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Abundance Program

Abundance Program

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Published by: Mariana Popa on Oct 01, 2013
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Abundance Block 1 : Clearing Resistance Jump start your journey into abundance with a three step system to open your energy fields and begin the clearing process. Highlights include:
 

Energy 101 – wondering what exactly is energy? Learn what it is and the different ways how you might feel it. Autopilot Breakdown – identify the „lies‟ you have learned in life about money and abundance, so you can start breaking down the subconscious patterns towards wealth that are holding you back. Light Absorption – learn how to connect yourself to the light; this exercise will help you open up your energetic fields, allowing the energy to flow powerfully through your system during the clearing process.

Abundance Block 2 : Clearing doubt and fear Step into the driver‟s seat by tuning into your energetic frequencies – allowing you full control in manifesting your abundance. Highlight include:
 

The 4 types of Energy – understand the different energies and how to tune into them; so you can tap into the right one at the right time. “Cross Purposes” – do you ever find yourself worrying about not being good / smart / creative enough? Nip those worries in the bud by learning how to eliminate the blockages causing doubt and self neglect. Alignment to Universal Power – learn the energy statements that will clear out the cross purposes blocking your ability to manifest what you want. With these niggling doubts out of the picture, you‟re free to start effortlessly achieving anything you desire.

Abundance Block 3 : Clearing the fear of change Start eliminating the energies cluttering your system – it‟s time for a fresh start. Abundance Block 5 : Clearing fear of growth Begin sowing the seeds to grow your abundance. loving. including the issues you are avoiding and those keeping you disconnected from source. this exercise will fill you up with the good stuff – light. making space for abundance energies to flow in. but it‟s surprising how deep rooted this fear can be without you being aware of it. abundance and the future you want. enabling you to vibrate at the optimum frequency to attract abundance. Highlights include:    Green Buds Meditation – a guided meditation that will reveal how your wealth garden is growing now and what your future garden has in store. creativity and inspiration start flowing in. When you embrace change on all levels. Highlights include:    Learning to Let Go – start overcoming subconscious fear of change. you release yourself from beliefs holding back your abundance. It sounds like a nobrainer. the state of being that allows you to live life at your optimum level. focusing on 3 specific plots: Life. Love and Money. Identifying your root energy blocks early will give you instant relief from the heaviest energies blocking your abundance. Weeding the Roots – identify your 3 big stumbling blocks to change. . The same way you might get the don a pair of rubber gloves and set to work on your home. Spring Cleaning – clear the root energy blocks that are holding you back from positive change. “What would it take” Technique – after clearing out the energy that isn‟t flowing the way you need. light. Bountiful Bloom Technique – learn a method that you can use to fill your garden up with love. grateful energy. this allows you to „clear all the underlying junk‟ . Highlights include:    Vibrating Reality – be guided through the impact of living only the energies and vibrations that you wish to be in the future. This one is exciting! Three Plot Tending – figure out what seeds you want to plant and nurture in your future garden. Like an acorn carefully planted and watered will transform into an oak tree. Abundance Block 4 : Clearing money zapping decisions Avoid choices that drain your abundance – lift up and enter your Growth Cycle. your wealth will develop the same way. MoJo Motor – Open up your „Growth Unrealized‟ energy field to let new ideas.

Spirituality gardening – understand the connection between your spirituality and source garden plot. Whether it be lovers. Highlights include:    Intuitive Connection – a mini meditation to check in with your wealth garden. plant some seeds and fertilize your relationship garden. and be perceived as who you want to be. dig up the plot. Planting the Beanstalk – your magic number is within your grasp (no matter how big!) – start mapping out the steps you need to take to achieve it. Highlights include:    Jail Break-Out – energy statements that will help you clear the baggage of the day so you can break liberate yourself from your old restrictions and be free to make new meaningful connections. Abundance Block 8 : Clearing fear of numbers Get to the exact place you‟ve always dreamed of. Abundance Block 7 : Clearing fear of rejection Take hold of the tools that allow you to shape. Identify how you want your garden to evolve and flourish into a space that makes you joyful. you want to life the life you‟ve been dreaming of. . grow and cultivate your own wealth in any direction you can imagine. Fertilizing Relationship Plots – rip up the weeds. or amount of money. allowing you to see what‟s changed during the last 3 sessions.Abundance Block 6 : Clearing fear of success Become a landscape gardener for your own abundance. Highlights include:    Expanding your plot – learn the connection between your garden and your Vision Board so you‟re equipped with the tools to cultivate your ideal life. family or colleagues – identify the relationships that bring you profit and those that suck energy away from you. The study of Self Expression – learn how to make your mark in the world in the way you want. Your Magic Number – figure out the number. Enter the Secret Garden – gain an understanding of what true life purpose really is – unlocking the key to what makes you happy. with steps allowing you to evolve your spirituality and connection to divine right service. where you live life in the way you love.

Highlights include:   Creating a Pathway – identify the values you want to be living and map out the steps towards it. This keeps the energy of change flowing strong so you stay on track whilst manifesting your abundance goals. Speed Manifesting – speed up the smooth sailing by learning the two different ways to manifest your plan. maybe you value your free time but you‟re working 80 hours a week. . and the implications of both on your abundance. Abundance Block 10 : Clearing feeling stuck Make sure you‟re actually living what you value in your daily life. the stuff that blocks you. Value Alignment – work on the unconscious programming that causes you to live life out of alignment with your values. By creating your pathway. cleared so you can walk right down that path you created to what to want and value. you are actively flowing your energy along this route. So here we‟ll work on your plan of actions to relieve you from this. it‟s normal to feel a bit overwhelmed. For example. With a clear plan in place. you can relax knowing that all your goals are achievable with specific action steps. Abundance Block 11 : Getting clear on your values Work on matching the vibrational alignment of what you truly desire so you can get to your destination faster. Can you see how those stories don‟t really match? Values within Manifesting – assess whether you hold loving energy towards manifesting abundance. Many of us don‟t. even though we think we do. and clear any blocks you might have surround this so you can manifest the life of your dreams. allowing you to breeze through the action steps to achieve your goals quickly and effortlessly. Beating Overwhelm – when manifesting so much abundance. you‟ll encounter blockages getting in your way. Highlights include:    Blasting „stuckness‟ – clear out all remaining energy blocks with a quick but deep guided clearing.Abundance Block 9 : Clearing indecision Eliminate common obstacles along the way by adopting key techniques that increase your capacity for abundance:    Living from Choice – discover if you are living from choice or living from reaction. Shifting the Junk – as you create your path. We‟ll get all that junk.

emotions and life. Highlights include: . Highlights include:   Shadow Blasting – learn the power of getting over things. By the end you‟ll be saying. full e-mail inbox and emotional clutter is affecting your manifestations so you can TAKE ACTION against it. Being in tune with who you really are. “Why be normal?” Abundance Block 15 : Clear blame Locate the exact patterns and programs that blip you off your life path… then work to crush them. Highlights include:    The Waiting Game – overcome some of the most common blocks to dreaming big. the freedom to share your love and your life. is a deadly weapon against blockages holding back your abundance. messy finances. so you can live easily instead of always standing in the shadow of life‟s problem. Forget Normal – get to the truth behind „weirdness‟ so you can live a life entirely free and on your own terms. Abundance Block 13 : Clear clutter Imagine a new future where you can see through the messiness that life throws at us to really see what to do. combined with the power of foresight. like the waiting for your happiness to come to you on the horizon BEFORE you take action to get it. as powerful energy is the key to personal freedom. Freedom Release – learn de-cluttering techniques and begin releasing and clearing the binds that clutter your finances.Abundance Block 12 : Getting clear on the future Stop the crazy cycles of stopping yourself you even get started. Highlights include:   Take on Clutter – your life is cluttered with hundreds of options. Particle Flowdom – clear the reasons why your particle flow is slow and get your body‟s energy on board with your big dreams. financial freedom. The Psychic You – tap into your own psychic abilities and get the tools for perceiving your own future. Feel the weight melt off your shoulders! Abundance Block 14 : Clear family blocks Ready for the big leap? Cover the places where you are blocked in making the connection to your happiest future reality. find out if your cluttered life.

You too. and clear the blockage so fault fabrication is a thing of your past. Highlights include:   Vibrational Shift – connect to the light and enter a high energy place. Imagine Generator – be guided through the process of using your Imagine Generator to help your Future Self see what incredible things are in store for you. Inner Sabotage – learn the key characteristic you have that bends your reality. Abundance Block 17 : Generate your future self Establish yourself as an infinite being with infinite potentials ahead. Open Access Technique – learn how to access and open your heart to the new life forming inside you… allowing you to ask your new Energetic Model Self anything you want. Abundance Block 18 : Turning Blocks into profits Investigate the blocks that are convincing you to stay away from opportunities every time they show up. so you can move forwards confidently and powerfully. how you it.   The Blame Game – if you‟re placing blame. Secret Energy – money has a secret energy…. and get answers. after looking at a piece of marble. one with tons of cash or tons of toys! . Highlights include:   Energetic Model Self – meet the REAL you. have the perfect „you‟ inside yourself waiting to shine. discover the characteristics of your true self and unlock all the skills he / she has. Highlights include:    Personal Profit and Loss – start being an accountant with the personal business that is YOU and get a gauge of where you‟re excelling and where you need serious work. learn what this is and how to tap into it to benefit you and your abundance. Number Crushing – learn how knowing the numbers of your financial map can be used to completely crush energy blocks and unlock the bank. making it easier to manifest your heart‟s desires by raising your vibrations to the levels of Love or Above and Unlimited Abundance. plus liberate yourself into empowerment by learning how to uproot the little weed called Shame that can creep up and grow. Millionaire Make-up – based on where energy blocks lay. you‟re giving away your po wer. Abundance Block 16 : Discover the ultimate you Allow the perfect you to shine through. Michelangelo said. Analyze why you do that. see what type of Millionaire you will manifest in your being. that he envisioned the perfect result or model in his heart before he unleashed it.

Abundance Block 19 : Clearing self sabotage Destroy those doubts about Secrets and Lies so you can just take empowered action. into powerful new channels for money to flow. Highlights include:    Facing „Messy‟ Fears – the fear of “Messing Up” can be blocking energy that is putting you in a negative energy loop. This technique will turn those voided spaces. and uncover the real gold hiding under feelings of skepticism. or lack there of it. Karmic Kommand – grab a hold of your karmic debt and learn how you can start reshaping it to pave a more positive path for your future. Abundance Block 22 : Clearing financial illusions . Love Gaps – a tool to fill in the empty areas of yourself that we‟re lacking love as a child. Learn how love. Learn the changes that will allow you to move beyond your “Mess ups” to start experiencing “Bless Ups”. you are actually messing things up for yourself and others. and learn how the love you received as a child is impacting your current bank account. „Tall Poppy Syndrome‟ – find that little person inside and tell it to hit the road. Abundance Block 20 : Clearing lack of self worth Let the love flow into your life. Highlights include:    The Truth Behind Truth – guide your soul to a vibration of truth where you will know for sure that whatever you face in life is authentic. By keeping yourself small to consider other peoples confront zone. Debriefed Beliefs – clear beliefs that may have been programmed around Secrets and Lies. Soul Showering – use source energy to fill your body with love that you may not have been able to receive throughout your life. empowering and real for your heart. Giveth & Taketh – accessing the prefect balancing point between giving and taking that will open a fire-hose of abundance inside you. Abundance Block 21 : Clearing your financial mess Stop fearing the potential of messing up and use change as a way to create blessings in life. from your parent can be influencing you today. Highlights include:    A Mothers Hug – the biggest impact to your current financial state could go back to when you were hugged as a kid.

Abundance Block 24 : Clearing blocks to welcoming abundance Cultivate the talents inside that will let you get paid for just being YOU. 4 ways the Unlimited Abundance .finally realize the purpose of money in your life. see how abundance and generosity are a simple matter of turning on your inner light switch. Psychic Spending – start spending your money with an eye to the future. and align the outflow of money with future inflows of happiness. Highlights include:   Unearth Hidden Talents – dig deep inside yourself to find what hidden talents you‟ve been neglecting that could contribute to a higher income and happier days. Investigate your Investments – take a look into your approach to investing. Abundance Block 23 : Clearing the fear of scarcity Smash away fear of scarcity to regain the flow for receiving and giving energy. and learn how to uncover them for your audience.Make sure your illusions about money aren‟t keeping you from a magical future. Highlights include:    The Monetary Magic Show – are you living in a world of monetary illusion? Discover if money matters have been hiding in the dark. and an easy way to uncover the truth of whether your money is in the right places. and see how the combination of income and intention can create powerful results in the world. riches and fiscal fortitude.Contribution Corralling – Take the talents you‟ve unearthed and find out what new ways you can now contribute to the world Your Money Maxim. Highlights include:   Generosity Gifting – explore how the energy of generosity can help you live in a place of „enough…‟ and start giving the gift of you! Your Vessel of Light – by filling yourself up with light and life.

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