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Conics iBook Authors Project

You are to create an iBook chapter on various conic sections. 1. This is an individual project. Each of you will be responsible for creating an iBook chapter for your own conic section. 2. The iBook needs to cover one of the conic sections (which will be assigned to you). The content that needs to be covered is : 1) History of how that conic section was discovered. 2) Different types of the graph and the changes that occur as the equation changes. 3) Real world application of your conic section. 3. Your iBook needs to include the following. 1) Minimum of one Interactive Image 2) Minimum of one of video or a photo gallery 3) A quiz with minimum 5 questions using Review widget 4) A page with the hyperlinks to your web sources (No wikipedia allowed) 5) Glossary of minimum 5 words defined 4. All graphs should be illustrated with Grapher and all mathematical equations are to be done by Mathtype (Equations typed out like x^2/4 + (y-5)^2/9 = 1 will be unacceptable.) 5. You will be given 3 class blocks to work on the project, including today. 6. There will be one class time where you can get feedback on your project from your peers before the final project submission day. (Will be explained more later.) 7. The project is due : B Block - Tuesday 5/21 E Block - Monday 5/20 8. The assessment rubric for the iBook will be posted on the wiki for you to follow.

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