of
Nigeria are Liberia and Sierre Leone. To the southeast of Nigeria are the Congo and
Angola. All four of these countries were (and still are) subject to continuous internal
strife, allowing the most powerful warlord in each country the right to exploit vast
mineral deposits such as oil, lumber or “conflict diamonds.”

Conflict diamonds are diamonds used by ‘illegal rebel forces’ to finance their rebellions.
They are thought to be mined by individuals or small independent mining companies,
taking wealth from land previously assayed by larger diamond firms as barren. These
diamonds are then ‘confiscated’ by rebel warlords. The truth of the matter is that at the
end of the Cold War, and collapse of the Soviet Union, about $12 billion in rough uncut
diamonds from government reserves, originating from Russian mines, disappeared.
These stones are most likely now being laundered by trading them to various warlords in
exchange for cash, weapons and mineral concessions, primarily crude oil and wood. The
legal sales contracts for these raw materials are made at ridiculously low prices, with cash
coming across the table and under the table. As a result, there is very little “paper” profit
in these trades to be used to develop the economies of those countries. Conveniently, the
middlemen placing the stones in the market are also the same agents connecting the
warlords with Israeli arms merchants. Technically, it’s illegal to sell “conflict diamonds”
in the De Beers dominated market. They do however show up there from time-to-time.
However, an alternative channel has opened up within the last decade: Lev Leviev.

Lev Leviev is a secondary candidate. Because of his involvement in blood diamonds,
Angola, arms deals and a supply chain comparable to Barrick, it is speculated his
accounts are involved in this tragedy. Leviev belongs to a group of rogue Israeli
intelligence and military operatives who are attached to 9/11 through a false flag
operation. He was born in Soviet Uzbekistan, and emigrated to Israel with his father in
1971. After a short career in the diamond industry, being one of the ‘select few 150’
authorized to buy directly from De Beers, he set out to create an alternative diamond
supply chain. This personal vision of Leviev’s was conceived – coincidentally - at the
end of the Cold War, about the same time the Russian criminals were looking for a way
to launder $12 billion in diamonds heisted from the Russian treasury, over the next ten to
twenty years. Leviev is considered to be the primary means by which the Russian
diamond stockpile is being liquidated. (“Israel Tycoon Lev Leviev”, Paul Westman,
9/11/2003.) Leviev also has been reported (unconfirmed) to own a very significant share
of a shipping company that illegally broke its lease with the World Trade Center and
moved out seven days before the attack on September 11, 2001.
[www.freerepublic.com/focus/news] That company would be Zim-American Israel
Navigation, which is largely owned by the Israel Corporation (i.e., the government of
Israel. Prior to that Zim was owned by Shaul Eisenburg, and the Eisenburg Group.
Eisenburg was widely reported in the mainstream media as a Mossad agent, and would
later be the private sector employer for David Kimche). The second largest investor in the
Israel Corp. is Leumi Bank (about 20%). Leumi Bank has about four major investments,
one of which is in Lev Leviev’s major companies. Less than a year after the attack, one
of their ships would be impounded for attempting to ship Israeli manufactured weapons
to Iran. It has not been confirmed that Lev owns a significant portion of Zim, but he is


Page 290

surely well connected to it. Lev Leviev is an extremely lucky man. He is also extremely
generous in his charitable contributions, and as a result, extremely well connected across
the globe.

Diamond laundering would have to be a bit more difficult than laundering gold, because
there are not a lot of places that can be described as sources of diamonds. The ‘deal’
would probably go like this: the stones stolen from Russia are laundered into the market
in exchange for contracts for legal raw materials (oil and wood). They surface on the
market as blood diamonds or conflict diamonds, supposedly mined in alluvial fields and
small mines throughout Africa – even though prior investigation by De Beers had found
these locations barren. Leviev’s supply chain is able to re-absorb the uncut stones into
any of Leviev’s twelve cutting factories, and sell them on the open market. This supply
chain completely bypasses the De Beers mechanisms and controls put in place which
would identify the sources of these illegal “conflict diamonds.” According to a UN
Security Report, this is the Israeli “fix:”

"In all three cases (the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Angola and Sierre Leone), the pattern is the
same. Conflict diamonds are exchanged for money, weapons and military training. These diamonds
are then transported to Tel Aviv by former Israeli Air Force Pilots….In Israel, these diamonds are then
cut and sold at the Ramat Gan Diamond Centre…."[Liberian Orbit, 10/1/2001]

Feeding this Central African blood frenzy are numerous private military companies
(PMC’s- agents formerly referred to as mercenaries) and arms merchants. A majority of
these arms merchants and PMC’s involved in selling weapons, aircraft and military
training to both sides of third world civil wars and warlords are Russian/Israeli. On this
list are:
Victor Bout (Russian/Tajikistan born, started business in Afghanistan, became an Israeli
citizen), who had extensive dealings selling armaments and weapons to the Taliban. He is
reported to have partnered with Farhad Azima on at least one Russian air deal. He is
now running weapons into Iraq on behalf of the US government because of the dangers
associated with flying in. Nevertheless, there are outstanding warrants for his arrest in
multiple countries.

• Israeli Arcadi Gaydamak, whose key partner at one time was Alimjar Tokhtakhounov
– a leading member of the Russian mafia. His dealings with Angola are detailed in
Section 4.8. He has done business with Nazarbayev.

• former Mossad agents Danny Yatom and Avi Dagan, who created the PMC Strategic
Consulting Group;

• Moshe Levy, owner of the Lordan-Levdan, a PMC working in the Congo;

• Zeev Zachrin, former Brigadier general in Israel;

• Dan Gertler, owner of the Israeli firm International Diamond Industries, who has been
connected with diamond purchases in exchange for weapons and training in Liberia,
Sierre Leone and the Congo, working with Yair Klein


Page 291

• former Israeli Col. Yair Klein (imprisoned in Sierre Leone) who has been widely
reported to have provided weapons and training to Sierra Leone, Liberia, the
Colombian drug cartels and Al Qaeda ; and

• Simon Yelnik, Israeli arms dealer and former director of security for Zaire’s dictator
Mobutu Sese Seko;

• Ori Zoller, Israeli arms dealer, citizen and representative of Israeli Military Industries,
as well as former member of the Israeli Special Forces and intelligence.

These are just some of the people who have profited from the theft of Russian gold,
diamonds and weaponry. Their names, and their company names, should appear on a
wide range of accounts that cross the trail of this massive theft of national treasuries. A
large part of what they do is technically legal, but history demonstrates over and over that
these deals are accompanied by bribes, hidden profits and tax avoidance – and usually

At the same time these types of trades were occurring, supposed Al Qaeda agents were
accused of trading weapons for diamonds to rebel groups in Central Africa. The story is
that Al Qaeda was attempting to generate cash by selling arms received from the
Americans. Of the six alleged Al Qaeda members known to have been involved in these
trades, one of them - Pakistani Asfia Siddiqui, and the only prominent female figure in Al
Qaeda in this investigation – was considered by US intelligence to be a “fixer” for the Al
Qaeda operatives in the U.S. [“Al Qaeda bought diamonds before 9/11”, AP,
6/28/2004]. She was part of an operation that bought weapons from Bulgarian arms
distributor: Nataco Holding PLC, and moved them into Liberia. Part of that shipment
included 10 million rounds of ammunition from - guess who!

Also linked to this purported Al Qaeda connection is Aziz Nassour, a Lebanese organized
crime figure reported to have sold diamonds to Al Qaeda. His associate for this deal -
named Samih Ossaily - is his cousin, another Lebanese underworld figure. Their deal,
supposedly on behalf of Al Qaeda, was to bring arms to Liberia using a Moscow based
air cargo company named Aviatrend. However, both Aziz and Ossaily have a prior track
record of dealing of behalf of the Mossad, working with Ori Zoller and Simon Yelnik.
On prior deals, Nassour’s buyers have been arrested shortly after their dealing with
Nassour, while he remains free. These buyers were reported to be Hezbollah and AMAL
representatives, traditional enemies of Israel. It was concluded that Nassour was a
Mossad agent.

Was Asfia Siddiqui really an Al Qaeda member? In the US, what the world knows of
Asfia was that she was originally from Pakistan, an active – yet seemingly peaceful -
advocate of the Muslim religion, an MIT neurophysiologist, lived in Boston, was married
and had three children, and was abandoned by her husband. Her lawyer and family claim
they have proof that she was in the US when she is reported to have been in Central
Africa. Her parents and lawyer claim she is a victim of identity theft, as were twelve of
the individuals accused of being 9-11 hijackers. Unfortunately, she and her children have
disappeared. The questions that need to be asked to make sense of this scenario include:


Page 292

Was the real Asfia’s identity stolen by the Mossad, as were the identities of many of the
9-11 hijackers?

• Were Nassour and Ossailly tools of the Mossad, being used by the Mossad to
infiltrate the Lebanese Hezbollah?

• Was the entire diamond for weapons operation an attempt by the Mossad to establish
credibility for their undercover agents, which would enable them to infiltrate the
Lebanese underworld and their many links to Hezbollah?

• Was Asfia’s identity stolen by a Mossad agent to manage an ‘Al Qaeda/Mossad’ cell
in Boston, from which two planes in the WTC attack originated?

• Is it coincidence that Al Qaeda members are reported to ‘appear’ in Central Africa at
the same time that Meir Dagan, the master of “Mistaravim” appears in Nigeria?

The preponderance of information seems to suggest that the Central African “Al Qaeda”
link is a Mossad, false flag operation. As noted in a recent report:

"Strategically, Al Qaida diamond trade would be impossible without Israeli intelligence
complicity….For the Sharon government, the de facto financial support of Al Qaida terror around the
world, as well as Hezbollah, serves Sharon’s long-term strategy of detonating a clash of civilizations
between the West and all Islam." [The Politics of Three, Paul W Rasche]

Three additional arguments support this view: 1) Conservative Muslims do not take
orders from women, but it is common in the Israeli armed forces; 2) Israelis are strongly
motivated to “sell” to both sides of a civil war, allowing them insight into Muslim
rebellions in Central Africa; and 3) the US government states that it could never prove
that the actual Al Qaeda profited from conflict diamonds, and quickly dropped the
investigation. (Note: this would be a fifth US investigation mentioned in this report which
was stopped when it bumps into Israeli ‘players.’) This operation included the same
assortment of the dark side of the Mossad: Russian Mafiya figures, Israeli secret service,
and East European weapons manufacturers and distributors. This time however, there are
phone records that link these false Al Qaeda elements in Africa to managing supposed Al
Qaeda terrorists in Boston – a source of the attack on the World Trade Center.

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