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Salute to Firefighters 2013

Salute to Firefighters 2013

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Lancaster Newspapers Salute to Firefighters.
Lancaster Newspapers Salute to Firefighters.

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An Advertising Supplement of Lancaster Newspapers • Sunday, October 6, 2013

When lives are on the line in a re
emergency, keeping reghters well-
equipped and well-trained is crucial,
but nding the time and money to
meet the risings costs of doing so is no
simple task.
“Fire ghting is still one of the most
dangerous occupations out there,”
William Hutchinson, vice president
of the Strasburg Fire Company said.
“We have to manage our risk, and part
of managing that risk costs money.”
Hutchinson and several other
volunteer reghters were cleaning
up at the station after a “Boot Drive”
fundraiser. They spent Saturday
morning, September 21, on Route
741, holding out reghting boots to
solicit donations from drivers passing
The morning’s panhandling grossed
them about $4000 in donations—a
small fraction of their $207,000
operating budget. With only $55,000
in contributions from the township
and the borough, the Strasburg Fire
Company has to rely on community
donations and fundraisers like the
“boot drive” to make up the rest.
Raising that kind of money takes
a lot of work. Yet, Hutchinson said,
“the people that were out there on
the street today, those are the same
people that will be there to render
assistance if there is a call at 3:00am
this morning.”
It’s a big job, and the job gets
bigger each year. As technology
advances and safety standards become
more rigorous, the cost of equipment
continues to rise, Hutchinson said.
Today turnout gear alone costs at least
$1500, according to Hutchinson, and a
big-ticket item like a ladder truck can
cost well over $1 million.
The improved equipment and
increased safety standards might be
making a difference. According to
a NFPA report, volunteer reghter
deaths in the line of duty were the
lowest ever recorded in 2012, with 30
deaths nationwide for the year.
Those higher costs are worth
it when it makes the job safer
Hutchinson said.
“Our rst and most important
priority is making sure that everybody
comes home,” Hutchinson said.
Hutchinson said he’s not sure how
their department would manage the
job without the support of the large
Amish community in the area. The
Amish help with everything from
providing food during a call to
putting in the hard work needed for
fundraising events like their spring
“mud-sale” to actively volunteering as
reghters, Hutchinson said.
In East Lampeter, deputy chief
Scott Hershey at Lafayette Fire
Company said he wishes they could
be so lucky.
“We don’t have enough volunteers
to handle all of the fundraising,”
Hershey said. “With running 500
calls a year, and having increased
training requirements, we just don’t
have the time.”
Today, basic training requires 166
hours for a new volunteer. To meet
Insurance Services Ofce standards,
Hershey said it takes 240 hours of
Hutchinson said that when he began
reghting in 1978, only 40 hours of
training were required.
The large time commitment is
making it harder to nd volunteers,
especially when people today are
busier—many working two jobs to
stay aoat.
“For two-income families with
children, it’s hard to commit the time
that’s needed,” Hershey said.
With the time and effort needed
to raise funds, a volunteer shortage
has a big impact on their already
ailing revenue stream from the local
community. Lafayette re chief Dave
Keens said that community donations
have decreased by about $50,000 a
year since the recession hit in 2008.
Keens said it’s hard to compete with
all of the other charity organizations
that also ask for money, and many
people assume they are fully funded
by the township. But in fact East
Lampeter and Lancaster Townships
only contribute $106,000 in total to
their $320,000 budget.
East Lampeter also helps with
vehicle and apparatus purchasing.
They contributed 50% of the $900,000
needed for a new ladder truck in
2007—which now would sell for
about $1.2 million, Keens said. But
making up the rest takes a lot of fund
drives and chicken BBQs.
Revenue from a chicken BBQ
doesn’t go very far anymore according
to Keens. “I used to be able to have
a chicken BBQ and pay for fuel for
four months, now I can have a chicken
BBQ and pay for fuel for one month,
if that,” Keens said.
The Lafayette Fire Company has
seen a big increase in call volume,
Hershey said, which not only requires
more man hours, it increases their fuel
and maintenance costs as well.
Responding to emergency calls,
training, maintaining the station and
equipment, and raising the funds
needed to keep the department
running is a major undertaking. Yet
both Hershey and Keens also work
full time jobs.
“Working full time, then going to a
training class Saturday and Sunday,”
Keens said, “our work doesn’t stop.”
“It’s a strain sometimes,” Hershey
said. “We go out during the night and
then get up and go to our jobs the next
morning. Maybe we don’t even go
back to sleep. There have been plenty
of days I’ve gone into work at 5:00am
and I’ve been up since 2:00am.”
For Hershey, who is a third
generation reghter, reghting has
always been part of his life.
“It’s been a way of life since I was
born,” Hershey said, “I enjoy doing it
and I enjoy helping people.”
If nobody volunteers, then residents
and businesses will have to pay a
lot more for less service Hershey
said. “As long as we can provide that
service as volunteers, it’s less burden
on the taxpayers.”
~ K. Scott Kreider
When lives are on the line...
In the nearly ten years as director
of the Lancaster County Public Safety
Training Center, Craig Elmer has seen
big changes in how reghters do their
“Building construction has changed
signicantly and so has the training on
how we ght res,” said Elmer.
Elmer said the widespread use
of synthetic materials and the light-
weight particle board material called
OSB, or oriented strand board,
commonly used in newer housing and
building construction, means that rst
responders have to be on their toes
more than ever.
“Fireghters can enter a burning
house and before they know it, they
are going through the oor and landing
in the basement,” he said.
Elmer said the intensity of a
building re fueled by synthetic
construction materials means a house
can be engulfed in ames in a matter
of minutes.
“A (newer) house on re can
collapse in 5 to 7 minutes due to
building materials used today,” he said.
Learning how to navigate structure
res, how to ght the res and how
to stay alive in a burning building is
just one part of the safety center’s
The safety center opened for use in
April 2004 and is located on 24-acres
of land along Champ Boulevard in
East Hempeld Township.
Getting the $20 million facility and
its many training buildings off the
ground was not an easy sell.
Elmer credits the hard work
of Randy Gockley, emergency
management coordinator for Lancaster
County, for seeing the training center
come to fruition.
“Come hell or high water, Randy
was going to work to get the center
opened,” said Elmer.
Talk of opening a public safety
training center for rst responders in
Lancaster County rst began in the
But time passed — decades, in fact
— and funding and the need for such a
facility became a tough sell to county
ofcials and taxpayers.
In 1996, when the county narrowed
a list of suitable sites down to an
abandoned former foundry site along
the north side of Route 283 in East
Hempeld Township, area residents
raised alarm at the proposal.
“There was a lot of resistance from
residents on Harrisburg Pike, on the
other side of Route 283 and the train
tracks,” said Paul Thibault, one of
three county commissioners at the
time who oversaw construction of the
East Hempeld training center.
“There were concerns about noise
from the property — a half mile
away,” he said. “We know now those
concerns never became an issue for
the site.”
But the site itself posed its own
“For whatever reason, the owners
didn’t want to sell the property to us,”
said Thibault.
That led the county to take the site
by eminent domain, which Thibault
said seemed to please the land owners.
“It was a friendly eminent domain
Thibault said everyone on the
county commissioner’s board was
behind the project.
“We all knew that it wasn’t fair
to tell our volunteer rst responders
thank you for your service but make
them nd places to train, often in
facilities in other states,” he said.
Thibault said there was nothing
wrong with the time it took — eight
years in all — to get the training center
Because it was a government
project, Thibault said taxpayers
deserved the time to scrutinize and
question the project.
“It doesn’t hurt that government
takes its time with projects like this.
I’m just sorry that our volunteers (rst
responders) had to wait for the center
to open,” he said.
“Our county commissioners, Terry
Kauffman, Paul Thibault and Ron Ford
threw their full support behind the
center,” said Elmer.
The importance of the training
center became clear to many people in
The September 11 terrorist attacks
led to one of the darkest days in
history for rst responders.
Of the nearly 3,000 victims that
died due to the attacks, more than 400
were rst responders, including 343
“We broke ground on the facility
one month after 9/11,” said Elmer.
He said that while 9/11 didn’t
have a direct impact in getting the
facility constructed, the scale of the
devastation and the loss of life meant
that the roles of the three tiers of rst
responders — reghters, police and
EMS — would no longer be the same
in the weeks, months and years after
the terrorist attacks.
Elmer said the heroism of rst
responders and their roles in the
community changed because of 9/11.
When the center nally opened
in 2004, the county’s aim was to
train rst responders from Lancaster
Elmer recalls a day when local
reghters, police and EMS all
attending their own individual classes
in the main building’s classrooms,
stayed within their own groups during
break periods in the coffee room.
“Today, those same groups
intermingle and socialize,” said Elmer.
That camaraderie is one of the
successes of the training facility,
which now regularly trains rst
responders from ve states and half of
the counties in Pennsylvania.
“In the past ve years, we have
hosted more than 50,000 people,”
said Elmer.
On an annual basis, Elmer said the
safety center trains as many as 20,000
people, including many return visits
from local rst responders.
“This is SERT’s (special emergency
response team) second home,” joked
Elmer. “They train here twice a
When it comes to re training, the
public safety center’s re training
building is classied as a Class B
facility and Elmer stresses that is very
important factor for those that train at
the facility.
“Safety of our students is of the
utmost importance,” he said, which is
why beginners need the amenities of a
Class B facility.
At the East Hempeld facility, re
training in the specially designed re
building involves the use of natural gas
to produce ames and a water-based
solution to produce theatrical smoke.
“With real smoke, you sneeze and
cough, but not with the water-based
smoke,” Elmer said.
He said if a training class ghting
a simulated re can’t get properly
coordinated or has a problem, one
push of a button on a control panel
by an instructor can instantaneously
shut off the gas re and ventilators
immediately begin clearing the room
of the smoke and heat.
“We never burn anything
combustible materials that can produce
toxic smoke,” said Elmer.
That differs dramatically from
a Class A re training center such
as those in use at Harrisburg Area
Community College in Harrisburg,
Pequea Lane in Lampeter or the Berks
County training center in Reading.
Elmer said those facilities use real
combustibles such as furniture and
wood pallets to simulate re scenarios
close to the real thing.
“Temperatures in those training
rooms can reach over 1,200 degrees,”
he said.
At the East Hempeld training
center, special temperature gauges
located in burn rooms detect when a
simulated re gets too hot, which is
usually 900 degrees at the point of the
re and about 500 degrees nearest an
entry/exit area.
“The system shuts the whole thing
down if it gets too hot,”said Elmer.
Elmer said the re training building
can simulate several environments,
such as a living room or a hotel room.
In those rooms, he points out,
steel sofas and beds closely resemble
something that look more like a large
scale community chicken barbecue
The re simulator building also
serves multiple purposes.
On some days, as soon as the
theatrical smoke clears and water is
squeegeed from the oors, police and
prison ofcials might be seen using
the building for simulated tactical
One room in the re training
building resembles a typical jail cell.
“This other room, with a single
door, a enclosed one-way in, one-
way out, represents one of the most
difcult situations police ofcers can
face,” said Elmer.
Elmer says they try to keep the
training experience from becoming too
familiar or static.
Another nearby building he called
the maze room contains a series
of walls that can be moved around
providing trainees with over 150 room
conguration scenarios.
In addition, EMS also train in the
building on properly removing victims
from a scene.
“We never use live people as victims
in the re training,” said Elmer.
“Always mannequins.”
Another taller building at the
training center, one that resembles an
ofce building with a water tower, is
used for repelling and other non-re
A basement in that building also
offers rst responders the experience
of navigating typical ofce building
basements with overhead pipes and
Elsewhere on the site, rst
responders practice on smashed cars
simulating auto accidents.
Elmer pointed to an odd-looking car
in another open area of the training
“That car has been here for ten
years,” he said.
It is a specially designed steel-
framed car that has natural gas
and water pipes tted underneath
to simulate car res. A nearby
500-gallon round tank nearby
simulates a propane tank re.
Pointing at the propane tank
simulator, he said that even the
small 20-gallon propane tanks
that homeowners use for their
grills can result in catastrophic
Keeping the training center
properly maintained and
operating doesn’t come
Elmer said the training
center costs around
$800,000 a year to
Not all costs
associated with
running the facility
necessarily go up
in smoke, so to
To the casual
observer, the
location of
of orange
pylons in a
large open
to be
Not so,
said Elmer.
“We offer defensive
driving classes for rst
responders,” he said.
He quoted a statistic
where on-duty police
ofcers are more likely to die
in trafc accidents responding
to a scene of a crime than
being shot in the line of duty.
In another location, a
wallboard lined with deadbolt
locks represents another area of
“We have training classes
on how to properly breach door
locks,” said Elmer.
He gures that reghters with
their Halligan bar pry tools or
police with their battering rams
easily go through more than 700
lock sets a year.
“Even at discounted
prices, that adds up,” he
“We offset most of
those costs by generating
revenue from our training programs
and with grants,” said Elmer.
In 2012, Elmer said the training
facility recouped about 45 percent
of its operating budget through its
training programs.
“That was a very pleasant surprise,
much more than we expected,” he said.
Elmer added that training programs
at the East Hempeld center do not
compete with programs at other
training facilities.
“We actually benet one another,”
said Elmer. “We could not exist
without the relationships and
partnerships we have formed with
other training centers, schools and
One of those partnerships has
been 8 years long, with the Lancaster
County Career and Technical Center,
who sends students from its protective
services programs to the training
Elmer said the costs of the training
center are worth every penny and that
volunteer reghters deserve the best
training they can receive and that the
Lancaster County training center does
it best to train everyone from rookies
to experts. The value of relationships
formed during exercises cannot be
measured in dollars.
“A few years ago, members of SERT
teams from Lancaster and York might
not have known each other. Now they
might train together and when there is
an incident and the teams need to work
together, those team members now
know one another,” he said.
Elmer said that same bonding
experience extends to reghters,
other police and EMS.
Thibault echoed the same
sentiments as Elmer.
“We (the county commissioners)
saw that the benets to the community
outweighed any of the costs,” he said.
~ Dean Lee Evans
Fire Department photos by:
Tom Amico
Dale Ebersole Jr.
Joyce Fitzpatrick
Greg Leaman
Kirk Neidermyer
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■ Choose a meeting place outside in front of your home. This is where
everyone can meet once they’ve escaped. Draw a picture of your outside
meeting place on your escape plan.
■ Write the emergency telephone number for the re department on your
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■ Sound the smoke alarm and practice your escape plan with everyone
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Linker, Mark Lowe, John Manning, Nick Maser, Brian Maurer, Darin Maurer, John Mayzum, Paul McGonigal, Eric McMahan, Carl Miller, Jr., Justin Misal, Ashley
Moore, Charles Moore Sr., Heather Moore, Zachary Moyer, Chris Mummau, Rob Mushlitz, Jean Neff, Austin Nissley, Kevin Nissley, Nicholas Oakes, Katia Pster,
Dominic Piccolo, Darren Pickel, Devon Pickel, Douglas Pickel Sr., Walter Pickel Jr., James Pontz, Eric Reisinger, Dave Reynolds, CJ Rhoads, Galen Riehl, Anthony
Rossi, Lloyd, Sauder, Dick Schock, J. Eugene Schock, Joe Seborowski, Penn Shelley, Dave Shoff, Mary Strohmeyer, Shane Todd, Jason Traup, Chet Trout, Alan
Walton, Zachary Wanzer, Brian Weininger, Gene Weininger, Dave Wiker, Gary Wiseman, James Woomer
Upcoming Events:
• Tomato Festival - July
Active Fireghters
Robert Armbruster, John Boyer, Robert DiMichael, Jordan Fox, Kevin Fuentes, Jeff Good, Merv Hurst,
Leon King, Steve King, Mike Kulp, Joe Laich, Mike Lehman, Duane Leinbach, Elvin Leinbach, Larry
Leinbach, Lloyd Leinbach, Marvin Leinbach, Michael Leinbach, Brian T. Martin, Brian E. Martin,
Brandon Martin, James Martin, Jim Martin, Jonathan Martin, Kev Martin, Lawrence Martin, Lewis
Martin, Matt Martin, Merv Martin, Jim Musser, Leon Newswanger, John Nolt, Nick Nolt, Josh Peieffer,
Shawn Priddy, Steve Renninger, Eli Sauder, Torrey Sensing, Kevin Slider, George Stroup, Randy Stubbs,
Alvin Weaver, Eli Zimmerman, Ernest Zimmerman, Jesse Zimmerman
Active Fireghters
Jeff Strauss, Nevin May, Dennis Strauss, Dan Hogan, Keith Rothermel, Matt Martin, Kurt Herzer, Larry
Eckert, Kevin Eckert, Keith Eckert, Jed Guare, Wilmer Musser, Rob Johnson, Matt Sherk, Scott Wenrich,
Phil Chubb, Lee Martin, Glenn Martin, Kevin Faulkner, Caleb Minnich, Mike Corroran, Bill Estes, Jay
Martin, Rodney May, Ashley George, Jim Erickson, Wesley Morgan, Taylor Herr, Adam Gardner, Glen
Martin, Darell Martin, Jay Martin, Donald Moyer
Active Fireghters
Nathan Appel, Justin Auker, Shawn Conner, Jeff Garner, David Hartman, Robert Hilton, Clifford Keith,
Kenneth Kline, Curvin Martin, Joshua Martin, Stephen Martin, Walter Martin, Michael McCord, Molly
McCord, Jeffery Mearig, Lynn MNearig, Ryan Ruhl, Colin Saleet, Darel Seigert, Michael Shifet, Brett
Shoultz, Darrell Sonnen, Thomas Spadaro, Michael Steffy, Brandon Worthington, Thomas Yecker
Dennis Appel, Scott Barr, Nelson Blessing, Glenn Keebler, Troy Keebler, Robert Weaver
Active Fireghters
Daryl Bensinger, Warren Brubaker, Wayne Brubaker, Dwayne Fisher, Wilmer Hurst, Benuel King, Geraldo
Lando, Charles Lawrence, Duane Leaman, Anthony Martin, Dean Martin, Dwayne Martin, George Martin,
Harry Martin, Lennie Martin, Todd Mast, Andrew Newswanger, Mark Newswanger, Marlin Newswanger,
Marvin Newswanger, Matthew Newswanger, John Riehl, Allen Ringler, David Peachey, Floyd Ringler,
Kenneth Ringler, Timothy Ringler, Curvin Shirk, Enos Shirk, Kevin Shirk, Daniel Mark Smucker, Elam Smucker,
Thomas Stauffer, Jonas Stoltzfus, Louis Trego, Frank Weaver, Frank M. Weaver, Frank Nevin Weaver, James
Weaver, Jacob Zook, Mervin Zook LADIES AUXILIARY MEMBERS: Brenda Martin, Kathy Martin,
Joline Martin, Anna Mary Ringler, Anna Mae Shirk, Mary Shirk, Fran Trego, Maureen Van Dyke, Rose
Newswanger, Rhoda Newswanger, Lida Bensinger, Pres., Colleen Bensinger, Deb Shirk, Tracy Smith
✔ Annual cleaning will remove build-up
of soot and creosote. Leave this job to a
certied chimney sweep.
✔ Build res with dry, seasoned wood.
Dry wood produces less smoke and
smoldering. Less smoke means less build-
up on chimney walls. Seasoned wood
burns hot and clean.
✔ Build small res that are easier to
control and manage. A re that burns
compactly and well will also produce less
smoke and build-up.
✔ A chimney liner can protect the
chimney structure from excessive heating
and exhaust fumes. It also enables the
chimney to be cleaned more easily.
✔ Install a chimney cap that will prevent
debris, including twigs and leaves that
are highly ammable, from entering
the structure. It can also prevent small
animals from entering the chimney and
causing a re.
✔ Never use combustible materials, such
as paper or liquid accelerants to start a
re. These materials can cause embers to
oat up the chimney and ignite creosote.
Or, they may cause the re to burn out of
✔Leave the damper open so that there
is adequate air ow, which will limit the
amount of creosote that forms.
How to
Prevent a
Fire Chief: Paul Reimold
President: Kim Moore
Active Fireghters
Barbara Alderfer, Emma Baker, Ken Baker, Bill Baldwin, Alissa Buckwalter, Cody Buckwalter, Randy
Buckwalter, Steve Esh, Amos Fisher, Mike Garris, Mike Jobe, Dave Kutcher, James Lewis, Erik Lofgren, Jack
Mahala, Tim Manley , Daryl Maser, Jason Meeks, Morgan Meeks, Keith Mendenhall, Alvin Miller, Daniel
Miller, Chelsey Moore, Courtney Moore, John Moore, Kim Moore, Norman Moore, Paul Reimold, Steve
Rylee, Tiffani Semple, William Semple, Gideon Stoltzfus, Jonathan Stoltzfus, Steven Stoltzfus, Steven J.
Stoltzfus, Robbie Swift, Trevor Swift, Luigi Toto, Zach Vandenbosch, Kyle Wallace, Kendra Yost, Leon Zook
Fire Chief: Shannon Hilt
President: Mike Bonneau
Active Fireghters
Shannon Hilton - Chief, Shawn Hilton - Deputy Chief, Matt Martzall - Asst. Chief, Robert Gensemer - Asst. Chief, Harold
Martzall - Captain, Josh Mertz - Lieutenant, Dean Fry - Lieutenant, Dallas R. Lucas - Safety Ofcer/Sec., Steve Martzall -
Safety Ofcer/Trustee, Ray Martzall Jr., Chief Eng./Trustee, John Bollinger, Mike Bonneau - President, Andy Boyer, Jeremy
Brubaker, Greg Burkholder, Alex Burhaart, Rick Croft, Brian Dilliplaine, Josiah Einwechter, Chanse Firestone, Doran Getz,
Troy Hagy, Dave Harrower, Dan Hartman, Brandon Hilton, Larry Hummer - Treasurer, Jeremy Hursh, Steve Kauffman,
Dallas S. Lucas, Mike Martzall, Ray Martzall III, Rodney Martzall, Mike Kessner, Lonnie Oglesby, Jason Overholt, Dave
Showalter, Ian Steffy, Jim Stewart - Trustee, John Weaver - Vice President, Derrik Wissler, Joe Zimmerman, Ronald Peter -
Fire Police Capt., James Wenger - Fire Police Lieut., John Shirk Jr. - Fire Police Sgt., John Beaver - Fire Police, Tim Ensinger
- Fire Police, Sharon Martzall - Fire Police, Allan Meckley - Fire Police, Roy Sweigart - Fire Police, Bob Wenger - Fire Police,
Dylan Getz - Jr. Fireghter, Reese Kupp - Jr. Fireghter, Chris Overholt - Jr. Fireghter, Christian Roberio - Jr. Fireghter
425 Locust Street, Denver, PA 17517 (717) 336-2911
Upcoming Events:
• BINGO - Every Thursday @ 7:00pm
• 1st Saturday in February - Chicken Pot Pie Supper
Lancaster, PA Salute to Our Fireghters October 6, 2013 • 5
137 South Front Street, PO Box 57, Columbia, PA 17512-0057 (717) 684-5100
Fire Chief: Joseph S. Felus
President: Michael S. Anderson
Active Fireghters
Michael S. Anderson, Michael Gedz, Justin Warner, Simon L. Veach III, Nick Martin, Paul Miles, Benjamin
Sauder, Douglas Nogel, Justin Waltman, Richard VanFossen, Jr., Nikki R. Anderson, William J. Nye, Jr.,
Matthew Russ, Scott K Ryno, Lewis Staub, Percy N. Wise, Caleb Trout, Kyle Kissinger, Ashley Hoffmaster,
Devon Anderson, Donald Zink, Charles Anderson, Jr., Richard W. Anderson, Jr., Brent Bowles, Barbara
J. Bowles, Kenneth M. Falcon, Joseph S. Felus, Denny P. Hershey, Todd M. Lightcap, Jr., John Murhpy, Jr.,
Curtis Shearer, Patrick Hilgert, Michael Poole, Michael Ebersole, Dustin Shireman, Freda Shoemaker,
Thomas Wise, Gary Weber, Jr., Hannah Deets, Todd A. Stahl, Farrell Poole, Gary Kriner
214 South Bridge Street, PO Box 46, Christiana, PA 17509 (610) 593-2142
Fire Chief: Larry Frankford Jr.
President: Troy Bresch
Active Fireghters
Butch Conver, Naathan Gockley, Jon Aument, Dean Baker, Dwight Brenner, Jerry Bresch, Troy Bresch,
Ethan Bresch, Loren Brown, Ray Clare, Adam Daley, Kevin Clare, Kylee Clare, Carl Cramer, Kimberle
Hanna, Dave Destafano, Donna Eshleman, Larry Frankford Jr., John Gault, Derek Good, Jere Goretzke,
Clayton Groff, Kodi Kilcoin, Nicholas Kuhn, Anthony Lentini, Kevin Miller, Eric Peifer, Steven Peifer,
William Rankin, Ryan Bill, Scott Hanna, Preston Harsh, Robert Johnson III, Alan Kuhn, Brian Lefever, Tony
Martelle, Chad Mendenhall, Craig Martelle, John Michener, Robert Michener, Mark Mitchell, Michael
Schneider, Brad Shenk, John Wagner, Jared Way, Barry Rankin, Brian Rankin, Keith Rankin, James
Richard, Charlie Rineer, Jarret Ruof, Paul Thomas, Fred Warfel, Randy Warfel, Jim Way, Sean Schneider
3290 Main Street, Conestoga, PA 17516 (717) 584-5649
Fire Chief: Don “Smokey” Moyer
President: John Martin Jr.
Active Fireghters
Jennifer Eve Barnhart, Shawn L. Brown, Phillip E. DeVirgilis, Frank R. Elder, David L. Fisher, Bradley RS.
Frederick, Kevin S. Frederick, Bryan S. Gladfelter, Ernest R. Groff, Jordan L. Groff, Michael D. High, Shawn
M. Holder, Curvin M. Horning, Michael L. Horning, Walter H. Horst, Glen N. Hursh, Anthony In, Brandon S.
Jeffers, Christian R. Landis, Michael C. Lausch, Dale H. Martin, Glenn L. Martin, Harold E. Martin, John H.
Martin, Jacob B. Miller, Donald E. Moyer, Jean E. Moyer, Eric M. Nolt, Glen L. Nolt, Jay P. Nolt, Leon O. Nolt,
Nevin O. Nolt, Shawn C. Robinson, Dale E. Stahl, Daniel L. Stahl, Richard L. Weaver, Matthew G. Witmer,
Jonathan L. Zimmerman, Michael S. Zimmerman
880 Durlach Road, Stevens, PA 17578 (717) 733-6911
Upcoming Events:
• October 19, 2013 - Ox Roast Meal
616 Union St. Columbia, PA 17512
717-684-7886 717-684-7889
Mon-Fri 7:30-6:00 • Sat 7:30-4:00
Sun 8:00-4:00
Wed. Oct. 9
while supplies last
With coupon. Wed., Oct. 9, 2013 only.
While supplies last. Stock #740-8271
“Where Good Friends Meet & Eat"
960 Lancaster Ave., Columbia, PA
Hours: Monday - Saturday 6 AM - 8 PM
Sunday 6 AM - 4 PM
• Lottery
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• Turkey Hill
Open 7 Days
5:00 am - 8:30 pm
Family-Owned for Over 100 Years
22-24 N. 3rd St. • Columbia, PA 17512
41 Front St., Lititz, PA 17543
to all reghters!
Personal Professional Care
261 Locust Street • Columbia, PA
Gift Shop
Medical Equipment
Sales & Rentals
Fires started from
different materials require
the use of different
extinguishing agents to
safely and quickly put the
re out. Each extinguisher
features a symbol to show
the re on which they can
be used.
■ Class A: used on
ordinary substances, like
cloth, wood, paper, and
■ Class B: used on res
that feature ammable
liquids, such as oil-based
paints or gasoline.
■ Class C: used on
electrical equipment, such
as tools or appliances that
are plugged in.
■ Class K: used on
combustible cooking
materials, like animal oils
and fats.
■ Multipurpose: Some
extinguishers combine
different agents so they
are applicable for a range
of res.
Upcoming Events:
• BINGO - Every Thurday and Saturday
• Dec. 31, 2013 - SPECIAL New Year’s Eve BINGO
Upcoming Events:
• October 19, 2013 - Ham Dinner
6 • October 6, 2013 Salute to Our Fireghters Lancaster, PA
74 East Farmersville Road, Ephrata, PA 17522 (717)-354-5841
Fire Chief: Earl Good
President: Amos Zimmerman
Special activities and info:
• MUD SALE - 3rd Sunday of March at 4:30
• Chicken BBQ every spring and fall
1087 Dry Tavern Road, Denver, PA 17517 (717)-445-4933
Fire Chief: Nelson Shirk
President: Jake Wise
Special activities and info:
• 1st Saturday in May - May sale
• Pig Roast - June
135 South State Street, Ephrata, PA 17522 (717)-733-4850 www.ephratare.org
Chief: Allen Pettyjohn
President: James M. Keifer
Special activities and info:
• The Ephrata Fire Company is celebrating 125
years of emergency service to the Ephrata
Community this year!
171 North Mount Joy Street, Elizabethtown, PA 17022 (717) 367-5300
Fire Chief: Jason Bock
President: Tom Wagner
Active Fireghters
James Bamberger, Kevin Basehore, Denise Bestwick, William Bestwick, Matt Bigler, Jason Bock - Fire Chief, Tanner
Bowers, Derrick Brechbiel, Frank Carotto, Roy Dehaven, Harry Cleland, Jennifer Dinderski, Ronald Dinderski, John
Drey, Kenneth Dyer, Josh Eisenhower, Lee Eppley, Johh Fackler, John Halbleib, Marc Hershey, Cameron Hoffmaster,
Todd Hooper, Chelsea Ice, Shawn Ice, Chris L. Jackson, Robert Jackson, Ashley Jensen, Jeff Kincaid, Jeff Kinsey, Gary
Landvater, Leeann Lenker, Matt Lenker, Joe Macus, John Miknis, Ryan Myers, Sheena Rubright, Erin Shaffner, Jeremy
Shaffner, Denny Shank, Thomas Shaud, Andrew Shearer, Cortney Showalter, David Shriner, Lisa Shriner, Emma Smeal,
Mike Smith, William Smith, Thomas Spadaro, Sara Splain, William Splain, Curtis Thompson, Tim Tritt, Tom Wagner,
Thank You!
256 South
Market Street,
since 1980
Thank you
to our area
160 S. Poplar St., Elizabethtown
East Petersburg
- Sid & Adam Gochnauer
We Support Our
Local Firefighters
1110 Enterprise Road • East Petersburg PA,17520
Ph: 717/299-4500 • Fax: 717/299-4628
711 East Main Street, Ephrata
733-4388 or 733-8040
Thank You for
Serving our Community!
1011 Dry Tavern Road, Denver, PA17522
717-445-6791 or 1-800-856-4031
We support
Fivepointsville Fire Co.
Thank You!
Fire Chief: James Rohrer, Jr.
President: Glenn R. Garber
Active Fireghters
Sharon L. Baumann, Kimberly Beck, Karl F. Bender, Bryce T. Burfete, Cory A. Carpenter, Greg S. Carpenter, Jarod S. Carpenter, Jody L, Carpenter,
Mark Cohen, Chris Conrad, Dave K. Duckworth, Thomas J. Enlow Sr., Diane E. Garber, Glenn R. Garber, Richard Garber, Luke Gerhart, Sidney
B. Gochnauer, Salvatore Grimaldi, Steve Philip Hammond, Dave C. Hardy, Brian Harnly, Dustin Harnly, Kelsie E. Harnly, Richard P. Harnly, David
A. Hartman, Jessica L. Hartman, Delbert E. Hess, Austin Howard, Dan Howard, Maria Howard, Roger L. Howard Jr., Roger Howard Sr., Michael
J. Jacunksi, Alan L. Johnson, Brandon Lee Jumbelick, Stephen M. Jumbelick, Ross S. Kaiser, Brandon G. Kessler, Donald F. King, Edward Kinney,
Jonathan W. Latsha, Jon M. Leister, Dennis W. McClair, Frank J. Mokros, Joyce A. Mokros, Theodore R. Moyer, Theodore R. Moyer IV, Matthew
L. Nachtway, Daniel W. Neff, James R. Newcomer, Rachel A. Potts, James M. Resch, James Rohrer Jr. V, James Rohrer Sr. V, Gary L. Rowe, Matt
Schneider, Donald J. Schoenberger, Nicholas Schoenberger, Suzanne A. Schwebel, Steve S. Shenk, Caleb A. Simmers, Ryan K. Spangenburg,
John C. Stauffer III, Mary M. Waggoner, Gerald F. Wasche, John J. Wider, Chad T. Wiggins, Brian K. Wolfe, Scott D. Yuill
6076 Pine Street, East Petersburg, PA 17520 (717)-569-5035 www.epfc23.com
Upcoming Events:
• Saturday Nov. 2, 2013 Pot Pie Take-Out Fundraiser
Beef and Chicken Pot Pie sold by the quart
- Containers Provided.
• December (Date TBD) - Santa Visits the Borough
Upcoming Events:
• Always looking for new members.
Active re, social and live-in members.
Active Fireghters
Richard Althouse, Tim Bartow, Troy Beard, Cody Bowen, Robert Crills, Richard Digiamberdini, Ralph Dissinger, Scott Eichel-
berger, John Eitnier, Lena Fassnacht, Ray Foltz, Nicholas Gonzulez, Jason Hackman, Kyle Hackman, Scott Hackman, Stanley
Hall, Tabitha Heindel, Cameron Hildebrand, Matt Hildebrand, William Ives, Jr., William Jensen, James Kiefer, Mike Kiefer,
Steven Kintzler, Barbara Knauer, Richard Knauer, Brian Kurtz, Brian Lehman, Brandon Martin, Delbert Martin, Jay Martin, Ray
Martin, Kenneth Martz, Paul Miley, Ralph Mowen, Kevin Panzaram, William Peters, Allen Pettyjohn, Peter Potteiger, Troy Red-
cay, Art Reider, Brandon Rennix, Stephen Reutlinger, William Rockey, Vernon Schmuck, Tracy Seibel, Bruce Shirker, Gary Siko,
Katie Stewart, Paul Swangren Jr., Jim Sweigart, Dennis Townsley, Derek Vallery, Kenneth Weber, Steven Weisbrod, Donald
Whitcraft, Jim Wiegand, Paul Wise, Dale Witmer, Kevin Wolf, Larry Young, Karen Zimmerman, Scott Zimmerman
Active Fireghters
Esra Hoover, Rodney Good, Harvey Ebersole, Leonard Horning, Earl Eby, Jake Wise, Clarence Martin, Glenn Mains, David
Beohm, Matt Armbruster, Glenn Hoover, Richard Martin, Daryl Martin, Darvin Brubaker, Shannon Martin, Harvey Pfautz, Alvin
Sauder, Curtis Martin, Jared Zimmerman, Jesse Zimmerman, John Isaac Weaver, Nelson Shirk, Jesse Wise, James Steinmetz,
Randy Steinmetz, Allen Weaver, Justin W. Martin, Gerald Martin, Gary Martin, Matt Eberly, Marlin Sauder, Howard Martin,
Austin Weaver, Curtis Bowman, Dave Stauffer, Jeffrey Stewart Jr., Lavern Hoover, Charles Mohler Jr., Lois Zimmerman, Jona-
thon House, Stephanie Wolfe, Kylene Martin, Jordan Fox, Jeffrey Stewart Sr., Corey James Boas, Ashlee Mains, Jared Artus
Active Fireghters
Alvin Burkholder, Jay Evan Burkholder, Amos Fisher, Galen Fisher, Earl Good, Kenneth Groff, Cleason High, Cleason High Jr.,
James High, Mervin Horning, Ray Hoover, Ezra Kilmer, Menno King, Daniel Martin, Glenn Martin, Melvin Martin, Eli News-
wenger Jr., Earl Oberholtzer, Leon Oberholtzer, Jonas Reiff, Randall Reiff, David Rupp, Paul Stauffer, David Sensenig, Marvin
Sensenig, David Shirk, James Ulrich, Jeremy Ulrich, Larry Weaver, Leroy Weaver, Lloyd Weaver, David Wenger, Ammon
Zimmerman, Amos R. Zimmerman, Amos W. Zimmerman, Daryl Zimmerman, Darrell Zimmerman, Harvey Zimmerman,
Kenneth Zimmerman, Lamar Zimmerman, Larry Zimmerman, Lester Zimmerman, Mervin Zimmerman, Wislon Zimmerman,
LADIES AUXILLARY: Deb Burkholder, Louise Good, Sylvia High, Barbara Hoover, Lois Hoover, Emma Reiff, Diane Reiff,
Sonya Reiff, Lena Weaver, Luella Weaver, Darla Weaver, Jo Zimmerman, Teresa Zimmerman, Karen Zimmerman, Mary Miller,
Judith Stauffer
Lancaster, PA Salute to Our Fireghters October 6, 2013 • 7
339 East Main Street, New Holland, PA 17557 (717) 354-8311
3204 Vigilant Street, PO Box 14, Gordonville, PA 17529 (717)-768-3869
Fire Chief: Tony Kauffman
President: Brian Gregg
Active Fireghters
Amos Allan Allgyer, Wane D. Anderson Jr., Brian Bauer, Herb Baughman, Earl Beachey, Darlene Beiler, Derrick Beiler, Dwayne Beiler, Mark
Beiler, Melvin Beiler, Lyndon Beiler, Chuck Blank, Kervin R. Blank, Matt Blank, Brian Bowman, Doug Brubaker, Jake Brubaker, Rachel
Brubaker, Leroy Burkholder, Jose Colon, E J. Ebersol, John Wayne Ebersol, Ivan Ebersol, Sam Esch, Abner Esh, David Lee Esh, Jacob
Esh, Jay Elmer Esh, Jesse Esh, John Esh, Ken Esh, Levi Esh Jr., Matthew Esh, Merv Esh, Rachel Esh, Raymond Esh, Andrew Etman, Allen
Fisher, Daniel Fisher, Gideon Fisher, Ivan Fisher, Jake Fisher, Jason L. Fisher, John J. Fisher, John K. Fisher, Jonathan Fisher, Leon Jay Fisher,
Leon Lee Fisher, Leroy Fisher, Lydia Fisher, Marie Fisher, Mary Ruth Fisher, Ivan Glick, John K. Glick, Brian Gregg, Carlton Gregg, Tyson
A. Greggs, Rhoda M. Groff, Glenn Horst, June Horst, Anthony Kauffman, Dave Kauffman, Jody L. Kauffman, Mary Kauffman, Stanley
Kauffman, Joseph Kennedy, Alvin Jay King, Mary Beth Lapp, Matt Lapp, Michael L. Lapp, Rueben S. Lapp, Savilla Lapp, Susie Lapp, Carlso
D. Mares, Emma Miller, John Miller, Christopher Minnier, Glenn Myer, Adam Prokay, Luke Prokay, Sylvan Reihl, Melvin Reyes, Kaye L.
Rice, Ezra J. Rothman, Ralph Shank, Michael Smoker, Abner Stoltzfus, Amos Aaron Stoltzfus, Amos Allan Stoltzfus, David B. Stoltzfus Jr.,
David B. Stoltzfus Sr., David E. Stoltzfus Jr., Elmer Stoltzfus, Katie Mae Stoltzfus, Maranda Stoltzfus, Marlin Stoltzfus, Nissa L. Stoltzfus,
Sam Stoltzfus Jr., Sylvan Stoltzfus, Vernon Stoltzfus, Ben Summers, David A. Weaver, Leonard Weaver, Vera Joy Weiler, Jim Williams, Abner
Zook, Jason Zook, Josh Zook
Fire Chief: Chris Strayer
President: Kurt Windlebleck
Active Fireghters
Chris Strayer, Jason Wingenroth, Ken Hudson, Josh Newcomer, Kevin Koller, Miker Zercher, Ed Barba, Larry
Bevins, Jane Boyce, Tom Brill, George Dula, Kevin Dundore, Kyle Fritz, Ben Herskowitz, Kim Herskowitz,
Martin Herskowitz, William Herskowitz, Pat Horan, James Klinge, Greg Leaman, Jerry LoBianco, Rich Ressel,
Randy Rice, Jenn Schmidt, Adam Waltemyer, Andrea Waltemyer, Mike Wills, Kurt Windlebleck, Denise
Freeman, Bill Sindorf, Mike Lyons, David Longenecker, Ken Hudson, Jason Wingenroth, Eric Krause
PO Box 263, Landisville, PA 17538 (717) 537-4197 www.hazmat2-9.com
Fire Chief: Lonnie Kauffman
President: Tim Hoerner
Active Fireghters
Benuel Beiler, Lavelle Beiler, Lyndon Beiler, Mark Beiler, Butch Berry, Don Boyer, Mike Burkholder, Roger
Clark, Anthony Danner, Norm Decker, Mahlon Esh, Alvin Esh, Les Fazekas, Mike Fazekas, Aaron Fisher, Dan
J. Fisher, Doug Glick, Fred Greer, Tim Hoerner, Carl Kauffman, Lonnie Kauffman, Stanley Kauffman, Lester
Lapp, Allen Miller, Randy Neilds, Rick Neilds, Raymond Petersheim, Steve Petersheim, David Riehl, Jonas
Riehl, John Schell, Dave Shenk, Kendall Shrock, Stanley Schrock, Amos Stoltzfus, Daniel Stoltzfus, Dan K.
Stoltzfus, Ephraim Stoltzfus, Ivan Stoltzfus, John Stoltzfus, Jr. Stoltzfus, Mel A. Stoltzfus, Mel B. Stoltzfus,
Sam D. Stoltzfus, Sam M. Stoltzfus, Stephen Stoltzfus, Greg Troyer, Lance Watt
313 Enterprise Drive, Bird-in-Hand, PA 17505 (717) 392-0112
Upcoming Events:
• October 19, 2013 - Safety Day Program
• February 22, 2014 - Chicken Pot Pie Dinner
802 Pequea Ave., PO Box 487, Gap, PA 17527 (717) 442-8100
Fire Chief: Troy Wenger
President: Chris Beiler
Active Fireghters
Troy Wenger, Chris McGowan, Kevin Beiler, Chris Beiler, Loren Glick, Leon Zook, Chris Slaymaker, Joe Kennedy, Rob Beiler,
Alvin Blank, Glen Beiler, Isaac Zook, Matt Allgyer, Steve Barr, Andrew Beiler, Elvin Beiler, Raymond Beiler, Vernon Beiler, Leroy
Blank, Ian Botes, Stephan Botes, Michele Coates, Jacob Dolbow, Austin Eby, Jeremiah Ely, David Esh, Ej Esh, Brian Eshelman,
Tim Felker, Andre Glick, Linford Glick, Shawn Glick, Larry Gouge, Chris Jumper, Chris Kennedy, David King, Stephen Lantz,
Daniel Lapp, Henry Lapp, Johnny Lapp, Philip Lawrence, Tom Lieberher, Mark Lowe, John Mead, Dylan Newnam, Latta Dain
Null, Dave Rathbun, Mel Reihl, Allen Lee Stoltzfus, B. Allen Stoltzfus, David Ray Stoltzfus, Elmer Stoltzfus, Jay Elmer Stolzfus,
Jesse Stolzfus, John Lee Stoltzfus, John O. Stoltzfus, Jordan Stoltzfus, Mark Stoltzfus, Michael Stoltzfus, Samuel J. Stoltzfus,
Steven J. Stoltzfus, Steven S. Stoltzfus, Vernon Stoltzfus, Elvin Zook, Emanuel Zook Jr., Paul Zook, Tony Chialastri,
Allen Wingenroth, Hansen Poole, Irvin Anderson, Chuck Coates, David Glick, Joe Norris, Bill Rutter, Bruce Wenger
Upcoming Events:
• October 19 - All you can Eat Ham & Oyster Supper
• 3/21-3/22 2014 - 38th Annual Consignment Auction & Sale
1354 Harrisburg Pike 394-9991
1921-B Lincoln Hwy 295-1799
161 Rohrerstown Rd 394-6030
2110 S. Queen St. (York) 699-1060
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PennDot Photo center
2350 N. Reading Road
Ad|acent to 7ia Maria
Denver, PA 17517
1344 Main Street
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£ast £arI, PA 17519
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Mon. &Wed. 9-7, 7ues., 7hurs., Iri. 9-5:30, Sat. 9-12 (by appt. onIy)
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What Is Creosote?
Creosote is the condensation of unburned, ammable particulates
present in the exhausting ue gas (smoke). The cause of creosote is
the temperature of the ue in the chimney. If the surface temperature
of the ue is cool, the carbon particles in the smoke will condense
and solidify, collecting on the ue. Because wet or “green” wood
burns at a lower temperature or smolders, it can cause the ue to
have a cooler surface temperature, thus leading to more creosote.
Seasoned woods, or those that have been left to dry for several
months or a year, will burn hotter and thus increase the temperature
of the ue. A hotter ue means less creosote buildup.
Upcoming Events:
• November 23, 2013 - Chicken & Wafes
• March 1, 2014 - Ham & Roast Beef
Fire Chief: Larry Martin
President: David Wright
Active Fireghters
Larry Martin, Jeff Martin, Ray Harnish, Darryl Keiser, Roy Mellinger, Mike Fryer, Butch Johnston, Eugene Nolt, Stefan
Kuenzli, Earl Witmer, Steve Weaver, Dennis Gaul, Matthew Boley, Troy Kauffman, Norm Brower, Kirk Neidermyer, Noah
Martin, Dave Groff, Keith Snowberger, Nicholas Smoker, Amador Cruz, Anthony Farrell, Paul Nolt, Mark Willwerth,
Jamie Weir, Jeffrey Cook, Jeff Hannum, Darryl Fisher, Ej Hillard, Cory Simo, Thomas Helmick, Danial Huyard, Jim Nolt,
David Wright, Nathan Spece, Kirk Neidermyer, Thomas Curtis, Tom Lieberher, Mathew Ruoss, Glenn Good, John
Horning, Shawn Kelly, Ivan King, Irvin Martin, Jerry Mason, Chris Risser, Jay Stauffer, Mitch Buzzard, Nate Church,
Matthew Martin, Steven Huyard, Daniel Horning, Terry Mohler, Brendon Harnish, Bryan Buch, Greg Fisher, Troy Rutter,
Vinny Tennis, Howard Martin, Christian Good, Juan Salas, Danial Huyard, Aaron Nolt, Amy Boley, Dennis Groff Jr.,
Linford Horst, Matt Horst, John Martin, Curtis Sprecher, Keith Stauffer, Richard Wilkey, Alex Loveland, Chad Coblentz,
Wes Kopp, Josh Belier, Steve Blank, Daryl Howe, Matthew Eberly, Loren Nolt, Delton Brubaker, Nick Nolt, Scott Walter,
Jenn Weber, Mike Weaver, Jack Rutter, Dave Groff, Howard Hershey, Glenn Eberly, Dennis Groff Sr., Walter Clair
Martin, Leon Arment, Tim Sprecher, John Fischer, Corbin Keiser, Titus Kauffman
8 • October 6, 2013 Salute to Our Fireghters Lancaster, PA
10 N. Hollander Rd. • PO Box 52 • Intercourse, PA 17534 (717) 768-3402
Fire Chief: Steve Diener
President: Jake Dienner
Active Fireghters
Steve Diener Leon Yoder, Elmer Stoltzfus, Eli Ebersol, Sam Esch, Merv Stoltzfus, Marlin Stoltzfus, Mervin Lee Esh,
Dwayne Beiler, Samuel Beiler, Gerald Brackbill, Jeff Davison, Jake Dienner, Christ Ebersol, Eli Jay Ebersol, Eli S. Ebersol,
John Ebersol, John Wayne Ebersol, Melvin Lee Ebersol, Daniel Esch, Aaron Esh, Amos Esh, Daniel Esh Jr., John G. Esh,
Mervin S. Esh, Steven Esh, Elam Fisher, Henry Fisher, Jonas Fisher, Levi Fisher, Mark Fisher, Matt Flaud, Mike Geib,
Lloyd Groff, Daniel Huyard, Eli King Jr., Ivan King, Jonas King, Nathan King, Daniel Lapp, Dave Lapp, John Allen Lapp,
Merv Lapp, Kirk Neidermyer, Sylvan Riehl, Larry Schultz, Amos Smoker, Isaac Smoker, Jake Smoker, John Stoltzfoos,
Abner Stoltzfus, Ivan Stoltzfus, Jonathan Stoltzfus, Larry Stoltzfus, Leon Stoltzfus, Melvin Stoltzfus, Mervin E. Stoltzfus,
Mervin W. Stoltzfus, Sam M Stoltzfus, Samuel B Stoltzfus, Stephen Stoltzfus, Sylvan Stoltzfus, John Weaver, Phil
Weaver, Wilber Weaver, Mervin Zook, Sam Zook
83 South Main Street, Manheim, PA 17545 (717) 665-3661 www.manheimre.com
Fire Chief: Daniel Reif
President: Douglas Shaub
Active Fireghters
Daniel Reif, Daniel Wagner, David Johnson, Duane Ober, Jimm Landis, Adam Reeser, Aaron Morey, Rick
Carpenter, Nate Deck, Jaimie Deck, Rick Houser, Eric Bachman, Ryan Olesen, Jessica Wagner, Jason
Marzall, Jonathon Schlotzhauer, Jesse Schlotzhauer, Terry Theal, Robert Flowers, Eli Stoltzfus, Jason Reif,
Ben Lapp, Norm Deck, Eric Patterson, Eric Gilbert, Brian Ober, Doug Shaub, Mike Reif, James Kraybill,
Andrew Kirchner, Rodney Ault, Jeff Martin, Joseph Smith Jr., Andy Tuscan, Todd Wenger, Dean Evanoff,
Carl Metzler, Joe Henderson, Carol Carbaugh, Nate Snyder, Ron Shank, Randy Kreiser, Harold Carbaugh,
Bradley Roth, Bryan Wittel, Dennis Ober
PO Box 117, Holtwood, PA 17532
Fire Chief: Mark Hall
President: Dan Ditzler, Sr.
Active Fireghters
Ron Cariello, Mark Clare, Jeremy Culbertson, Chris Ditzler, Dan Ditzler Sr., Dan Ditzler Jr., Mike Ditzler,
David Drayovitch, Adam Enterline, Kris Enterline, Justin Fisher, Lorie Hall, Mike Hall, Brad Hemperly, Cody
Hufford, Sue Kelly, Zadok Leggett, Mike McBride, Collin Meck, Darren Pickel, Devon Pickel, Doug Pickel
Sr., Doug Pickel Jr., Carol Prangley, Owen Ranck, Tom Ream, Don Schultz, Chris Shank, Sheron Shank,
Tori Surkin
Fire Chief: Doug Brubaker
President: Elmer Stoltzfus
Active Fireghters
Abner Glick, Allen Stoltzfus, Amos Beiler Jr., Amos Lee Glick, Austin Groff, Bob McElrath, Calvin Fisher, Calvin Wayne
Fisher, Charles Edwards, Chris Keeney, Chris Kennedy, Curtis Lapp, Daniel Beiler, David Anderson, David Blank, David Ray
Stoltzfus, David S. Fisher, Doug Brubaker, Doug Groff, Eli Blank, Elmer Esh, Elmer J. Fisher, Elmer Stoltzfus, Eugene Lapp,
Jacob Brubaker, Jacob Stotlzfus, Jesse Glick, Jim Horst, John David Allgyer, John GLick, John Mark Stoltzfus, Jonathon
King, Manny Stoltzfus, Matt Chambers, Michael Chambers, Michele Coates, Nick Summers, Omar Stoltzfus, Rachel
Brubaker, Raymond Stotlzfus, Reuben Beiler, Robert J Swift, Samuel K Stoltzfus, Simeon King, Steven Lee Stoltzfus,
Sylvan Fisher, Sylvan Stoltzfus, Trevor Lapp, Wayne Anderson, Zach Cisney
3521 Lincoln Hwy East, PO Box 82, Kinzers, PA 17535 (717) 442-4121
Upcoming Events:
• Monthly Breakfast;1st Saturday of month (except January)
• Annual Pig Roast - September 28, 2013
• Annual Pork & Sauerkraut - January 1, 2014
Fire Chief: David Keens
President: Eric Beiler
Active Fireghters
Eric Beiler, Nate Church, Shawn Bryan, Thomas Coumbe Jr., Jacob Harnish, Michael Andrews, Jeffrey Hateld, J.
Robert Landis, Adam Mitchell, Dykota Kloepfer, Howard Hershey, Jan Harnish, Michael King, Karl Stevens, Scott
Hershey, Levi Freeburn, Zachary Phillips, Mitchell Fetterman, Richard Kurtz, Matthew Evans, Theresa Mockler, Abram
Harnish, J. Ronald Nolt, Jeremiah Martin, Francis Ostermeier, Brett Wesson, David Phillips, Douglas Stoner, Matthew
Nistor, Melvin Reyes Jr., John Long, Sheryl Golicher, Ignazio Sabella, Jason Rankin, Robert Sloyer, Dylan Leed, Jennifer
Coumbe, Sabrina Rodriguez, Ethan Moore, Christopher Smith, Melvin Rosser, Randy Nields, Bryson Shoff, Stephen
Clinton, David Keens, Jeffrey Keens, Frank Robinson, Bernard Sylvester, Lawrence Bray III, Jose Colon, Salvatore
Sabella, Ethan Wickenheiser, Pedro Madera, Stephen Fazekas, Matthew Pfeiffer, Ezekial Harnish, Dalton Kuhn, Seth
Freeburn, Miguel Rodriguez, Joey Wright, Robin Dosch, Nick Rhinier, John Mockler, Gilberto Rosa, Patrick Gaynor,
Pedro Urena, John Lamparter, Jennifer Schmidt, Deneshia Rosser, Adrianna Harnish, Lisa Phillips, Apryl Beiler, Denise
Rodriguez, Amanda Miller, Paul S. Frymyer, David Dowd, William Chillas, Randall R. Hershey, William Bair, Arthur
Gaskill, David Palmatier, Ed Murry, Harold Nonenmacher, Brenda Pittman, Earl Bouder, Norm Groff
63 Lafayette Way, Lancaster, PA 17602 (717) 392-5097
Small res may be
smothered with an
extinguisher. If the re
has spread or is already
large in size, it’s likely only
a trained reghter can
handle the blaze. Only use
a re extinguisher in these
1. The re is small and
2. You have already called
the re department.
3. There is little chance of
being consumed by toxic
4. You can escape safely if
5. The re is not between
you and the escape route.
6. You are physically
able to carry its weight
and exert the necessary
pressure to operate it.
Fire extinguishers should
be routinely inspected and
maintained to ensure they
will be effective.
Upcoming Events:
• Breakfast Buffet - Saturday, November 30, 2013
• Breakfast Buffet - Saturday, March 29, 2014
• Chicken BBQ Dinner - Saturday, May 3, 2014
Lancaster, PA Salute to Our Fireghters October 6, 2013 • 9
599 Airport Rd., Lititz • ConcreteAuthority.com
717-556-0077 • 855-3-CONCRETE
We thank all
Lancaster County
reghters who put
their lives on the line
every day for our safety.
26-28 W. King Street, Lancaster, PA
Free Parking in Central Parking Garage
29-31 Vine Street
1. Explain the purpose of 9-1-1. It is a method of
contacting the police, re department or ambulance
when there is an emergency only. An emergency is
when Mom, Dad or someone else in the house is
hurt and can’t get up; there is a re; or the police
are needed, like if there is a burglar or a bad ght.
2. Indicate that the adults in the house will
dial the phone whenever possible if there is an
emergency. The child is learning only in case Mom or
Dad can’t get to the phone.
3. Discuss the buttons on the phone. Show the
child how to push them in the right order.
4. Now may be the time to also teach the child
his or her full name and address. This is something
many kindergartners are urged to know.
5. Roll-play with the child. Go over instances that
are emergencies and non-emergencies so he or she
will understand the differences between both and
when 9-1-1 may be needed.
Again, stress the importance that 9-1-1 should
not be dialed just for fun. Mommy is not sick if
she simply has a headache! With time, children can
grasp the concept of 9-1-1 and be a lifesaver at a
time when an adult cannot reach the phone.
Teaching Children About 9-1-1
851 Village Road, P. O. Box 45, Lampeter, PA 17537 (717) 464-2561
Fire Chief: Sean Alexander
President: Adam Ebersole
Active Fireghters
Sean Alexander, John Alexander, Richard Breneman, Samuel Brown, Edward Cannon, Michael Cox,
Adam Ebersole, Brian Edmunds, Tyler Edmunds, Amos Fisher, Joseph Fisher, Kevin Flick, Thomas Gloden,
Matthew Gregg, Zachary Heiner, Lloyd E. Henry, Robert Henry, Amos King, Jonas King, Daniel Lapp,
Moses Lapp, Collin Meck, James Meck, Chris Miller, Jacob Miller, Richard Miller, Jonathan Peachey, Bill
Platt, Thomas Ream, Craig Rhineer Sr., Curtis Stoltzfus, Vernon Yost
Upcoming Events:
• AMA Flat Track Motorcycle Races, October 11-12
Fire Chief: Mike Roten
President: Jim Damm
Active Fireghters
Eric G. Bachman, Chris Bakey, Kevin Bakey, Joe Banzhof, Thomas Bender, Don Billett, Randy L. Bixler, Phil
Bleiler, Tucker Brown, Sam Clark, Seth Crouse, Jim Damm, Robert Edmiston, Kirk Evans, Carl Everhart,
Kurt Gehman, Brett Hamm, Dillon P. Henry, Evan Hogan, Jordan Hood, Dave Howey, Joshua Hummel,
Brock Hunt, Jen Kane, Aaron King, Donald Leayman, Steve Leayman, Brett Mitchell, Chris Mowry, Roger
D. Neuenschwander, Troy Neville, Greg Noll, John Osborne, Tim Pavlic, Michel Roten, Mike Roten, Shane,
Roten, Mark Shenk, Ryan Spangler, Eddie Thephavong, Kayla Williams, Curth, Woerth, John Woerth
1695 New Holland Pike, Lancaster, PA 17601 (717) 397-5881 www.edenre.com
Fire Chief: Randall Gockley
President: Richard Ritter
Active Fireghters & Fire Police
Keith Allen, Brian Carpenter, John Coleman, Jr., Helen Elder, Kristin Gockley, David Jaquay, Clarence K. Martin, Vernon Martin,
Tom Murray, Jr., Kerry Rollman, Tim Showalter, Keith Weaver, Chester Yeakel, Matt Shirker, Richard Croft, Brooke Miller, Emma
Witenski, Diet Aseli, Eric Carpenter, Robert Coleman, Josiah Fegley, Laura Martin, Mike Kofroth, David Martin, Loren Martzall,
Phil Myers, Lee Showalter, Sandy Snook, Karl Weaver, Anthony Zimmerman, David Work, Jordan Behm, Rick Pomeroy, Craig
Bouder, Mike Carpenter, Shawn Conner, James Gehman, Randall Gockley, Andy Leisey, Dale G. Martin, Hannah Cottman,
Richard Ritter, Eric Showalter, Derrick Tyron, Burnell Wenger, Brian Zimmerman, Glenn S. Zimmerman, Amanda Carpenter,
Kiersten Rountree, Dustin Byers, John Coleman Sr., Frank Elder, Richard Gehman, Gerald Hursh, Aaron Martin, Harold Martin,
Tony In, Denny Rollman, Matthew Showalter, Tim Wanner, Ken Yeager, Glenn M. Zimmerman, Don Greer, Conner Jaquay,
Jeremy Sweiney Auxiliary Members Gloria Aseli, Norma Martin, Della Stoyer, Donna Wartluft, Vickie Fenstermaker,
Esther Mitchell, Susan Wargo, Audrey, Frankfort, Jodi Showalter, Rosie Yeakel, Mary Louise Kurtz, Lori Gockley, Julie Wealand
38 South Market Street, Ephrata, PA 17522 (717) 733-6214
Upcoming Events:
• Annual Fire Prevention Open House - October 12, 2013
P. O. Box 210, Bausman, PA 17504 (717) 394-5353 www.ltfd.org
Fire Chief: Ronald Comfort Jr.
President: Gregory Kolb
Active Fireghters
Brandon Balmer, Jackie Brian, Justin Brian, Brian Bixler, Jake Bowman, Ronnette Butler, Paul Castline, Wes Cave, Mark
Clare, Ron Comfort Sr., Ron Jr. Comfort Jr., Sally Comfort, Vicki Comfort, Millie Daniels, Ross Deck Jr., Albert Dorrick,
Tom Driscoll, Barry Dusel, Pat Egan, Brett Fassnacht,Irene Fitzkee, Mark Fitzkee, Andrew Foster, Tom Gardner,
Christine Haavistola, Eric Haavistola, J. Hateld, Mark Heath, Mike Hemler, Jeremy Hertzog, Pat Horan, Nick Jabbour,
Carl Jones, Stacy Jones, John Jones, Lori Jones, Craig Jordan, Dale Kline, James Klinge, Greg Kolb, Bob Leaman,
Greg Leaman, Barry Leed, James Logan, John Logan, James Malone, Carolyn Miller, Kaila Ojeda Miller, Kenton Miller,
Kevin Morrison, Chris Mosso, Jeff Myers, Elmer Reese, Clarence Ressel, Andy Rohlf, Walter Roth, Shawn Roop,
Steve Roy, Alexandra Royer, Tom Royer, Dick Ruhl, Luis Santiago, Dottie Schaller, Tom Schaller, Eric Sheetz, Bob Silknetter,
Ed Slaymaker, Scott Slaymaker, Chad Slover, Dave Staples, Adam Stipe, David Stoeckl, Zach Sweigart, Glenn Usdin,
Katie Vreeland, Zach Vreeland, Rod Warner Jr., Nate Whatmore, Karen Whitmore, Percy Wise, Tim Zimmerman
101 Champ Boulevard, Manheim, PA 17545 (717) 537-4190 www.lcpstc.com
Fire Service Coordinator:
Dave Gribble
Director: Craig Elmer
Support Staff for the Public Safety Training Center
(Left) Craig Elmer, L.C.P.S.T.C. Director. (Right) Dave Gribble, Fire Training Coordinator.
Randy Gockley, Emergency Managment Director. Barbara Funk, Clerical and Support Specialist.
Gary Shimp, Maintenance Supervisor. Support Staff, Jeff Hoover, Dave Cochran, Josh Rudy, Jack Borden,
Juan Torres
Upcoming Events:
• Hosting the 2014 Lancaster County Fireman’s Convention
• Continuing supporting to all Lancaster County Fire Departments
with educational, training, skill development/enhancement and
certication programs
Fire Chief: Jeff Siegrist
President: Ryan Lowery

Active Fireghters
Michael Barr, William Belloff, John Boughter, Craig Brubaker, Michael Brubaker, Andrew Cook, Nathan
Deck, James Fidler, Bo Fulkrod, Randy Fulkrod, Robert Fulkrod, Ryan Geib, Kerry Groff, Larry Groff, Nevin
Groff, Lloyd Haldeman, Mike Keebler, Zachary Harshbarger, David Hess Jr., Marlin Hosler, Robert Kulp
Sr., Justin Lilley, Loren Lilley, Steven Lilley, Trent Lilley, Ryan Lowry, Jeffrey Martin, Kristin Martin, Adam
Montgomery, Troy Montgomery, Loretta Sauder, Melvin Sauder, Barry Saylor, Joshua Sensenig, Eric
Shields, Curtis Shenk, Lori Shenk, Matt Shenk, Patricia Shupp, Rodney Shupp, Darlene Siegrist, Jason
Siegrist, Jeff Siegrist, Jesse Siegrist, Timothy Siegrist, Ashley Sinninger, Danielle Sinninger, Seth Snyder,
Dave Stoltzfus, Gerald Waltz, Andrew Wenger, John Young
10 • October 6, 2013 Salute to Our Fireghters Lancaster, PA
1840 Municipal Drive, Lancaster, PA 17601 (717) 569-6406 www.mtfr.com
Fire Chief: Rick Kane
Township Manager: Michael Rimer
Active Fireghters
Daniel Bezek, Adrian Borry, Tom Chenworth, Rick Kane, Douglas J. Kemmerly, John Merrell,
Geoffrey Miller, Steven Miller, Troy Redcay, Justin Rhoads, Jeremy Shaffner, Thomas Smith, Ryan Vallowe,
Daniel Wagaman, Kenneth Yost
1696 Orchard Road, Lancaster, PA 17601 (717)-392-9395 www.smtfc.com
Fire Chief: John Tshudy
President: Anthony Shoffstall
Active Fireghters
Karen Axe, Dixie Burkett, Brian Bixler, Ivan Brian, Eva Burrs, Robert Burrs, Chris Cohan, Robert Coots,
Darryl Eckman, Nick Falstick, Paul Frymyer, William Gross, Timothy Jordan, Alex Kuhl, Kenneth McCardell,
Cody McMullen, Mark Migdal, Ted Moyer IV, Jennifer Paparo, Amy Peters, Kyle Peters, Zachary Todd
Petticoffer, Anthony Shoffstall, Scott Smith, Katelyn Timko, John Tshudy, Shannon Tshudy, Rafael Uhle
200 East Oregon Road, Lancaster, PA 17608 (717) 569-1956 www.neffsvillere.com
Fire Chief: Mike Elliot
President: Don Mellott
Active Fireghters
Dionicio Acosta, Moniqua Acosta, Scott Adkins, Diateza Alfredo, Edwin Berilla, Chris Castagna, Michael
Colasante, Krista Denlinger, Rich Denlinger, Alyssa Duffy, Dereck Duffy, Chandler Elliot, Jean Elliot, Katelyn
Elliot, Michael Elliot, Timra Fisher, Brian Freysz, Debra Freysz, John Fueyo, Luke Gerhart, David Harrower,
Banjamin Herskowitz, Debra Herskowitz, Kim Herskowitz, Marty Herskowitz, William Herskowitz, Sam Hess,
Tom Hoffman, Dan Hollinger, Jenn Hollinger, Christopher Ingle, David Johnson, Donald Mellott, Amber
Miller, Erin Mowery, Zachary Musser, Jeff Ober, Susan Ober, Laura Oberle, Gail Overly, Alice Pinto, Manuel
Pinto, Roberty Schofell, Gina Seace, Shawn Seace, W. Ray Seace, Amanda Slaymaker, Lisa Slaymaker ,Tara
Slaymaker, Troy Slaymaker, Frank Spohn, Patricia Spohn, Jeffrey Stoltzfus, Zeb Stoltzfus, Beth Templeton,
Brittany Templeton, Cheryl Templeton, Cindy Templeton, Donald Templeton, Donna Templeton, Kyle
Templeton, Melissa Templeton, Mike Templeton, Myron Vaughen, Lynn Walker. Cameron Warfel, Maryann
Wiesser, Scott Wieser, Timothy Wiesser, Woody Woodward
2166 Meadow View Drive, Manheim, PA 17545 (717) 665-5192 www.mastersonvillere.com
Upcoming Events:
• Annual Pig Roast - Saturday, November 9, 2013, 4 PM - ?,
All you can eat, family-style
160 E. High Street, P. O. Box 68, Maytown, PA 17550 (717) 426-4111 www.maytownfd.com
Fire Chief: Adam Kosheba
President: John Schueing
Active Fireghters
Adam Kosheba, Tony Mohr, Jason Trostle Shawn Risser, Josh Barcaly, Terry Stokes, Jason Barclay, Dan
Housel, James Lowrey, Cody Smith, Brock Miller, Joe Saudarg, John Cook, Scott Eppley, Justin Bradnick,
Steve Rettew, Mike Brinser, Joel Bowers, Will Nye, Ryan Dejesus, Michael Loucks, Craig Parduski, Nathan
Gravius, Ryan Nell, Edward Kaufman, Scottie Wood, Cole Witmer, Todd Miller, John Staph, Paul Castline,
Jeff Barclay, Gwen Smith, Fred Rivera, Scott McCarty, Tyler Seibert, Chris Forry, Josh Markle ,Kathryn
Newman, Chip Kirby, Jeremiah Bixler, Adam Soders, Manuel Acuna
P. O. Box 701, Ephrata, PA 17522 (717) 278-0239
Fire Chief: Steve Kintzler
President: Sue Hamberger
Active Fireghters
Scott Arndt, Ken Bechtel, Kaylee Biddison, Lois Boose, William Boose, Ralph Brandt, Steve Brumbaugh,
Matthew Carpenter, Clifford Carver, Judy Caskey, Marvin Caskey Jr., Greg Chown, Janet Citron, Christopher
Eichfeld, Erin Eichfeld, Wendy Ewing, Cindy Fischetti, Terry Fischetti, Thomas Froebel, Kathy Gertler, Nancy
Graham, Jim Haines, Charles Hamberger, Sue Hamberger, Jared High, Annette Hughes, Hyacinth Hughes,
Linus Hughes, Elizabeth Hull, John Hunt, Amanda Kintzler, Steve Kintzler, Steve Kline, Chris Larrick, Herbert
Martin, Melissa Martin, Randy Maurer, Kenneth May, Mitch Merkel, Dottie Musser, K. Michael Musser,
Brenda Pittman, Justin Press, Judy Reggio, Jay Robertson, Toni Roland, Marga Row, Stephen Row, Barry
Runk, Beth Runk, Mark Rutt, Joseph Ryan, Jennifer Sauter, Ronald Small, Susan Stauffer, James Michael
Stephens, Crystal Tocci, Dee Utz, Erin Walker, Lynn Walker, Sherry Waple, Deborah Weaver, Nathan Weaver,
Scott Weaver, Maryann Wilson, Jeffrey Winters, Sharon Wise Phillip Yorgensen, Tiffany Yorgensen
Lancaster, PA Salute to Our Fireghters October 6, 2013 • 11
26 North Lemon St., Mountville, PA 17554 (717) 285-5456
Fire Chief: Dean R. Gantz, Jr.
President: Paul M. Rossi
Active Fireghters
Dean Gantz Jr., Michael Dicely, Andrew Kalbach, Robert Evans III, Jose Arroyo, Jerry Brey, Greg Carpenter,
Jarod Carpenter, Ryne Christian, Eric Conley, Paul Cook, Alex Cook, Tony Courtney, Bryan Duquin, Lara
Fenstemaker, Matt Foltz, Randy Geissler, Taylor Hartman, Bobby Hess, Rodney Howard, Trinh Huynh, Joe
Iacono, Julio Jusino, Derrick Millhouse, Chris Rossi, Mike Rossi, Brian Saylor, Dylan Swanson
43 Marticville Rd., Lancaster PA 17603 (717) 872-2181
Fire Chief: Brad Shenk
President: Clyde Thomas
Active Fireghters
Clyde Thomas, Tim Kuntz, Mike Kuntz, Lori Haines, Chris Parmer, Bill Steele, Cara Haines, Brad Shenk,
Greg DeMascolo, Ken Stauffer, James “Chuck” Haines, Jim Mears, Mike Thomas, Duane Thomas, Ben
Eddowes, Brian Dieter, Tye Weaver, Katie Null, Tony Bitts, Bob DeBarr, Alex Kuhl, Richard Shenk, Chris
Larrick, Kyle Hess, Rich Knauss, Pat Giberson
Fire Chief: Shannon Martin
President: Doug Bollinger
Active Fireghters
Derek Weiler, Ashley Martin, Sherry Parson, Micah Diffenderfer, Dean Greiner, Zachary Petticoffer, Sam
Kochel, Shannon Martin, Brad Hess, Harry Barnett, Bob Fichthorn, Lester Gerhart Jr., Gerald Wolfe, Tom
Walsh, Jered Hess, Doug Bollinger
P. O. Box 163, Penryn, PA 17564 (717) 665-2535
111 New Haven St., Mount Joy, PA 17552 (717) 653-1600
Fire Chief: Matt Gohn
President: Bob Purcell
Active Fireghters
Jim Carr, Scott Adams, David Schaeffer, Terry Bradley, Tyler Prickett, William Smith, Mark Eberly,
Barry Leber, John Wilber, TJ Broome, Matt Gohn, Philip Colvin, Tiffany Bovell, Andy Wittle, Bob Purcell,
Bob Lutz
Thanks To You
And Your Families
215 E. Main St., Mount Joy
1000 E. Main St., Mount Joy
970 Rear W. Main St., Mount Joy
West Main Auto West Main Auto
14 W. Main St., Mount Joy
Thank you
Fire Dept. of
Mount Joy!
307 W. Main St., Mount Joy
Thank you!
3140 Mount Joy Road, Mount Joy
3140 M t J R dd M t J
(717) 653-2766
to the
Auto Service,Inc.
1225 W. Main St., Mount Joy
502 Elizabeth Drive, Lancaster, PA 17601
2 College Ave.
Mountville, PA
One East Main St.
Mountville, PA
One of the biggest risk factors with space
heaters is their tendency to get hot on the
surface. When a hot space heater comes
in contact with surrounding combustible
materials, such as draperies or bed linens,
the risk for a serious re will only increase.
Adhere to instructions for proper use
and placement, keeping away from walls
and other combustibles. In crowded living
situations or homes with small children
and pets, it is easy for space heaters to be
inadvertently moved or knocked over.
• Consider an electric model that doesn’t
require fuel, such as kerosene.
• Choose a radiator type that doesn’t
feature any external heating coils.
• Look for models with a tip-over
safety shut off. There are others that will
automatically shut off if the unit senses too
much heat from a close-by object.
• Select sturdy models that aren’t prone
to tip over, meaning look for short, stout
heaters, rather than tall, skinny ones.
• The best type of space heaters have
the heating element deep inside of the
machine and only emit hot air.
• If your old-fashioned heater features
heating coils directly behind a mesh screen,
discard of this unsafe appliance promptly.
• A space heater should be the only
major appliance on one circuit to avoid an
electrical overload and re.
• Do not use extension cords, as the cord
tends to overheat quickly.
• Turn off the space heater when a room
is unattended. Heaters must be used under
supervision. Leaving them unmonitored in
a room is a recipe for trouble.
• Use space heaters as a last resort. Heavy
blankets and clothing can chase away chills.
One of the biggest risk factors with space and pets it is easy for space heaters to be • Select st
Use Space Heaters with Caution
Upcoming Events:
• Annual Mud Sale - March 14 & 15, 2014
Upcoming Events:
• Black Friday Boot Drive, Saturday, November 30
• Hall Rental available for wedding receptions and parties,
contact # (717) 917-4643
Fire Chief: Kent Reich
President: Dennis Schmeck
Active Fireghters
Kent Reich, Ryan Brown, Jeremy Brubaker, Tom Showalter, Mike Youndt, Steve Kauffman, Joe Groff, Craig
Eberly, Lonnie Ogelsby, Richard Pannebecker, Scott Moyer, Zach Crills, Kurt Reich, Dennis Schmeck, John
Reich, Jim Miller, Dwight Walters
12 • October 6, 2013 Salute to Our Fireghters Lancaster, PA
217 East State St., P. O. Box 143, Quarryville, PA 17566 (717) 786-2898
99 Church St., Refton, PA 17568 (717) 786-9462 www.refton59re.com
Fire Chief: Jesse Adsitt
President: Wesley Hicks
Active Fireghters
Jessie Adsitt, Galen Bleacher, Jordon Brown, Brian Carson, Kevin Clare, Kylee Clare, Dalton Farrow, Jim
Glessner, Nate Hammel, Garry Henry Jrl, Matt Hess, Wesley Hicks, Jeff Ibach, Kandace Ibach, Jeff James,
John King, Noel KIng, Tyler Lujan, Kristin MacIntyre, William MacIntyre, Laura Mohler, Donnie Rineer,
Allison Rohrbach, Tracy Rohrbach, Christopher Saam, Melvin Smucker, Rachel Todd, Dustin Trimble, Joshua
Trimble, Rob Williams, Ira Zook, Toby Rineer, Cheryl Bleecher, Glenn Henry, Larry Reinhart, Anthony Lentini,
Dee MacIntyre, Patrick McCardell, Michelle Trimble
P. O. Box 225, Reinholds, PA 17569 (717) 336-7753
Fire Chief: James I. Welk
President: James L. Hassinger
Active Fireghters
Curtis Appler, Jacob Bachman, William Bare, Michael Carr, Carl Cross, Peter Dalgaard, Carl Diem, Elam
Esh, Daniel Glick, Samuel Glick, Chad Graybill, Richard Hall, Craig Hassinger, Brian Henry, Christopher
Herr, Christopher S. Herr, Daniel Hershberger, Douglas Hoffer, Grant Jackson, Ralph Kline, Scott D. Kreider,
Kevin E. Kreider, Andrew Lavin, Dave Louthian, Jeremy Louthian, Joel Neff, Bill Platt, Donnie R. Roop,
Jeremy Roop, Steven Roop, Michael R. Ross, Robert W. Ross Jr., Timothy R. Ryan, Richard Sauder, Chris-
topher Sharp, Peter Stauffer, Aaron Stoltzfus, Israel Stoltzfus, Mike Swayne, James Taylor, Brian Thomas,
Michael Wagner, Jeremy Weaver, Ronald Weaver, James I. Welk, Jeremy L. Welk, Brian D. Wertz, Sherry L.
Wertz, Curt Woerth, James H. Wolf, Tom Worrell, Ken Yost
Upcoming Events:
• 2013 is our 110th Anniversary
33 Martic Heights Dr., Holtwood, PA 17532 (717)-284-3023 www.rvfd58.com
Fire Chief: Carl Strickler, Jr.
President: Dave Walter
Active Fireghters
Bridgett Frey, Emily Ebaugh, David Walter, Jr., Nathan Barrett, Willie Zook, Tim Nye, Austin Walton,
Anthony Williams, Julia Perez, Tessa McCauley, John Ebaugh, Kevin Herr, Kerry Graver, Tom Aument,
Tim Graver, Matt Snyder, Dave Walter, Dennis Drennen, Sr., Joey Evans, Joshua Shetrompf, Bob Roemer,
Jeremy Stone, Ray Scott, Jim Rhodes, Eevin Evnas, Tony Williams
Church St., P. O. Box 276, Reamstown, PA 17567 (717) 336-3958
Fire Chief: Harvey C. Achey
President: Jeffrey Garner
Active Fireghters
Harvey C. Achey, Scott Achey, Bill Sweigart, Tom Clay, Angy Burkhart, Rebekkah Hall, Rufus Martin, Kelly
Morgan, Earl Shirk, Chris Haldeman, Tom Murray III, Shain Showers, Joe Zimmerman, Regina Haldeman,
Jeanette Oberholtzer, Cheryl Sweigart, Bonnie Steffy, Shirley Achey, Gordon Whitehill, Audrey Noll
LANCASTER • 898-8804
QUARRYVILLE • 786-1191
STRASBURG • 687-6058
Our Local Heros!
Thank You
306 S. Hess St., Quarryville, PA
(717) 786-2600 • 1-800-451-4273
Monday-Friday 9-5; Saturday 8-12
33-A Friendly Dr., Quarryville, PA 17566
Thank You
Few things seem as cozy as a mug of cocoa,
a good book and a winter re. But roasting
chestnuts can sometimes lead to charred living
Here are some re-prevention tips for a safer,
warmer winter:
• If your pipes are frozen, do not thaw them
with an open ame. Using a blowtorch to thaw
a pipe might seem like a bright idea—at least
until the pipe conducts heat into the wall and
starts a re. Use hot water or a hand-held dryer
to thaw frozen pipes.
• Avoid candles. Electric candles create the
same ambiance but are much safer than open
ames. If you insist on real candles, keep the
wicks trimmed to a quarter of an inch, and
place the candles out of the reach of pets and
children. Never use re near evergreen needles.
Extinguish candles when you leave the room.
• If you decorate with holiday lights, make
sure that they are in safe, working order. Inspect
the lights for frayed wire and cracked sockets.
Do not link more than three strands together, or
you will risk overloading your electrical outlets.
Turn off the lights when you leave your home.
• Get your heating system inspected. Whether
you use a kerosene heater, a wood-burning
stove or a furnace, a home inspector can make
sure that it’s in optimal working condition.
Tips to Keep Safe
and Warm
Special activities and info:
• Monthly All U can eat Breakfast every
1st Saturday
• Annual Mud Sale, April 24, 2014
Special activities and info:
• Fall Craft Show
• Breakfasts 4th Sunday of Month: Sept, Oct, Nov, Jan, Feb,
March & April
Special activities and info:
• Chicken & Wafe Dinner, 3rd Saturday in February
Special activities and info:
• October 19, Chicken & Wafe Supper 3-7 PM
• November 23, Soup & Apple Dumpling Sale
(Take Out Only) Craft Show 8 AM-2 PM
Fire Chief: Jeff Hackman
President: Robert Hackman
Active Fireghters
Mike Fasnacht, Chanse Firestone, Dustin Fox, Phil Groff, Robert Hackman, Jeff Hackman, Tim Hackman,
Tyler Heck, Wendall High, Brandon Hilton, Amos Hoover, Ed Hoover, Justin Hoover, Jeremy Horning,
Nevin Horning, Gerald Martin, John Mertz, Josh Mertz, Adam Minzer Jr., Jamie Pannebecker,
Delbert Sensenig, Andrew Showalter, Derrick Smith, Scott Smith, Ashley Weinhold, Gerald Weaver,
Glenn Zimmerman, Luke Weinhold, Gary Christ, Jerry Fasnacht, Paul Gantert, Ivan Martin, John Shirk Jr.,
Marvin Showalter, Jay Weaver, Linda Weaver
Lancaster, PA Salute to Our Fireghters October 6, 2013 • 13
PO Box 8, 2271 Robert Fulton Highway, Peach Bottom, PA 17563 (717) 548-8995
Fire Chief: Tracy L. Tomlinson
President: Kris Schwerin Sr.
Active Fireghters
Daniel Appel, Philip Aument Sr., Mark Barto, Kevin Brown, Bill Buckalew, Shaun Burke, Michael
Childress, Michael M. Church, Charles Coates, Wesley Cutler, Bill Emery, Amos F. Esh, Amos S. Esh, John
F. Esh, Reuben S. Esh, Larry Farrell, Chuck Gallagher, Geraldine Gallagher, Ray Glick, Crocket Halsey, Ed
Heidinger, Christopher Hodgden, Clifford Halloway III, Christi Jackson, Levi King, Sylvan King, Henry R.
Lapp, Robert Leonard, David Louthian, John Miller, Allen Monk, James Mullen, Burnell Nolt, Clair Nolt,
Gerald Nolt, Ryan Nolt, Daniel Petersheim, David Petersheim, Daniel J. Stoltzfus, Daniel B. Stoltzfus, Roy
E. Stoltzfus, Russell Tomlinson Jr., Tracy Tomlinson, Jason Tucker, Thomas Turak, Jeffrey Urbanik, Mike
Urbanik, Donnie Wallace, Elmer Weber, E. Wade Wiley, James Wilhem, Harvey Wingler, Linda Wingler,
Rick Woolson Sr., Roy Zook
PO Box 103, Rheems, PA 17570 (717) 367-1569
Fire Chief: Charles H. Stanford
President: Jon D. Brandt
Active Fireghters
Charles Stanford, Kevin Kretzing, Jon Brandt, Matt Freeman, Ladd Robinson, Jonathon Stanford, Justin
Barnes, Robert Kline Jr., Justin Hoover, Bob Schaeffer, Jeff Templin, Roy Dehaven, David Good, John
Baines, Matt Bigler, Aaron Bowersox, Hayden Brandt, Mason Brandt, Aaron Brocious, Francis Cybulsky,
Frank DeHaven, Cordell Ellis, Jay E. Ellison, Jay W. Ellison, Mark Faust, Michael Gantz, Rob Hall, Bruce
Henry, Jeff Hoover, Keith Kretzing, Neil Langan, Cody McMullen, Mike McSherry, Robert Rimert, James
Rodriguez, Jared Sands, Michael Setzer, Chris Smedley, Amanda Stanford, Randy Templin, T. Michael
Trostle Jr., Todd M. Trostle, Sr., Denise Autret, Tammy Brandt, Jill Brenner, Shannon Enk, Wendy Faust,
Lori Ginder, Missy Hartman, Wayne Henschel, Dawn Hoover, Jami Kretzing, Chantel Langan, Melissa
Robinson, Tracy Schaeffer, Doris Schanz, Cortney Showalter, Lesa Stanford, Alexia Stough, Beth Wilson
500 Elizabeth St., Lancaster PA 17603 (717) 392-6700
Fire Chief: Dusty Dommel
President: Scott Porman
Active Fireghters
Kurtis Baum, Gerald Brey, Adam Burtis, Dusty Dommel, Alec Fassnacht, Jarrod Galler, Holly Greer,
Jason Greer, William Hamby, Ed Hartman, Zach Hartman, Tyler Heicklen, James Hughes, Craig Irwin,
Aaron McCoy, Neil Moloney, Debbie Morack, Kevin Morack, Billy Nonnemacher, Robert Reifsnyder, Nick
Shoenberger, Michael Smith, Tyler Smith, Randy Warfel, Dain Yakich, Dustin Zahm, Ken Zimmerman
Fire Chief: Rodney Gossert
President: John Beyer
Active Fireghters
Abner Z. Beiler, John Beyer, Menno G. Blank, Steven J. Blank, Luke Bridge, Kenneth Eberly, Samuel Ebersole,
Sam Ebersole, Chris Eno, Allan J. Fisher, Duane Fisher, Mervin R. Fisher, John D. Flexer, Steven S. Glick,
Benjamin Z. Glick, Corey Gossert, Rodney Gossert, Alvin K. King, Emmanuel King, John D. King, Josh L.
King, Melvin E. King, Melvin S. King, Samuel K. King, Melvin L. Lantz, Dave Lapp, Jacob E. Lapp, Jesse
B. Riehl, Anthony Rodrigues, Leon J. Stoltzfus, Raymond B. Stoltzfus, Todd E. Steinmetz, Alphie Stoltzfus,
Alvin J. Stoltzfus, Daniel K. Stoltzfus, Eli B. Stoltzfus, Ivan Stoltzfus, Samuel A. Stoltzfus, Steven F. Stoltzfus,
Raymond Welsh, Jonathon L. Zook, Paul D. Zook, Sam Zook Jr., Andrea Beyer, David Z. Blank, Bill H. DeWitt,
Steve Ebersole, Michael Fisher, Samuel Fisher, Benvel King, Eli King, John E. Sheaffer, Levi Stoltzfus, Michael
Stoltzfus, Timothy Zook
111 White Horse Road, Gap, PA 17527 (717) 768-3454
Upcoming Events:
• Roast Beef Supper - 2nd Saturday in October, 1pm-?
• Christmas Bazaar - 2nd Saturday in November, 8am-2pm
Upcoming Events:
• Big John Nolt Chicken BBQ - October 12, 2013 - 10am
• Soup & Sub Sale - October 26, 2013 - 8am
125 N. King Street, Denver PA 17517 (717) 336-6767
Visa, MasterCard
& Discover Accepted
393-0451 • www.showcaseoffashions.com
Free Parking onShippenStreet
Four Blocks fromthe Marriott Hotel &ConventionCenter
Monday - Saturday 9:30am-5:00pm
Thank You
Volunteer Firefighters.
Thank You
To Our Firefighters!
Oletowne Jewelers
Manor Shopping Center
M,T, W,Th 10-6; F 10-7; Sat 10-3
Thank You.
Upcoming Events:
• Breakfast every 3rd Saturday of the Month
• Fall Sale in October 2013.
14 • October 6, 2013 Salute to Our Fireghters Lancaster, PA
203 Franklin Street, Strasbug, PA 17579 (717) 687-7232
Fire Chief: Rick Wentz
President: L. James Kiscaden
Active Fireghters
Emory Hay, Eli Stoltzfus, Kevin Cramer, Justin Wright, Dave Firestone, Sam Welk, Ryan Firestone, Andrew
Neidinger, Les Furlow, Scott Weicher, Noah Durling, Rick Wentz, Jonathon Peachey, John Stoltzfus, Mike
Lockart, Nathan Bieber, Al Martin, Danny Dipallo, Dave Work
10th and Manor St., Columbia, PA 17512 (717) 684-5844 • www.susquehannare.org
Fire Chief: Garry Wiseman
President: Mark Fritz
Active Fireghters
Garry Wiseman, Michael Stock, Bryan Keyser, Justin Misal, Kevin Keyser, Cody Gray, Jay Barninger,
Jared Barninger, Ken Barninger, Todd Boyles, Tristan Broome, Megan Carr, Ander Deets, Timothy Finegan,
Jason Fisher, Keith Fritz, Kyle Fritz, Mark Fritz, Brett Graham, Joseph Groft, Daniel Hatterer,
Anthony Helsel, Adam Hetter, Robert Hetter, Douglas Kemmerly, Brent Keyser, Alex Kuhn,
Ryan Kuhn, Cory Markley, Michael McCord, Brian Mentzer Jr., William Meyers, Patrick Montgomery,
Sean Montgomery, Jared Mosteller, Lacie Mosteller, Picenti Moussa, Matthew Nissley, Mackenzie Paris,
Austin Peters, Matthew Poole, Henry Reese, Eugene Schmitt, Les Schoelkoph, Keisha Smith,
Michael Splain, Robert Warfel, Nathan Wolfgang, John Zercher
Fire Chief: Jared Nolt
President: Cory Imler
Active Fireghters
Corey Imler, Kurt Gehman, Nelson Dagen, Jared Nolt, Michael Zalewski, Gerald Bigler, David Ream,
Wes Collins, Melvin Beiler, Ted Burkhart, Thomas Coumbe, Bob Ekis, Curvin Groff, Cody Houser,
Sam Huber, Jeremiah Martin, Larry Miller, Michael Ranck, Abigail Rineer, Melvin Rosser, Mark Shenk,
Jamie Spangler, Jeffrey Wilson, Jay Barley, Doug Imler, Jared Nolt, Veryl Miller, Doug Rineer, Curtis Frey,
Keith McQuate, Leon Frey, Nelson Bard, Tina Barley, Deneshia Rosser, Charles Blymier,
Mel Diffenderfer, Jimmy Dennis, Keith Greiner, Harold Hoover, Wendell Metzler, Scott Hoelz,
Scott Merchlinski, Doug Rineer, Eugene Rodgers
50 West Main St., Leola, PA 17540 (717) 656-9881
Upcoming Events:
• Annual Raw Sauerkraut Sale -
Every Saturday from Thanksgiving to New Years Day
1605 Lancaster Ave.
Columbia, PA
Thank You for Your
Family Owned & Operated Since 1877
LANCASTER • 898-8804
QUARRYVILLE • 786-1191
STRASBURG • 687-6058
1224 Lancaster Avenue
Columbia, PA
616 Union St. Columbia, PA 17512
717-684-7886 717-684-7889
Mon-Fri 7:30-6:00 • Sat 7:30-4:00
Sun 8:00-4:00
With coupon. Ends 10/13/13.
smoke detectors
monthly and install
and maintain
a carbon monoxide
alarm in a central
location outside
each sleeping area.
860 Smoketown Road, Denver, PA 17517 (717) 336-1694
Fire Chief: Brian S. Auker
President: Barry Rehlich
Active Fireghters
Brian S. Auker, Eric Boyer, Matt Clay, Harold Gruber, Jeff Grumbling, Jerry Hartranft, Lindsey Hartranft,
Joel High, Lester High, Justin Lausch, Chris Overholt, Jason Overholt, Barry Rehlich, Eric Shiplett, Donald
Stover, Jim Cataldi, Carl Haberman, Roy Sweigart, Jim Wenger
Upcoming Events:
• Card Parties 1st & 3rd Saturday Evenings at 7pm
(From October-April, Pinochle and Haus @ Pfeffer)
91 Stevens Road, Stevens, PA 17578 (717) 336-4200
Fire Chief: Chad Weaver
President: James Black
Active Fireghters
Chad Weaver, Lester Zimmerman, Elvin Weaver, Jeff Grumbling, Jason Oberholtzer, John Hilton,
Carl Haberman, Jim Cataldi Jr.
Upcoming Events:
• October - All You Can Eat Breakfast
• November - All You Can Eat Turkey Dinner
Caringabout our
3012 Willow Street Pike North
Willow Street, PA 17584
717-464-9446 • Groffs.com
Heating & AC Systems
Plumbing Service &
Electrical Service
24-Hour Emergency
Service PA1710
Lancaster, PA Salute to Our Fireghters October 6, 2013 • 15
Fire Chief: Mike Reese
President: Carl Boyle
Active Fireghters
Gary Todd, Tom Amico, Tom Nitz, Lamar Sauder, Jeff King, Carl Boyle, Brian Smith, Mike Reese, Zack
Race, Craig Rhineer Jr., Jen Anastasio, Craig Rhineer Sr., Seth Anastasio, Jeremiah Rebman, Marc
McGinty, Kyle Lefever, Kevin McMinn, Rob Kiesel, Kirsti Breneman, Jim Hogan, Trox Seltizer, Chris Heisler,
John Donnelly, Ben Ebersole, Dave Reese, Cory Meyers, Matt Lynch, Nick Maser, John Hostetler, Doug
Moyer, Mike Stoltzfus, Ralph Stoltzfus
2904 Willow Street Pike, Willow Street, PA 17584 (717) 464-4622
Upcoming Events:
• 1st Saturday in November - Annual Craft Show
Fire Chief: Matthew T. Bono
President: Edward C. (Ted) Gallagher
Active Fireghters
Kurt G. Baumgardt, Amos S. Beiler, Robert J. Billet, Matthew T. Bono, Daniel K. Brusstar, James R. Burkholder, Brian
R. Clark, Christine M. Clemo, Gerald P. Clemo, Robin T. Dosch, Andrew D. Duffy, Dereck D.F. Duffy, Dwayne F. Duffy,
Benjamin P. Esh, Elam G. Esh, Gary E. Evans, Michael R. Feltman, John A. Fox, Larry G. Frankford, Jr., Michael Frymyer,
Edward C. (Ted) Gallagher, Justin R. Gossert, Timothy A. Gossert, Christian E. Kauffman, Abner S. King, Daniel L. King,
John D. King, John Lee King, Leon L. King, L. Daniel King, Melvin F. King, Omar E. King, Steve S. King, Kenneth E.
Kraft Jr., John E. Kreider Jr., Elam S. Lapp, Jacob Z. Lapp, Reuben S. Lapp, John R. Latschar, Russel E. Latschar, Jeffrey
A. Martin, Lloyd N. Miller, Michael L. Minnier, Tyler W. Morton, Craig A. Nyland, Robert L. Osborne, Deneshia Rosser,
Greg W. Sherman, Samantha M. Sherman, Gideon B. Stoltzfus, Jonas G. Stoltzfus, Stephen R. Stoltzfus, Jessica L. Todd,
Gregory L. Troyer, Joey A. Wright, Craig L. Zimmerman, Roman A. Zimmerman, Benuel E. Zook
455 Mount Sidney Rd., P.O. Box 58, Witmer, PA 17585 (717) 393-1259 www.witmerre.com
Upcoming Events:
• October 19, 2013 - 65th Annual Ox Roast
Delicious Chinese Food
Szechuan / Hunan / Cantonese
2600 Willow Street Pike,
Willow Street, PA
Kendig Square Shopping Center
(717) 464-0914
gour gour t met met
Thank You
LANCASTER • 898-8804
QUARRYVILLE • 786-1191
STRASBURG • 687-6058
P.O. Box 1, Silver Spring, PA 17575 (717) 285-4929 www.westhempeldre.com
Fire Chief: Barry Carter
President: John D. Leas
Active Fireghters
Kirk Ament, Matt Arnold, Eric Bachman, Dave Brown, Tim Burke, Barry Carter, Nathan Charles, Eric
Conley, Tim Brown, Jay Enders, Steve Lefever, Frank Haldeman, Ken Hudson, Jacob Hawthorne, Duane
Kline, Mark Knielsy, Matthew Kniesly, Donald Kreider, Cole Bachman, John Leas, John Lebzelter, Don
Lenox, Joe Ney, Les Rhoads, Mike Root, Jason Sauder, Jeremy Sauder, Jonathan Sauder, Ed Specht, Garry
Wagner, Andy Wright, Adam Wright, Carol Wright, Phill Wright, Sara Wright
Upcoming Events:
• October 12, 2013 - Chicken BBQ
192 West Willow Road, West Willow, PA 17583 (717) 464-3922
Fire Chief: Jason Topper
President: Andy Strausner
Active Fireghters
Barry Acker, Seth Anastasio, Mark Clair, Vicki Christman, Matt Gregg, Mike Gregg, Joe Gura, Martin
Harnish, Herb Harnish, Phil Haussener, Cody Heim, Dwight Hershey, Dalsyn Jones, Eric Kuhns, Ben
Lefever III, Ben Lefever IV, David Lefever, Bri Oberdorf, Marty Rafter, TH Reinhart, Bill Rudisill, Roo
Simione, Charlie Snyder, Al Strausner, Andy Strausner, Corey Stauffer, Ron Stauffer, Dave Topper, Jason
Topper, Todd Topper, Shane Todd, Tony Todd, Josh Thompson, Drew Wenger, Tom Williams, Carlos Zeppenfeidt
Upcoming Events:
• October 26, 2013 - Chicken Corn Soup Sale - 10 AM
• December 14, 2013 Breakfast w/ Santa
(Call Firehouse for reservations)
Fire Chief: Shannon Eberly
President: Carl Kohl
Active Fireghters
Michael Bojako, Chris Bowman, Matt Eberly, Shannon Eberly, Dave Fisher, Harvey Fox, Harvey Fox Jr.,
Bryan Garman, John Good, Karl Good, Ronald Groff, Josh Hollinger, Daryl Hoover, Warren Hoover,
Michael Horning, Alan Hurst, Steve Hurst, Walter Jones, Carl Kohl, Calvin Martin, Earl Martin, Glenn Martin,
Merv Martin, Ray Martin, Shannon Martin, Ryan Noll, Loren Nolt, Joe Raniere, Anthony Reiff, Cleason Reiff,
Anthony Ringler, Clair Shirk, Matthew Shirk, William Shirk, Nathan Shrock, Keith Stauffer, Ryan Thompson,
Ryan Thompson Jr., Troy Weaver, Harold Zeiset, Linford Zeiset, Nevin Zimmerman, Lowell Zimmerman,
Zachary Zimmerman
403 North Earl Street, Terre Hill, PA (717) 445-5072
We Salute Our
Brave Firefighters
Saving People Thousands On New
Toyotas Everyday Is Our Way!
5270 Manheim Pike, East Petersburg,
Pennsylvania 17520 • 717.569.7373
CMY A 16

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