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Journal Entries

Journal Entries

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Published by: Vivek Kothari on Oct 01, 2013
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Journal Entries 1 (a) When the goods are sent on consignment at cost or at invoice price: Consignment A/c Dr.

To Goods sent on consignment A/c (Being goods sent on Consignment at cost) (b) If goods are sent at invoice price then one more entry is needed for making the adjustments. The amount of this entry is the difference between the invoice price and the cost price. The entry will be: Goods sent on consignment A/c Dr. To Consignment A/c 2. When expenses are incurred by the Consignor: Consignment A/c Dr. To Bank A/c (Being expenses incurred) 3. When the Account Sales is received from the Consignee : (i) Consignee A/c Dr. To Consignment A/c (Being the total sales by consignee) (ii) Consignment A/c Dr. To Consignee A/c (Being the expenses incurred by consignee and with his Commission) 4. When the consignee remits the cash or bills: Bank A/c/ Cash A/c/Bills receivable A/c Dr. To Consignee A/c

For Abnormal Loss of stock: General Profit & Loss Account A/c Dr. To Consignment A/c (Being the loss on Consignment transferred to Profit & Loss Account) 9. To general Profit and Loss A/c (Being the Profit on consignment transferred to Profit and Loss A/c) (ii) If there is loss on Consignment General Profit and loss Account Dr.(Being Cash/B/R received) 5. amount recoverable and amount not recoverable) 8. Discount A/c To Bills receivable A/c (Being B/R discounted with the Bank) 6. To Consignment A/c (Being the value of stock plus proportionate expenses) 7. For settlement of account with consignee: . To Consignment A/c (with total loss) (For the abnormal loss of stock. For Profit or loss on Consignment: (i) If there is profit on Consignment Consignment A/c Dr. (with unrecoverable loss) Insurance company A/c (with total recoverable loss) Dr. For Stock remaining unsold: Consignment stock A/c Dr. When bills is discounted with Bank: Cash A/c/ Bank A/c Dr.

. To Consignee A/c (Being amount sent for final settlement) The Goods sent on Consignment Account’ which shows credit balance will now be transferred to the Trading Account. Then the entry is : Goods sent on consignment Account Dr. To Trading A/c (Being the goods sent on consignment account transferred to trading account).Bank/Bills recoverable Dr.

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