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The Arctic
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Hello! Our Polar programme is all about bringing these extreme parts of our planet within reach of all those who have a love of adventure but want to enjoy the experience with a reasonable degree of comfort. The ship-based trips are “expedition cruises’’ so you can leave your ball gown and DJs behind - if you are of average fitness and have an inquisitive nature then you cannot fail to have a great time!
We have carefully chosen what we believe are the best small ship and land based trips available to the polar regions. You will enjoy a great degree of personal service from expert guides and expedition leaders and interact with the land, its wildlife and perhaps if northerly bound - its peoples. The recent documentary ‘’The Frozen Planet’’ has opened many people’s eyes to the enormous array of experiences these mostly pristine regions have to offer, and this brochure and its accompanying website, are designed to make you aware of the scope of opportunities available. Most of our clients take advantage of our tailor-made service and often include visits to other places such as South America, Australasia, Canada or Iceland – so please bear this in mind. When travelling with Discover the World you get a truly individual service as well as an industry leading pledge which provides complete peace of mind, covering as it does: financial security, travel disruption and the promise that there will be no surcharges on the price of the holiday you book, come what may. If you can’t quite find what you’re looking for in this brochure or on our website then our knowledgeable team will be more than happy to assist. You can contact us by telephone, email, post or come and visit us at our office in Banstead. We can promise you a warm and friendly welcome and you might even meet Sam, our resident chocolate Labrador!

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Polar Cruising
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Clive Stacey Managing Director and co-Founder

© Liz Lunnon


All our holidays are bound by our Terms & Conditions, which can be found on our website

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King Penguins © Michael Rodger

Our Unique Pledge
Why you should book with the experts
We believe in value for money, excellent customer service and a personal touch when planning your holiday and our friendly, knowledgeable and experienced team is on hand to help you every step of the way. At Discover the World your holiday is as important to us from the time you first get in touch, to the moment you return home.
The Specialists
We are one of the UK’s leading specialist tour operators and have been so for nearly 30 years. We know what makes a good holiday and are passionate about each of our destinations. Expert knowledge combines with a commitment to personal service and a passion for all our destinations. Our experienced Polar team are on hand to offer help and advice throughout the booking process – in person, by telephone or by email, whichever is your preference. This includes offering impartial advice on the best departure for you, as well as booking your complete holiday package, from flights and stopovers to all your voyage arrangements.

Price promise
In the unlikely event that you should find the same holiday arrangements elsewhere at a lower price, our ‘price promise’ means we will do our best to improve on it. But bear in mind, sometimes arrangements which appear the same can be very different so we ask that you forward the details of your offer to our team, either by post or email (pricechallenge@discoverthe-world.co.uk) and we shall be in touch very quickly!

Value for money
Contrary to popular belief, it is usually less expensive to book through a tour operator than to book direct on the internet – and far more straightforward! Due to our longstanding relationships with a variety of partners we can secure competitive rates, good availability and frequent special offers. When you book with us you’ll know exactly what is included and what’s not – we don’t believe in hidden extras. We make regular checks to ensure our prices remain competitive.

of what happens with Pound Sterling, world oil prices and taxes. There are no exceptions and if you are considering travelling with an alternative operator you might want to ensure you read their small print!

No surcharges
Once you have booked a holiday with Discover the World, and we have confirmed it, there will be no further increases regardless


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MS Expedition at Hinderlopen Strait, Spitsbergen © RTH Sigurdsson

Why you should book with the experts
Your money and customer rights are protected
A key benefit of booking with a UK-based specialist operator is that you are covered by very stringent British travel industry regulations and UK legislation throughout your holiday. Our air holiday packages are ATOL protected by the Civil Aviation Authority. Through our AITO (Association of Independent Tour Operators) bond, we also offer 100% financial protection for non-flight inclusive holidays, ensuring that all money paid to us is protected no matter what. We are also members of ABTA The Travel Association. (formerly the Association of British Travel Agents).

Travel disruption
We are proud of our excellent reputation for looking after our clients, without question, should the unexpected occur. Our ‘Travel Disruption Charter’ offers a simple and transparent guarantee. Our team of dedicated travel consultants will do everything possible to rearrange your trip should it be cancelled or if your outward flights cannot operate within 24 hours of the scheduled departure time due to a range of natural events. If it is not possible to re-arrange your trip, you will receive a refund of the trip cost you have paid to us. When you are on holiday, if it becomes necessary to alter or reroute your itinerary, we will make these arrangements at no additional cost to you. In the event your scheduled return flights are cancelled and it is necessary to remain in your destination, we will provide you with accommodation and

meals until such time that we or the airline can make arrangements to return you home as soon as possible. For full terms and conditions just give us a call or visit our website.

pricing is available on our website or can be obtained by calling our team of travel specialists.

Looking after you during your holiday and when you return
If there are any issues during your holiday, our 24hr assistance service is just a phone call away. And in most destinations, the aid of local agents and partners give you added peace of mind. This commitment to you does not end when you step off the aircraft; whether you have general feedback, want to discuss any aspect of your trip, recommend a restaurant, or share an unforgettable moment you’ve captured on your camera then we’re happy to hear from you.

We select our travel partners very carefully, based on the highest levels of service, value and quality and we constantly monitor their commitment to customer satisfaction. Our Polar cruises are run by specialist companies who are greatly experienced in operating within the Polar Regions and are experts in their field. Our Antarctic partners are all members of the International Association of Antarctic Tour Operators and in the Arctic are members of the Association of Arctic Expedition Cruise Operators.


Flexible pricing
In this brochure you will find an indication of the lowest price for each holiday at the time of going to press. Up-to-date


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Booking independently – an informed choice
In this day and age, it may be quite tempting to try and book your holiday independently using the Internet rather than the services of a specialist tour operator. This is of course an option, but be aware of the possible pitfalls and the potential false economy in doing so. There are various factors to take into consideration, for example assurance of quality and standards, what happens if the airline changes or cancels your flights, or the hotel room you thought you had booked becomes ‘overbooked’? What financial or consumer protection do you have and what happens if something goes wrong on holiday? You may also find that by the time you have booked all your arrangements there is little or no cost saving and you could well end up paying a lot more. Whilst of course you have a choice, these are things to take into consideration but by booking through us we can take the worry out of these eventualities by offering quality products, fully bonded and financially protected holidays with trusted ‘package holiday’ customer protection, along with peace of mind that with 24/7 round-the-clock support, we are only ever a phone call away.


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Adélie penguins © Jan Roode

Antarctic Peninsula © Liz Lunnon

Scan with your smartphone and visit our website!
Use the QR codes printed in this brochure to take you straight to our website when you scan them with your smartphone. The codes can be found on each holiday page and will link you to further information about the trip as well the current prices. You must be able to access the internet on your mobile device and it will need to be equipped with a QR code reader application, available for download at www.discover-the-world.co.uk/qr

AITO Quality Statement
Discover the World is a member of the Association 5042 of Independent Tour Operators. The Association represents Britain’s leading independent tour operators and encourages high standards of quality and service. Discover the World abides by the Association’s Code of Conduct and adheres to the AITO Quality Charter which can be viewed at www.aito.com - visit the website to find out more about the Association or call 020 8744 9280.

Planning Your Holiday
An expedition holiday to the polar regions is often a ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ experience, so it’s important to take a little time to choose your preferred itinerary. By working with a number of different operators we are able to offer a wider choice of vessels, voyage itineraries and departure dates, and are proud to offer unbiased advice to ensure your holiday is the best possible choice to meet your own specific requirements.
When to go?
Pages 9 and 15 of this brochure outline some of the main highlights of the polar summer seasons – you can opt for an early departure for pristine landing sites and plenty of ice, or travel later in the season for greater accessibility.

Visit our website or call our team of Polar Specialists
This brochure features just a taste of our favourite polar experiences, however, exciting new itineraries and special departures are introduced frequently. Our website contains a much more extensive selection of voyage and vessel options, updated regularly. You will also find pricing and detailed inclusions on our website, together with our insurance policy and full booking terms and conditions. If you can’t find what you are looking for then simply give us a call to discuss your plans and we will provide advice and recommendations to suit your requirements.

Which vessel?
The majority of our polar holidays are ship-based and a small selection of vessels can be found on pages 20-21; please refer to our website for details of the full fleet that we offer. Your choice of vessel may be based on your preferred itinerary, suitable departure dates and individual budget, as well as your preference in the style of ship itself. All of our vessels feature experienced crew, knowledgeable expedition teams and a full fleet of zodiacs.

The holiday prices in this brochure and on our website do not include international flights, however we will be happy to provide you with our best available airfares for your preferred routing and specific travel dates at the time of quoting for your holiday arrangements.

“I would have no worries in recommending your company to anyone looking to go on such an adventurous holiday in the future...”
C Parker, Crossing the Antarctic Circle


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Our Top 10 Polar Experiences
From weird and wonderful wildlife to breathtaking scenery and a fascinating history of polar exploration, the far ends of the earth offer a wealth of incredible experiences:

March of the Penguins
Photogenic, inquisitive and comical, coming face to face with penguins is a highlight of any Antarctic adventure and can provide hours of entertainment.

Sea-kayaking, Greenland © Graham Charles

Kayak through Icy Waters
To experience the spectacular scale and beauty of the polar regions from a kayak is truly unforgettable. Paddle silently past huge icebergs and enjoy a unique perspective of these remote landscapes.

Adélie Penguins © Liz Lunnon

Poles Apart
Join the world’s most powerful ice-breaker on a voyage to the North Pole, or board a memorable Twin Otter flight to the South Pole – whichever end of the earth you choose you’ll find yourself somewhere truly remote.

North Pole © John Weller


All our holidays are bound by our Terms & Conditions, which can be found on our website

Polar Bear © Quark Expeditions

In Search of Polar Bears
Top of the Arctic food chain, the mighty polar bear is the world’s largest land predator and an impressive sight to behold whether prowling the shore for prey or relaxing on an ice-floe.

In the Footsteps of Polar Legends
Whether you sail Amundsen’s elusive Northwest Passage, explore the little-visited Ross Sea region in the footsteps of Scott, or visit Shackleton’s final resting place on South Georgia, you cannot fail to be impressed by the achievements of these legendary explorers.

Cape Royds © Dan Leeth

Antarctica under Canvas
What better way to empathise with the great explorers of the past than to spend a night under canvas in this beautiful wilderness. Camping on the frozen continent offers a wonderful opportunity to connect with Antarctica in a more personal way.

King Penguin, South Georgia © Nikki Rickett

Camping in Antarctica © Quark Expeditions

Sub-Antarctic Islands Meet the Locals
A visit to an Inuit settlement in Greenland or the Canadian Arctic is a real eye-opener, offering a rare insight into how people have adapted to this harsh environment for over 1000 years. Remote and beautiful, the highlights of the Sub-Antarctic Islands include the vast king penguin colonies of South Georgia and the sheer abundance of birdlife of the NZ and Australian Sub-Antarctics.

Port Lockroy’s Living Museum
Built during World War II, Port Lockroy today is run by the UK Antarctic Heritage Trust. Visitors can learn about the rich history of this site, with proceeds from the gift shop and post office going towards conservation of Antarctica’s historic sites.

Inuit Child, Greenland © Greenland Tourist Board

Port Lockroy © Nikki Rickett

Polar Plunge
No polar expedition is complete without braving a polar plunge. Wait for the icebergs to float past before leaping into the freezing waters for a truly invigorating and memorable swim!

“The endless vistas of ice with the occasional rush of adrenalin added up to a totally unique experience...”
Joanne Stone, North Pole Voyage

Polar Plunge © Anthony Hobbs


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Walrus, Franz Josef Land © Quark Expeditions

The Arctic
A frozen ocean surrounded by continents, the Arctic attracts visitors with its breathtaking scenery, plentiful wildlife and fascinating history. Our collection of small ship voyages to this incredible region includes parts of Canada, Greenland and the Svalbard archipelago. Deep fjords, ancient glaciers and rugged mountains make up the landscape, whilst the icy Arctic Ocean is home to a startling wealth of marine life just waiting to be discovered.


Arctic Ocean
North Pole




Arctic Wildlife
The Arctic may be one of man’s most challenging environments, but many forms of life are quite at home at the edge of the inhabitable world – and can provide the highlight of any Arctic adventure. Polar Bears Most visitors to the region will hope to see the iconic polar bear, which is as at home in the sea as on land, preying on a variety of sea mammals and scavenging on whatever else is available. Now protected throughout much of their range, these majestic predators can be seen in many parts of Spitsbergen as well as northern Canada and Greenland. Seals & Walrus A rich marine environment provides sustenance for bearded, ringed and harp seals. Walrus are often spotted resting on ice floes or offshore islands, particularly Moffen Island north of Spitsbergen, and make excellent photographic subjects. Whales The northern oceans are particularly rich in cetaceans, and it is here that beluga, narwhal and the rare Greenland whale can be observed. Other species, such as orca, grey, minke, blue and humpback can also be seen in different parts of the Arctic. Land Mammals The Arctic fox can often be seen patrolling the base of bird cliffs, awaiting a free meal as it feasts on chicks and eggs. Arctic hares and lemmings graze the fragile tundra along with musk oxen and reindeer. A small population of wolves inhabits northeast Greenland, but it is in Arctic Canada that they are in their element. Bird Life Huge numbers of wildfowl and waders visit the region each summer, nesting in the tundra. Spectacular sea cliffs are the breeding ground for millions of pairs of guillemots, puffins, kittiwakes and fulmars, while little auks, ivory gulls and skuas each have their own preferred nesting sites.


All our holidays are bound by our Terms & Conditions, which can be found on our website

When to Travel?
(early summer)
The start of the season and the most adventurous time to travel Midnight sun Longer hours of daylight for spotting wildlife Arctic flora blooming

Where to travel?
Spitsbergen & Svalbard
Expedition voyages focus on the stunning scenery, history and wildlife of the largest island in the Svalbard archipelago. As the season progresses, the ice breaks up and full circumnavigation is possible, offering excellent opportunities for spotting polar bear and walrus.

(high summer)
Birds breeding optimising chances of encountering large numbers Warmest month Belugas in Hudson Bay

Explore the largely untouched and rugged coastline of Greenland. This land of epic proportions features the world’s longest fjord, largest national park and the highest peak north of the Arctic Circle, as well as a fascinating indigenous culture. Voyages depart from Iceland, Spitsbergen and Canada.

August & September
(late summer)
Region is most accessible as pack ice has largely broken up (some routes can never be guaranteed) Light is softer and generally better for photographic purposes

High Arctic & the North Pole
The Arctic waters above Canada offer magnificent wildlife sightings, including the distinctive beluga whale, and an insight into Inuit culture. Our voyages follow in the footsteps of the early explorers, even venturing all the way through the frozen Arctic Ocean to the North Pole.

October & November
(no voyages available)
Polar bears gather near Churchill, Canada, awaiting the winter freeze

For those specifically interested in seeing polar bears we offer a selection of land-based holidays to Churchill in Northern Canada. View these powerful predators from the safety of a specially designed tundra-buggy, enjoying excellent photographic opportunities.

Images Arctic Fox © RTH Sigurdsson; Inuit child © Lars Reimers; North Pole © Quark Expeditions; Polar Bear © Robert Taylor

Our view
T ake a moment to listen to the Arctic... cruising through calm fjords surrounded by majestic mountains and glaciers it's so quiet, all you can hear is the sound of thin ice cracking beneath your zodiac - and the occasional grunt of a walrus!

Greenland © Oversnap

Greenland © Graham Charles/Image Matters Photography


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Hornsund, Spitsbergen © Quark Expeditions

Around Spitsbergen
The aim of this expedition is to deliver the complete Spitsbergen experience, circumnavigating the Svalbard archipelago’s largest island. With superb wildlife encounters on offer, this voyage also delivers unparalleled photographic opportunities with spectacular scenery throughout. During your expedition voyage you are likely to sail magnificent fjords, cruise in Zodiacs past towering sea cliffs and encounter polar bears and walrus in their natural habitat.

Fact File
Expedition voyage 7-10 nights Jun-Aug Who for? Those looking for an introduction to the Arctic’s wildlife and scenery Prices from around £3,089 per person (twin cabin)

Chance to see polar bears and walrus in their natural habitat Zodiac cruising past glaciers and ice-floes Informative presentations and lectures by knowledgeable Expedition Team Optional kayaking on selected departures Visit fascinating historic and scientific sites

The Route
Greenland Sea

Kvitoya Phippsoya


n St it ra

Alkefjellet Ny-Alesund






Scan with your smartphone for more information about this itinerary - see page 5 for details.


All our holidays are bound by our Terms & Conditions, which can be found on our website

Hi nl e op

The Itinerary
This itinerary is intended as a guideline only all polar voyages are dependent on sea, ice and weather conditions, and a degree of flexibility is an essential part of polar travel. The chance of circumnavigation is higher later in the season, when the ice has melted and more channels are open. Early departures are better for those wanting to see the region’s rich birdlife and to experience large ice-floes. Day 1 Longyearbyen Time at leisure before embarkation in the early afternoon. Enjoy your first view of Spitsbergen’s rugged, glacier-topped mountains, rising majestically from icy Arctic waters. Day 2-7 Spitsbergen Coast Over the next few days your Expedition team will take advantage of local ice and weather conditions to explore the highlights of Spitsbergen, as you attempt to circumnavigate the island. Popular attractions include the following: 14th of July Glacier enjoy a Zodiac cruise along the face of this glacier, and search for Arctic foxes, kittiwakes and Brunnich’s guillemots among the nearby cliffs. Barentsoya visit an old trapper’s hut and enjoy a brisk walk across the tundra in search of Spitsbergen reindeer and barnacle geese. Bourbonhamna the narrow sound near Bourbonhamna is a favoured route of majestic beluga whales. Hinlopen Strait here you may find bearded and ringed seals, polar bears and ivory gulls. Visit the bird cliffs of Alkefjellet, where spectacular basalt pillars rise hundreds of metres towards an overhanging ice cap. Hornsund this impressive region boasts a stunning landscape of towering mountain peaks, the highest reaching 1,431 metres. The 14 magnificent glaciers offer very good chances of spotting seals and polar bears. Krossfjorden located along the west coast of Spitsbergen, this is a great place to keep a look out for bearded seals. Lagoya lying northeast of Spitsbergen, this island boasts a lagoon where walrus congregate in large numbers and Sabine’s gulls may also be seen. Liefdefjorden walk on the tundra observing pink-footed geese as well as common and possibly king eiders. Once into the fjord, there is a spectacular opportunity to cruise along the 5 km face of the Monaco Glacier. Nordaustlandet this large island offers the opportunity to explore the polar desert and walk along a stunning coastline looking out for walrus and the rare Greenland whale. Ny Alesund the world’s most northerly settlement is now a research centre as well as a breeding ground for barnacle geese, pink-footed geese and Arctic tern. Phippsoya the most northerly point of the voyage at 81°N and a mere 540 miles from the geographic North Pole. Sightings of polar bear or Ross gull are possible here. Day 8 Longyearbyen You will disembark in Longyearbyen this morning. Please note our 11 and 13 day itineraries will allow for more indepth exploration of Spitsbergen.

Also consider
Spitsbergen Explorer (10-night voyage) Spitsbergen Family Safari (7-night voyage) Spitsbergen Snowshoeing Adventure (10-night voyage) Spitsbergen to East Greenland (13/14-night voyage) Greenland Northern Lights (13-night voyage)
For full details including departure dates, prices and vessel options, as well as international airfares, please refer to our website or give us a call!

“The enthusiasm and knowledge of the Expedition Team and ship’s crew enabled us to see and understand so much of this amazing environment”
Mr & Mrs Dewey, Around Spitsbergen

© Dennis Bromage

© Raymond Platts


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© A Nachoun

The Arctic: Best of the Rest...
The Arctic encompasses a variety of land masses as well as the Arctic Ocean itself. Latitude 90° north – the North Pole – lies in the heart of this frozen ocean and can be reached on an epic ice-breaker voyage, a unique experience as the specially-designed vessel crashes through pack ice several metres thick.
The High Arctic refers to regions of Canada that lie within the Arctic Circle, particularly its northernmost islands including Baffin and Ellesmere Islands. The waters of the High Arctic are legendary – many brave men lost their lives in search of the fabled Northwest Passage before a route was finally successfully navigated by Amundsen. The region is also home to a number of Inuit communities and the chance to experience the indigenous way of life is a real highlight of any Arctic holiday. The other big draw for most visitors to the Arctic is the chance to see the mighty polar bear in its natural habitat. The largest land predators on earth, polar bears are regularly sighted during Arctic voyages but it is the remote Canadian town of Churchill, Manitoba, that is perhaps best known for its exceptional viewing opportunities. Observing the bears from the safety of a Tundra Buggy makes for a truly memorable wildlife encounter. This brochure features just a small selection of Arctic holidays - you can view our full collection of itineraries on our website. Our team of polar specialists are on hand to offer advice and assist you in choosing the best holiday to suit your individual requirements. We can also arrange international flights from the UK. Please note that the itineraries opposite are intended as a guideline only; polar holidays will be dependent on weather, ice and sea conditions.

Scan with your smartphone for more information about these itineraries - see page 5 for details.


All our holidays are bound by our Terms & Conditions, which can be found on our website


© Jo Cooper

Ittoqqortoormiit © Jo Cooper

Greenland & Wild Labrador
Day 1 Toronto-Kangerlussuaq-Søndre Strømfjord start your adventure with a cruise through one of the longest fjords in the world. Day 2 Evighedsfjorden & Kangaamiut explore scenic Evighedsfjorden and meet the locals in colourful Kangaamiut. Day 3-4 Nuuk & Monumental Island visit Nuuk, the world’s smallest capital city before exploring Frobisher Bay in search of polar bear, walrus and whale. Day 5 Kangiqsualujjuaq meet with local Inuit families. Day 6-7 Torngat Mountains uncover a wealth of geological and historical wonders in this beautiful national park. Days 8-10 Hebron, Okak & Hopedale learn about the tragic past of longabandoned communities. Day 11 Mealy Mountains this vast national park is home to moose, black bear, osprey, bald eagles and harlequin duck, as well as seal, whales and dolphins. Day 12 L’Anse aux Meadows & Conche explore the only authenticated Viking settlement in North America. Days 13-14 Botwood & St John’s, Newfoundland visit the scenic port town of Botwood before disembarkation in St John’s, Newfoundland’s historic, vibrant capital.

Torngat Mountains © Dennis Minty

Fact File

Expedition voyage

13 nights


Prices from around £4,835 per person (twin cabin)

Polar Bear Kingdom
Day 1 Winnipeg enjoy a welcome reception this evening on arrival in Winnipeg. Day 2 Winnipeg-Churchill explore Winnipeg before flying to Churchill with the rest of the group. Enjoy a hosted welcome dinner tonight. Day 3 Churchill take a full day tundra buggy tour in search of polar bears and other wildlife. Day 4 Churchill enjoy a guided tour of Churchill and time at leisure to explore this frontier town. Day 5 Churchill-Winnipeg experience a second full-day tundra buggy tour in search of polar bears. Enjoy a farewell dinner with the group this evening before flying back to Winnipeg. Day 6 Winnipeg depart for the airport after breakfast.

© Robert Taylor

Fact File

Wildlife holiday

5 nights


Prices from around £2,599 per person (twin share)

North Pole Voyage
Day 1 Helsinki, Finland spend a prevoyage night at a centrally located hotel. Day 2 embarkation, Murmansk fly from Helsinki to Murmansk, Russia, to embark the world’s largest and most powerful ice-breaker. Days 3-7 At Sea watch from the deck or ship’s helicopter as this mighty vessel breaks through the pack ice. You may also spot seabirds and whales as you forge north. Day 8 the North Pole, 90° North enjoy the memorable and rare opportunity to stand on top of the world, as you arrive at 90° North! Day 9 At Sea make your way back south through the icy waters of the Arctic Ocean. Days 10-12 Franz Josef Land explore this archipelago comprised of 191 islands - Franz Josef Land is a naturalist’s paradise. During your time here you may spot polar bears, walrus, arctic fox, seals and belugas. Day 13 Murmansk-Helsinki disembark in Murmansk and fly to Helsinki for a final night’s hotel accommodation Day 14 Helsinki depart Finland today.

© Quark Expeditions

Fact File

Expedition voyage

13 nights


Prices from around £15,310 per person (twin cabin)


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Clipper Adventurer in Sea Ice © Liz Lunnon


From its extraordinary wildlife and breathtaking scenery to the relics of a fascinating history of science and exploration, the vast ‘White Continent’ of Antarctica has undeniable appeal. This immense landmass lies under a permanent cover of ice and snow, and features dramatic mountain ranges cut by ancient glaciers that spill out into a spectacular coastline. An expedition voyage into the world’s last true wilderness area is like no other holiday on earth.


South Pole

Ross Sea

Antarctic wildlife
During the winter Antarctica lies in darkness, a frozen world locked in the grip of some of the lowest ever recorded temperatures. But with the arrival of spring, melting sea-ice frees the oceans and islands that surround the continent and the region comes alive with marine mammals and seabirds. Penguins With no land predators the inimitable penguin is naturally both confident and curious, and provides endless entertainment for spectators. On a typical voyage to the Antarctic Peninsula you can expect to visit enormous rookeries of gentoo, chinstrap and Adélie penguins. King and macaroni penguins are found on the Sub-Antarctic Islands, whilst South Georgia is famed for its vast colony of eye-catching king penguins. The largest of all, the emperor penguin, is the only species to nest on the sea ice and is also the most elusive. Seabirds Whilst individual albatross of several species are often observed at sea, it is something else to see huge numbers of these magnificent birds at their island breeding sites, on the Sub-Antarctics. Cape and storm petrels also come ashore to breed, often in vast colonies. Antarctic terns, kelp gulls, skuas, sheathbills and blue-eyed shags can also all be observed. Seals Five seal species - the Antarctic fur, Weddell, elephant, leopard and crabeater seal are all regularly observed on expedition voyages, most often hauled out on ice floes or beaches, where they make appealing subjects for photography. Whales An impressive list of cetaceans frequent the southern oceans. Around the Peninsula humpback whales are often observed lunge feeding near the surface or breaching. Fin and sei whales occasionally make an appearance while the more numerous minke whale is likely to be encountered near the pack ice. On previous voyages Discover the World clients have been lucky enough to witness pods of around fifty orcas near South Georgia.


All our holidays are bound by our Terms & Conditions, which can be found on our website

When to Travel?
The Antarctic region is spectacular throughout the austral summer months but each period has its own highlights.

(late spring)
The start of the season; landing sites are at their most pristine Penguin courtship rituals and nest building Elephant seals actively courting on South Georgia Spring flowers in bloom on the Falkland Islands Emperor penguins on the frozen Weddell Sea

Minke Whale © Michael Rodger

December & January
(high summer)
Penguin chicks hatch first in the Falklands and South Georgia, followed by the Antarctic Peninsula The mildest months and longest hours of daylight Seal pups on South Georgia Christmas and New Year with a difference!

February & March
(late summer)
Whale watching is at its best Penguin colonies very active with mischievous chicks Receding ice allows for easier exploration Fur seals most commonly seen on the Peninsula Young fur seals very playful on South Georgia

Where to travel?
Antarctic Peninsula & South Shetland Islands
Expedition cruises offer a comprehensive introduction to the rugged scenery and abundant wildlife of the stunning Peninsula region. Most depart and end in Ushuaia, Argentina, and a fly-in/cruise option is also available.

Port Lockroy © Amanda Kent

South Georgia & The Falkland Islands
Combine wildlife-rich South Georgia, site of Shackleton’s final resting place and home to countless king penguins, with the wild beauty of the Falkland Islands. Voyages from Ushuaia also take in the spectacular Antarctic Peninsula.

Sub-Antarctic Islands & The Ross Sea
Visit the historic huts of legendary Polar explorers and discover dramatic natural highlights on epic voyages to the Antarctic continent departing from New Zealand or Australia. Also encounter the prolific wildlife of the SubAntarctic Islands.

© Dan Leeth

Our view
Make the most every second you can spend on deck - spot penguins porpoising through the water, the changing light reflecting off icebergs, and experience an overwhelming sense of the sheer scale of the Antarctic landscape under the midnight sun. You can sleep when you get back home!
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Antarctic Interior & the South Pole
Flying from Punta Arenas, Chile, join the privileged few to have experienced the harsh yet beautiful interior of the continent. Discover awe-inspiring mountain ranges, endless polar plateaus and treacherous crevasse fields.

Images above © Liz Lunnon; George Tivey; Orion Expeditions & ANI


01737 218 800 15

Portal Point © Liz Lunnon

Classic Antarctica
This adventurous voyage offers the perfect introduction to the abundant wildlife, fascinating history and spectacular scenery of the Great White Continent. Departing and finishing in the port of Ushuaia, Argentina, your route will include highlights of the Antarctic Peninsula and the South Shetland Islands, the most easily accessible part of Antarctica.

Fact File
Expedition voyage 9-12 nights Nov-Mar Who for? Those wanting a fascinating variety of wildlife, scenery and Antarctic history Prices from around £3,645 per person (twin cabin)

Chance to see penguins, seals, whales and pelagic birds Zodiac cruising amongst immense icebergs Informative presentations and lectures by knowledgeable Expedition Team Optional kayaking, camping, mountaineering and cross-country skiing on selected departures Frequent departures and a wide choice of vessels

The Route

Drake Passage

Anvers Island Antarctic Peninsula South Shetland Islands

Weddell Sea

Scan with your smartphone for more information about this itinerary - see page 5 for details.


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“I cannot put into words how incredibly lucky and privileged we feel for having experienced Antarctica. I would like to thank you all at DTW for making our trip the ‘once in a lifetime’… IT WAS FANTASTIC!”
Diane Watling, Epic Antarctica

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The Itinerary
Day 1 Ushuaia, Argentina Time at leisure to explore the frontier town of Ushuaia. Overnight at a hotel. Day 2 depart Ushuaia Board your ship late afternoon and set sail down the Beagle Channel. Days 3-4 Drake Passage Though renowned for its rough waters, the Drake Passage also provides excellent opportunities for spotting seabirds. Days 5-10 South Shetland Islands and Antarctic Peninsula The first glimpse of ice leaves you in no doubt that you’ve arrived in Antarctica! Many factors play a role in shaping the expedition’s progress, including sea, ice and weather conditions, but the aim is to leave the ship to explore on foot or by zodiac at least twice a day. Highlights may include the following: Deception Island sailing through the narrow passage known as Neptune’s Bellows into the huge flooded caldera of this submerged volcano is quite thrilling. Gerlache Strait boasting awe-inspiring scenery and a rich variety of wildlife, you may expect to encounter gentoo, chinstrap and Adélie penguins. Half Moon Island an excellent wildlife location where chinstrap and gentoo penguins, blue-eyed shags, sheathbills and maybe Weddell seals can be seen. Neumayer and Lemaire Channels these narrow passages between towering rock faces and spectacular glaciers are simply breathtaking. Paradise Bay the calm waters of the bay feature many sculptured icebergs, calved from a backdrop of shimmering glaciers. Petermann Island this southerly landing point is home to colonies of nesting Adélie penguins and blue-eyed shags, while at Pleneau Island 3-4 ton elephant seals haul out on flat rocks or ice-floes. Port Lockroy this former British scientific research station is now a fascinating museum as well as home to a friendly gentoo colony. A larger gentoo colony of nearly 5,000 pairs can be found on Cuverville Island. South Shetland Islands lying off the Peninsula these are home to mosses, lichens and Antarctica’s only two flowering plants, as well as huge numbers of nesting penguins and wallowing elephant seals. Weddell Sea the northern tip of the Peninsula, through the Antarctic Sound edging into the Weddell Sea is often referred to as ‘iceberg alley’ due to the mammoth tabular slabs of ice drifting through it. Days 11-12 Drake Passage A series of lectures and films will keep you entertained on your return voyage. Day 13 Ushuaia Disembark your ship this morning and transfer to the airport in Ushuaia. Please note our 10, 11 and 12 day itineraries spend less time exploring the Antarctic Peninsula or do not include the pre-voyage night accommodation in Ushuaia.

Also consider
Crossing the Antarctic Circle (13/14-night voyage) Peninsula Fly-In (6/7-night voyage) Weddell Sea Explorer (13-night voyage)
For full details including departure dates, prices and vessel options, as well as international airfares, please refer to our website or give us a call!


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Mawson’s Hut © Orion Expeditions

South Georgia © Nikki Rickett

Snares Island © Orion Expeditions

Antarctica: Best of the Rest...
Beyond the Antarctic Peninsula the Great White Continent has much to offer. The little-visited Ross Sea region is accessible from New Zealand or Australia, and is home to fascinating historic sites made famous by early explorers such as Scott and Shackleton. Visit the huts of these legendary men, marvel at the scale of the vast Ross Ice Shelf and catch a glimpse of smoke from volcanic Mt. Erebus.
En route to the Ross Sea an exploration of the SubAntarctic Islands reveals a staggering wealth of birdlife, with over half the world’s seabirds and half the world’s penguin species resident here. Similarly the islands of South Georgia and the Falklands are renowned for exceptional wildlife spotting opportunities, including colonies of rockhopper, macaroni, magellanic and gentoo penguins; elephant seals, sea lions and black-browed albatross, cormorants, petrels and the striated caracara, one of the world’s rarest birds of prey. Perhaps most impressive of all is the vast king penguin colony at Salisbury Plain, South Georgia, a truly awe-inspiring sight. The Antarctic interior offers a total contrast to the wildlife-rich coastal regions; here you will find an endless landscape of dramatic mountain peaks, vast ice streams and glaciers, nunatuks and crevasses… Dazzlingly beautiful and like nowhere else on earth, these are views to last a lifetime. This brochure features just a small selection of Antarctic and Sub-Antarctic holidays - you can view our full collection of itineraries on our website. Our team of polar specialists are on hand to offer advice and assist you in choosing the best holiday to suit your individual requirements. We can also arrange international flights from the UK and extensions in Latin America. Please note that the itineraries opposite are intended as a guideline only; polar holidays will be dependent on weather, ice and sea conditions.

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All our holidays are bound by our Terms & Conditions, which can be found on our website

Peninsula, Falklands & South Georgia
Day 1 Ushuaia, Argentina time at leisure in Ushuaia. Overnight at a hotel. Day 2 depart Ushuaia board the ship late afternoon and set sail down the Beagle Channel. Day 3 at sea time to attend informative presentations by the Expedition Team. Days 4-5 Falkland Islands shore landings give the opportunity to hike and socialise with the local residents, including southern sea lions, elephant seals and magellanic, gentoo, rockhopper and king penguins. Days 6-11 Southern Ocean and South Georgia cross the Southern Ocean and witness the towering peaks of South Georgia approach. Landings are planned at king penguin rookeries, abandoned whaling stations and the grave of Shackleton at Grytviken. Days 12-17 South Shetland Islands and Antarctic Peninsula explore the iconic landmarks of the Peninsula perhaps including Deception Island, the Lemaire Channel, Neko Harbour and Paradise Bay. Days 18-19 Drake Passage cross this well-known body of water enjoying onboard lectures and presentations. Day 20 Ushuaia disembark in Ushuaia.

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Fact File

Expedition voyage

18-19 nights


Prices from around £7,865 per person (twin cabin)

Ross Sea Voyage
Day 1 Bluff, New Zealand set sail from Bluff Day 2 At Sea Day 3 Auckland Islands visit an abandoned Maori settlement, a German expedition observation point and a WWII coast watching station. Day 4 At Sea Day 5 Macquarie Island designated a World Heritage Site in 1997, Macquarie Island is home to royal, king, rockhopper and gentoo penguins and elephant seals. Days 6-9 At Sea crossing the Southern Ocean you will be able to enjoy a number of presentations by your experienced Expedition Team. Days 10-14 Ross Sea Region an incredible few days exploring the Ross Sea may include visits to Scott’s Terra Nova Hut at Cape Evans, Shackleton’s Hut at Cape Royds, Inexpressible Island and a number of Adélie penguin rookeries. Days 15-18 At Sea Day 19 Campbell Island thousands of pairs of Royal Albatross and Black Browed Mollymawk call this rocky volcanic island home. Day 20 Snares Islands the closest subAntarctic islands to New Zealand are covered with wind-beaten forests of tree daisies. Day 21 Bluff disembark in Bluff

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Fact File

Expedition voyage

20 nights


Prices from around £12,270 per person (twin cabin)

Antarctic Odyssey
Day 1 Punta Arenas, Chile - Antarctica depart on the 4.5 hour flight to Antarctica. After a unique landing on a blue ice runway you will be transferred to Union Glacier Camp to enjoy a special welcome meal. Days 2-7 Union Glacier Camp, Antarctica Enjoy an orientation of Union Glacier, with a full briefing on logistics, environmental and safety considerations and a guide to the intricacies of daily life in Antarctica. During your week at Union Glacier Camp you can take part in a wide range of activities including snowmobile tours, cross country skiing, navigation lessons, photography classes, weather observations with the meteorologist, rope handling skills, a scenic flight and even an overnight camping trip in the icy wilderness. Make sure you also take time to enjoy the solitude of Antarctica’s incredible landscape, the most isolated continent on earth. Day 8 Antarctica - Punta Arenas fly back over the ice to Punta Arenas.


Fact File

Land based adventure

6-7 nights


Prices from around £13,970 per person (twin share)


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The Vessels
Polar expedition voyages use special ice-strengthened vessels and icebreakers to reach areas that are inaccessible to normal cruise ships. These vessels are often former scientific research ships which have been converted to offer comfortable accommodation and provide a relaxed atmosphere. Our voyages utilise small ships with a maximum of around 150 passengers. Small groups allow for a more personal experience, with maximum time on shore and minimal impact on sensitive and vulnerable environments.
By working with a number of different voyage operators we are able to offer a wider choice of vessels and itineraries, to suit all requirements – whether you want a smaller ship for a more intimate experience, a simple budget-conscious option or 5* luxury in the ice, we can help. Some itineraries are specific to a certain vessel while others offer a choice of ships. How you prioritise your requirements (passenger numbers, level of accommodation, time of year and price) may greatly influence which ship you choose. Cabins range from simply furnished bunk bedded cabins to spacious, well-appointed staterooms. Almost all enjoy exterior views. Superior cabins and suites are available on most ships, along with triple cabins and sole occupancy options. All of our vessels feature experienced crew, knowledgeable expedition teams and a full fleet of zodiacs.

Images © RTH Sigurdsson, Quark Expeditions, Pam Forrest, Orion Expeditions, Andrew Prossin & G Adventures


All our holidays are bound by our Terms & Conditions, which can be found on our website

Ice-Strengthened Vessels
Ice-strengthened vessels have specially reinforced hulls to ensure safe passage through polar waters. Unlike ice-breakers, they have a v-shaped hull which offers a smoother ride through open seas. Most of our vessels fall into this category and as such there are a wide range of voyage itineraries available on these ships.

Antarctic Dream
80 passengers Excellent panoramic viewing lounge Friendly Chilean crew

106 passengers Elegant and luxurious Sails in the Ross Sea region only

Akademik Ioffe
109 passengers Optional activities include kayaking and camping On-board personal fitness trainer and a massage therapist

Sea Spirit
120 passengers Superior expedition vessel for cruising in comfort All cabins offer external views and lower berths

MS Expedition
124 passengers Excellent value for money Spacious cabins and ample outside viewing decks

Icebreaker Vessels
Icebreakers are specially designed so that the bow rises over the ice and then breaks through it with the downward pressure of its immense weight. As such, voyages on these vessels enable you to travel further and into less accessible places and they are also equipped with helicopters for aerial-sightseeing.
Kapitan Dranitsyn
100 passengers Explores remote Arctic regions inaccessible to other ships Homely lounge and cabins ensure you can enjoy adventure in comfort

50 Years of Victory
128 passengers The largest, most sophisticated, and powerful icebreaker ever constructed Sails to the North Pole only

This is just a small selection of the ships we can offer; please contact us or refer to our website for details of our full fleet, including facilities, cabin options and deck plans of each individual vessel.


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Hinderlopen Strait, Spitsbergen © RTH Sigurdsson

About Polar Cruising
Life on board
Whilst the vessels, operators and itineraries may differ, many features are common to all polar cruises. Below is an overview of what to expect from your voyage experience - should you require further information, please contact our team of polar experts.
Onboard Experts & Passengers
Your fellow passengers are mixed nationality and typically comprised of couples, friends and single travellers in their thirties to sixties, but it is not unusual for passengers to be younger or older than this. Everyone aboard is passionate about experiencing these amazing polar landscapes and friendships form very naturally. Each trip has an expedition leader supported by a team of experts ranging from historians to guest lecturers, who may be specialists in a particular field. Experienced and enthusiastic, they are all happy to share their knowledge with visitors. There is generally no organised programme of social activities but all ships have a bar and lounge. An unofficial ‘open bridge’ policy provides the opportunity to watch the ship’s crew negotiate icy waters. Other facilities vary from ship to ship. the exact itinerary and shore landings on a daily basis, according to the conditions.

In Polar Regions the weather is always an unknown factor and is usually very changeable. Temperatures will be low, though it may not be as cold as you might expect. The range is usually between –15°C and +4°C. The summer average is around 0°C but on calm sunny days it can feel a lot warmer. Wet, windy weather must also be expected from time to time.

Daily Programme
The expedition team will aim to include as many Zodiac excursions as possible (shore landings and iceberg cruises by small rigid inflatable boat), with up to three or four excursions per day if conditions permit. Activities onboard the ship may include lectures, documentary videos and wildlife watching.

Flexible Itinerary
In these parts of the world the weather, sea ice and tides all play a big part in determining the actual itinerary. Flexibility is key and all passengers must accept that the captain and expedition leader will decide


All our holidays are bound by our Terms & Conditions, which can be found on our website

© RTH Sigurdsson

© RTH Sigurdsson

© Orion Expeditions

International chefs accompany each voyage. Given the restricted availability of fresh ingredients, they do a marvellous job of producing varied and interesting menus (interspersed with delicious cakes, pastries and other goodies). If you are vegetarian, or have any special dietary requirements, it is usually possible to cater for your needs, but please ask us at the time of booking.

Health & Fitness
All passengers must be in good health since the voyages take place in remote areas without access to sophisticated medical facilities. Shore landings will involve using Zodiacs, climbing in and out of which requires a certain amount of agility, therefore the voyages are not suitable for people with mobility problems or serious health issues. If you’re unsure about whether a trip is right for you, please speak to our team.

Sea Conditions
On many voyages time is spent in the open sea, which can become quite rough. We advise you to visit your doctor or pharmacist for the most effective medication; natural remedies include a good supply of ginger biscuits! The captain and crew are extremely experienced in navigating safely in polar seas. In addition, the vessels are equipped with all necessary safety equipment. The Zodiacs are operated following strict safety guidelines and life-vests are worn at all times during Zodiac excursions.

Equipment & Clothing
A comprehensive clothing and kit list will be sent to you once you have booked your holiday, but think practical and comfortable - the layering principle is a great place to start. Sensible, warm and windproof outdoor clothing is essential, along with thermal underwear and a breathable waterproof jacket and trousers. For footwear, Wellington boots are most appropriate for shore landings, while trainers or comfortable shoes/boots cover most other eventualities onboard. Some voyages provide a parka (yours to keep on specific voyages) and use of wellies for the duration.


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Kayaking in Antarctica © Aaron Lawton

Adventure Options
Available on selected itineraries, the following adventure options will give your voyage a memorable twist. Specialist equipment is provided and you will be accompanied by experienced guides. Please be aware that spaces are very limited and pre-booking is essential.

Spend a night under the midnight sun, sleeping on the snow and listening to the creaking of glaciers and icebergs whilst icy waves lap at the shore. Available in Antarctica only, this is the perfect opportunity to enjoy the unique soundtrack of the Polar Regions.

Sea Kayaking
Paddling past brash ice admiring the reflections of mountains and glaciers in the still water, this unique experience offers the chance to enjoy breathtaking scenery and marine life close up. Previous experience of kayaking is compulsory; this option is available in both the Arctic and Antarctica.

If gazing up at spectacular Antarctic mountain ranges is not enough, you can always put your climbing skills to the test and try ascending one of the beautiful peaks of the Peninsula. Previous experience is preferred and you must be in excellent health.

Cross-Country Skiing
Cross-country skiing in Antarctica enables you to travel quickly and quietly under your own power, while gaining a sense of early polar exploration. Previous experience is not necessary, but you must be in good physical condition.

For further details please visit our website or contact our team.

Images © Quark Expeditions & Paul Johnston


All our holidays are bound by our Terms & Conditions, which can be found on our website

Responsible Tourism in the Polar Regions
Responsible tourism is about finding a balance between minimising our impact on the environment, both physical and social, yet not losing the ability to open minds and educate through new experiences.
The Polar Regions have long inspired fascination and wonder. For the intrepid early explorers it was the desire to conquer unknown frontiers, while the adventurous travellers of today go to experience the rugged beauty of the most remote regions on the planet. Rather than having a negative impact on the environment, we believe that when operated responsibly, tourism to the Polar Regions can help to raise awareness of the issues facing our planet. Visitors to these regions come away with an enhanced sense of the value of the natural world and become more aware in everyday life of ways to help preserve this legacy.

Discover the World is committed to working with leading travel partners in the conservation of the delicate Polar Regions – therefore we only work with IAATO or AECO accredited voyage operators.

Discover the World is also proud to support the following polar charities:
Scott Polar Research Institute Part of the University of Cambridge, SPRI was formed in 1920 as a memorial to Captain Scott and his colleagues and is now a well-known centre for polar research investigating environmental and social issues relating to the Arctic and Antarctic. The Friends of SPRI offer practical and financial support to the Institute. For further information or to find out how to become a Friend of SPRI please see www.spri.cam.ac.uk Antarctic Heritage Trust Preserving the heritage of human endeavour in the Antarctic is the purpose of this coalition between trusts in the UK and New Zealand. The principle aim of the UKAHT is to conserve Britain’s history of exploration and scientific research in Antarctica and support the New Zealand trust in conservation of the historic huts in the Ross Sea region, including those used by Scott and Shackleton. The Trust also operates the historic base, post office and gift shop at Port Lockroy. For further information please see www.ukaht.org

IAATO IAATO is the International Association of Antarctica Tour Operators, a member organisation founded in 1991 to advocate, promote and practice safe and environmentally responsible private-sector travel to the Antarctic. For further information please see www.iaato.org AECO AECO is the Association of Arctic Expedition Cruise Operators, founded in 2003 to ensure that expedition cruises and tourism in the Arctic is carried out with the utmost consideration for the vulnerable, natural environment, local cultures and cultural remains, as well as the challenging safety hazards at sea and on land. For further information please see www.aeco.no

Full details of Discover the World’s commitment to responsible tourism can be found at: discover-the-world.co.uk/responsibletourism

Port Lockroy © Pam Forrest

Inuit Boys © H Varey


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Iguazu Falls, Argentina © Kallpa Tours

Flights and Extensions
Flights are not included in the prices shown for our Antarctic and Arctic voyages. This is because many of our clients prefer to choose their own flight route to include a stopover on the way, or to extend their stay before or after the voyage. For this reason we quote all flight and any additional ground arrangements required on an individual basis. Our specialist team are on hand to advise you of your options and put together the best itinerary to suit your needs.

Passport & Visa Information No visas are required by British subjects (being “Citizen of the United Kingdom”), or any citizen of an EC country, Australia, New Zealand, Canada or the United States (check eligibility under USA visa waiver programme at www.usembassy.org.uk) for the majority of destinations mentioned in this brochure.

The Airlines Our preferred airlines are detailed below, though for our long-haul destinations a variety of routes and fares are often available. This not only provides scope for each of our clients to choose the best route to suit them, but also allows total flexibility to include stopovers along the way, or the most direct routings if time is limited. SAS operate flights to Spitsbergen, via Oslo, while flights to and from Iceland are with Icelandair and routes to Canada are generally with Air Canada. For Antarctic voyages, British Airways is the only airline to fly direct from the UK to Buenos Aires, which can also be reached with Iberia via Madrid.

LAN Airlines and Aerolineas Argentinas operate flights within Argentina and Chile. For Australasian routes we largely use the services of Air New Zealand, Emirates and British Airways/Qantas. Upgrades Why not treat yourself and make the journey part of your overall holiday experience by travelling in premium economy or business class? Offering greater space and comfort, you can enjoy a more relaxing start to your holiday and arrive at your destination feeling refreshed. Extending your Stay Many of our Polar holidays connect through cities such as Buenos Aires, Santiago, Hobart,

Auckland, Oslo, Reykjavik, Toronto or Ottawa – to name just a few! What better way to begin or end your holiday than to contrast time spent in the wilderness with a couple of nights stay in a vibrant city? If time permits you may even wish to enjoy a more extensive exploration of your country of embarkation. Please refer to our website for our full range of land-based holidays and extensions throughout Latin America, Australasia, Canada and the Nordic regions, order our dedicated New Zealand, Canada or Iceland & Greenland brochures, or contact our team of experts for in-depth advice and a bespoke quotation.

The exceptions are Russia and Australia. Our team will be happy to offer advice accordingly.


All our holidays are bound by our Terms & Conditions, which can be found on our website

The Arctic
Great Slave Lake

The Arctic

Dawson Fort Yukon

C.Lisburne Point Hope



Ko l y


k enzie
Beaufor t Sea C.Bathurst

Chukchi Wrangell Sea Island Pt. Barrow Barrow

M.Shelagskiy East Siberian Sea






Al da n

L e n a

V il

Great Bear Lake

y u y



Ellesmere Island Lincoln Sea Foxe Basin
Qaanaaq (Thule)

t E

t xten



Baffin Iisland

Baffin Bay
Kong Fredrick VIII Land

Franz Josef Land


Hudson Bay


Banks Island it ra St e ur l Victoria Island cC M Cambridge Bay North Magnetic Pole Queen Elizabeth Islands Resolute Tanquary Fjord

Bel’Kovsky Island Lapten Sea Nordvik







Geographic North Pole

a Ic e

Severnaya Zemlya

Russkiy Island

Ye n











Kara Sea Novaya Zemlya


Montreal Quebec City Nuuk




t ai


Longyearbyen Spitsbergen



s re


u ys


Greenland Sea


Barents Sea North Cape

Jan Mayen
Kong Fredrick IV Land Kulusuk

Alta Tromso Kakslauttanen



Denmark Strait
Akureyri Myvatn


Lofoten Tysfjord Bodo


Lainio Kemi

Falkland Is (Malvinas) Scotia Sea S. Orkney Is



ge perma nen

t e x




C. Norvegia




Tierra del Fuego Ushuaia Punta Arenas


S. Shetland Is Weddell Sea



d L an








A n
Larson Ice Shelf















Mac Robertson Land


Alexander I. Charcot I. Bellingshausen Sea Peter I Island


Berkner I.

C. Darnley Amery Ice Shelf Patriot Hills South Pole


Ronne Ice Shelf G R E A T E R A N T A R C T I C A

Ellswor th Land Vinson Massif




Queen Mary Land



Thurston I. Amundsen Sea

La nd

A N TA R C T I C A Marie Byrd Land

Siple I.

Com mo


Ross Ice Shelf Cape u r do Royds M c M Wh a l f e o s Dry Valleys Bay Cape Evans Terra Nova Bay R o s s Franklin C. Washington George V Island S e a Land Coulman Island Possession Cape Hallet Islands

nw W ea il lt ke Ma h B a r t in s y

C. Poinsett

Por t

Dumont D’Urville

C. Adare


Balleny Is

South Magnetic Pole


C o as t




Shackleton Ice Shelf








oast n C





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