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Surface Finish PropertyManager
Edit properties of surface finish symbols

Define Style.

Basic Machining Required Machining Prohibited Local All Around JIS Basic JIS Machining Required JIS Machining Prohibited If you select JIS Basic or JIS Machining Required, several surface textures are available: JIS Surface Texture 1 Example of JIS Machining Required symbol and JIS Surface Texture 3: JIS Surface Texture 2 JIS Surface Texture 3 JIS Surface Texture 4

Symbol Layout
For ANSI symbols and symbols using ISO and related standards prior to 2002, specify text for the predefined locations around the symbol: Maximum Roughness

Minimum Roughness Material Removal Allowance

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1.10.2013 15:42

.. Add default symbol.5 times larger than the default size. To specify a different font for the symbol and text. Displays the default surface finish symbol in parentheses. Production Method/Treatment Sampling Length Other Roughness Values Roughness Spacing Lay Direction Circular Crossed Multi-Directional Perpendicular Radial Particulate For symbols using ISO and related standards per 2002. Sets the angle of rotation for the symbol.2013 15:42 .solidworks.10. Angle Angle .Surface Finish PropertyManager http://help. specify: Roughness Ra Roughness Rz/Rmax For GOST symbols. Format Use document font. specify: Manufacturing Method Texture Requirement 1 Texture Requirement 2 Texture Requirement 3 Surface Lay And Orientation Matching Allowance For JIS symbols. You can also set the following rotations: Upright Rotated 90deg Perpendicular Perpendicular (Reverse) Leader Select a leader style: Leader 2 of 3 1. clear and click Font. A positive angle rotates the note counterclockwise. Displays the surface finish symbol 0.com/2013/english/SolidWorks/sldworks/hidd_d. you can also select: Use for notation.2013 SolidWorks .

select a Layer .10. 3 of 3 1..solidworks. Multi-job Leader No Leader Auto Leader Straight Leader Bent Leader Select an Arrow Style. Automatically inserts a leader if you select an entity such as a model or sketch edge..com/2013/english/SolidWorks/sldworks/hidd_d.2013 SolidWorks .Surface Finish PropertyManager http://help.2013 15:42 . Layer In drawings with named layers.

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