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Tech Lesson Plan: Veronica Verbeek

Lesson Title/Focus

Fairly Tale Adaptation


Veronica Verbeek

LEARNING OBJECTIVES Students will: 1. Choose a fairy tale 2. Design props, costumes and a script of their fairy tale 3. Create a youtube video adaptation of their fairy tale. Grade: Subject Area: Products/Performances: 5/6 Dramatic Arts Their drafts of costume, props, script. Final video posted LEARNING RESOURCES CONSULTED MATERIALS AND EQUIPMENT Computer Magazines Other sites that you can find furniture on Sites to find costume ideas on youtube PROCEDURE The Dramatic Forms of Expression Speaking in solo lines, moving and speaking. ICT Learner Outcomes: Learning Activity #1

Specific Learner Outcomes: General Learner Outcomes:

General Outcome C1: Students will access, use and communicate information from a variety of technologies. Specific Outcome Division 1, 1.1.
Research online for the costume, props ideas Post video on youtube Put together everything that theyve researched and created, in a video displaying their version of the fairy tale (twisted, continuation) Them putting on a play/show of their tale. Will have to come up with actual costumes from these ideas.

Activity Description: Learning Activity #2 Activity Description:

Full Description of Activity: The students will be split into groups and then have to select a fairy tale with enough characters to incorporate everyone in their group. As a group they will have to decide what kind of spin they want to put onto their tale, whether it be twisted, continuation or a pre-qual. Then they will have to research costume and prop ideas to put into their final video. This will mean that they will create a script based on their ideas. I will be working with them to make sure they stay on point. After rehearsals, and all of the prep work is done then we would record their show and post it on you tube, for each of the groups to watch their classmates videos, and will create questions or comments about what they did. Enhanced Through Computer Integration: This lesson is enhanced via the use of computers because of the research aspect of this project/activity. As well as the use of posting their final product on youtube, this lets the students post something thats special to them online so their friends and family can see what they are working on. This also allows them to use technology in a responsible and productive way.

Adapted from a template created by Dr. K. Roscoe