Online CTC Reimbursement claim Process

Step .1 – Submission of CTC reimbursement claim Click on “ My ePay “ .

• Once NEW link is clicked last updated details are shown and allows employee update fresh details.PAYROLL SELF SERVICE MENU/TAB TREE NEW LINK • Which enable employee to update fresh details.Please refer the above links for all Submission TABS on the left hand panel . Note :. HISTORY LINK • Which enable employee to view his/her back dated details in a current financial year.

Select “Reimbursement Claims” NEW .FBP Claims Step 2. Expand the reimbursement component that you wish to claim Step 1.

Particular & Claim Amount Step 2. Bill No. Enter the Medical claims details by filling Date. Read the declaration carefully and check on the declaration box Step 3. Click on the “Submit” button .FBP Claims Step 1.

attached with a copy of the receipt(s) and drop this copy to the payroll dropbox .Email Notification Upon submission of the FBP claims. sign on it.FBP Claims. an email will be sent to you indicating the changes that you have made in the system You are required to print out the hardcopy of the Claim form.

and you may now view the corresponding details as desired . Select the status and date range that you wish to view. Select “Reimbursement History” Step 2.FBP Reimbursement Online Status Step 1.

Thank you .

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