Beyond FederaIism

A sociopoIiticaI treatise on Sindhi
NationaIism in India (l843-l947) and
Pakistan (l947-20l2)
von ZuIfiqar Shah
ISBN: 978-3-659-46434-8
Federalism in Pakistan is a peculiar case study of the federal
practices around the world. Understanding Pakistani federal
practices, the review of economic, and ethno demographic
exploitation of Sindh can depict a microcosm of ethnically biased
federal hegemony in Pakistan. Sindh, today, is a federating
province of Pakistan. Historically, it has remained a sovereign
country until British invasion of l843. Sindh and Hind (lndia) have
remained sister countries and acclaim centuries old nationhood.
The book mainly is an academic and analytic detailing of the social
and political developments in Sindh in the political history of
Pakistan, as well as under the British lndia. lt also slightly touches
the edges of culture and literature. lt is a brief account of Sindhi
people and Sindh from l843 to 20l2. The work is also an attempt
of briefly analyzing Sindh through socio-political and economic
perspective during and after British colonialism, with various
aspects of colonial rule as well as Pakistani federalism including
historiography, political economy, ethnography, as well as
development and rights perspectives.

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