What is web 2.0?

Many technologies are increasing the advantages about the education; many people are using different way to teaching and learning. The education is being changed for new technologies, nowadays different technologies can be the best option to convey the way to follow the technological advances, a cording with Richard Noss he said “The speed of technological innovation is becoming ever more rapid and each wave of innovation presents educator with opportunities and challenges.” (Noss) According with the information above we have to consider what the technological advantages are most frequently in our learning environment, many thing are increasing in education , every day many teachers are teaching and learning more technologies ,because that is the consequence of a good innovation in education, that technologies has enhanced learning programs ; many education program has been enhanced according with the technological innovation. The main idea of all technologies can be more productive and efficient management of information and these technologies are development in the way to convey more supporting trough the different internet application. When we talking about web 2.0, we mean the social networking, all these application have common characteristic, and offers the same service for all users. It means what many users can sharing the same information in different places or sharing another things, many advantages are changing the way to teaching and learning. This application importance is for whole communities of users, because it is a great contribution to get the best election to design our PEL. The web 2.0 includes whole transformation of learning and teaching, this mean what these technologies have been design to include in the education with supporting to convey or share many technologies.

By: Aristides Neftali Rivera Ostorga

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