It is often said that the traditional school system does not help a student to think for himself. How can the school teach people to think for themselves? Should teenagers encourage students to express themselves? How should they do this? Should the students be allowed to disagree with their teachers? Or should the teacher always be right? Should present-day problems be discussed in class? Subjects like sex, crime, war, alcohol, drugs, etc?

Does he learn to dance? to speak in public? to understand good music? Does he learn good manners? 4. Are subjects like these ever discussed in the classroom? war, drugs, racial discrimination, divorce 5. How can a person educate himself after he leaves school? Is it possible to get a good education without ever going to school? 6. Is it true of this country that a school student is not taught to think for himself? Do teachers encourage students to express themselves in class? 7. May students disagree with their teachers? Do students expect their teachers to know everything? 8. What is your idea of a bad teacher? 9. In many countries today, students have the opportunity to teach themselves, especially in science subjects. Would this be possible on this country? 10. How can learning be more fun? What can you learn from movie? 12. What is your idea of a good school building? Why is it important for a school building to be a pleasant place? 13. What do you think of Distant Learning? Is it possible to learn not having a teacher around?

elementary school secondary school high school the university a mixed school to pass an exam to fail the slow student the average student the bright student

subjects: Mathematics Science Languages History Geography Physical Education

a severe teacher discipline keep order

1. Have you had the best possible education? In what ways could your education have been better? 2. Do you know a person who is really educated? What is your idea of an educated person? 3. Is a student who leaves high school in this country well prepared for his life outside school? Does a school education in this country help a student in his social life?

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