Below points are Database activities for general and daily basis.

Database Heath check up and Daily Activities:-1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) Checking Alert log files and Trace files for errors. Monitoring the status of Listeners. Monitoring tablespace usage(I mean--Percent free and percent of used space) Monitoring Backup status. Checking Mails, if any requests from client side. Generating Daily and monthly Reports on Databases and Servers. Generating AWR/STATSPACK reports upon Client requests. Trouble shooting for RCA.

General Activities.:---1) Adding Datafiles to tablespaces if requires. 2) User related tasks if requires:----> user creation with required profile and Roles and Privileges. --> Profiles and roles creation --> Granting Revoking Roles and Privileges on users. 3)Backups; --> Logical --> Physical Backups ---> Hot ---> Cold 4) RMAN Backups. 5) Involving in Performance Tuning. 6) tkprof to find the SQL statement execution plans. 7) Explain Plan 8) Scheduling DBMS Jobs. Unix Server Level Activities.:--1) Preparing Shell scripts to Monitor server status. 2) Scheduling Jobs in crontab for Automation. 3) scheduling backup jobs in crontab.

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