Military Scholarships

~~~~~~~~~~~~Honoring Soldiers who have served during Combat~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Angelfire Scholarship: Honoring soldiers who
have served during combat. The Angelfire scholarship is for outstanding students currently attending (at least six credit hours per term) at an eligible Datatel client institution, who served in the Vietnam War, their spouses and children, or refugees. Scholarships are also available for soldiers who served in Operation Desert Storm, Operation Enduring Freedom, and/or Operation Iraqi Freedom. Students must provide appropriate documentation (proof of record of service, entry documents).

Offering the

Angelfire Scholarship

Carswell Military Wives Scholarship:
Student must have:
    completed 12 Semester hours with a minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA Must demonstrate financial need Preference given to military dependents and/or veteran. Additional Application requirements: o Self Narrative, Processed current year FAFSA on file with TCC and Current Transcript Renewal Criteria – Renewed in spring if the student completed at least six semester hours in fall and maintains a minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA.

Carswell Military
Wife’s Scholarship

Honoring Soldiers

MyCAA-Military Spouse Career Advancement Accounts
MyCAA is a TUITION WAIVER and is now offering up to $6,000 to military spouses who are interested in pursuing degree programs, licenses or credentials leading to careers in high growth, high demand portable career fields. Visit the Business Services Office or MyCAA Website

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