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•rfπ⁄t ¤¸‹
James Thurber
¬-‚ ¤’⁄
The Last Flower
The Last Flower is a classic by the
famous American humourist James Thurber.
There is a message of peace
in this anti-war book.
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Price: 10 Rupees
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‚„¤rn ‚ f∑¤r
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f∑ar’r ∑r
ºz‡¤ nrfl ∑
‹rnr •r⁄ ’¤rr
◊ ¤…∏Ÿ-f‹πŸ
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∑⁄Ÿr „–
The Last Flower — James Thurber
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Price: 10 Rupees
◊¸-¤— +c ª¤∞
•rfπ⁄t ¤¸‹
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James Thurber
¬-‚ ¤’⁄
The Last Flower
2 3
’r⁄„fl ffl‡fl¤ç ∑ ’r⁄ ◊ •r¤∑r ¤ar „t „rnr–
;‚◊ ŒfŸ¤r ∑t ¤¸⁄t ‚t∑fa •r⁄ ‚+¤ar Ÿy „r n;–
nrfl •r⁄ ‡r„⁄ ¤¸⁄t a⁄„ a„‚-Ÿ„‚ „r n∞–
¬n‹ •r⁄ ¤z∏ a’r„ „r n∞–
You all know about the 12th World War.
Which destroyed the whole human
civilisation and all culture.
Cities and villages disappeared from the
face of the earth.
Plantations and forests were wiped out.
4 5
‚¤t ’rn-’nt¤ •r⁄ πa-πf‹„rŸ º¬z∏ n∞–
‚+¤ar ∑t ‚¤t ∑‹r-◊∑ flta∞ Ÿy „r n;–
•r⁄ar-◊Œr •r⁄ ’¤rr ∑t „r‹a
¬rŸfl⁄r ‚ ¤t ’Œa⁄ „r n;–
πrŸ •r⁄ ¤˝◊ ∑ •¤rfl ◊
∑-r +rt fŸ⁄r‡r „r∑⁄ •¤Ÿ ◊rf‹∑r ∑r ørz∏ n∞–
All parks and gardens were burned.
All artistic artifacts were destroyed.
Men, women and children
became worse than animals.
Because of lack of food and love
even the lowly dogs left their masters.
6 7
a’ ‡r=-‡r= ◊ ‹rn, π⁄nr‡rr ‚ ¤t z⁄Ÿ ‹n–
º‚ ∑r‹ ◊ ¤ta∑r, f¤·rr, nrŸr ¤⁄ ¤r’Œt ‹nt–
•n⁄ ‹rn ∑ø Œ⁄ ¤t πr‹t ’∆a ar
•-¤ ‹rn ;‚ ‚◊¤ ∑t ’⁄’rŒt ‚◊¶ra–
;‚t a⁄„ ‚fŒ¤r ’tat –......
‚Ÿr ∑ f¬Ÿ ¬Ÿ⁄‹r Ÿ f¤ø‹r ¤ç ‹z∏r ¤r fl •’ ¤¸‹
¤∑ ¤ f∑ º‚◊ ∑rŸ ¬tar •r⁄ ∑rŸ „r⁄r–
In the beginning people were terrified
even at the sight of rabbits.
Books, pictures and songs were banned.
People who were doing nothing were
thought to be wasting their time.
Decades and centuries passed by.
Those generals who escaped death in the
last war even forgot who won and who lost.
8 9
‹z∏∑ •r⁄ ‹z∏f∑¤r ∞∑ Œ¸‚⁄ ∑t •r⁄ •r∑f¤a
Ÿ„t „ra ¤– ¤ºflt ‚ ¤˝◊ ¤‹r¤Ÿ ∑⁄ n¤r ¤r–
∞∑ fŒŸ f∑‚t ‹z∏∑t ∑r ∞∑ ¤¸‹ fŒπr; ¤z∏r– ¤„ ’¤r
„•r •rfπ⁄t ¤¸‹ ¤r– º‚Ÿ ;‚ ¤¸‹ ∑r ¤„‹t ’r⁄ Œπr–
º‚Ÿ ‹rnr ∑r ’ar¤r f∑
flr •rfπ⁄t ¤¸‹ ¤t ◊⁄Ÿ flr‹r „–
∑fl‹ ∞∑ Ÿr¬flrŸ Ÿ
º‚ ‹z∏∑t ∑t ’ra ¤⁄ ·¤rŸ fŒ¤r–
Boys and girls were no more attracted to
each other. Love disappeared from the
face of earth.
One day a girl saw the last surviving
flower. She had seen a flower for the
first time.
She told the others that the last
flower was also about to die.
But no one paid any attention to her.
Only one youth paid heed to her.
11 10
‹z∏∑-‹z∏∑t Ÿ ‚r¤ f◊‹∑⁄ º‚ ¤¸‹ ∑t Œπ¤r‹ ∑t–
∑ø fŒŸr ’rŒ ¤¸‹ fπ‹ º∆r–
Œπr! Œr ¤¸‹! ¤r⁄ ¤¸‹! •⁄! ¤r⁄r •r⁄, ¤¸‹ „t ¤¸‹!
œt⁄-œt⁄ ’rn-’nt¤r •r⁄ ¬n‹r ◊ f¤⁄ ‚ ’„r⁄ •r;–
The boy and the girl tended the last
flower. Soon the flower blossomed.
∞∑ fŒŸ ∞∑ ◊œ◊¤πt •r⁄ ∞∑ f¤fz∏¤r
¤¸‹ ∑t ‚nœ ‚ •r∑f¤a „∞–
A bee and a bird were attracted
to the scent of the flower.
Look! Two flowers! Four flowers!
Lots of flowers!
Forests and gardens reappeared.
12 13
•’ ‹z∏∑t ◊ ‚r¬-f‚nr⁄ ∑⁄Ÿ
•r⁄ •-ø ∑¤z∏ ¤„ŸŸ ∑t ¤r„a ¬rnt–
∞∑-Œ¸‚⁄ ∑ t¤‡r ‚ ‹z∏∑-‹z∏∑t ∑r
t¤r⁄ ∑r •-r¤fl „•r–
t¤r⁄ Ÿ ŒfŸ¤r ◊ Œ’r⁄r ¬-◊ f‹¤r–
ºŸ∑ ’¤r ’z∏ „r∑⁄ π‡r„r‹ ’Ÿ–
º-„rŸ „‚Ÿr •r⁄ Œrz∏Ÿr ‚tπr–
The girl became interested in decking
and dressing herself.
Touch made the boy and the girl
experience great pleasure.
Love was reborn in the world.
Their children were healthy and strong.
They learnt to laugh and run.
14 15
∑ -r flr¤‚ •r∞–
Ÿr¬flrŸr Ÿ ;≈ ¤⁄ ;≈ ⁄π∑⁄ rr⁄ ’ŸrŸr ‚tπr–
º-„ Œπ ‚¤t ‹rn •¤Ÿ-•¤Ÿ rr⁄ ’ŸrŸ ‹n–
rr⁄r ‚ nrfl, ‡r„⁄ •r⁄ ◊„rŸn⁄ ’Ÿ–
Dogs returned.
Some youth discovered that they could
keep a brick on brick and build a house.
Soon everyone started building houses.
These houses turned into
villages and cities.
16 17
‚nta f¤⁄ ‚ n¸¬Ÿ ‹nr–
‚nta-r •r⁄ ¬rŒ¸n⁄
Œ¬t •r⁄ ¤◊r⁄
∑ffl •r⁄ f¤·r∑r⁄
Music was born again.
Musicians and Magicians
Tailors and Cobblers
Artists and Poets
18 19
‚fŸ∑ •r⁄ f‚¤r„t ’…∏; •r⁄ ‹r„r⁄
Soldiers Blacksmiths and Carpenters
20 21
‹f¤≈Ÿ≈ •r⁄ ∑erŸ
Lieutenants and Captains
22 23
¬Ÿ⁄‹ •r⁄ ◊¬⁄ ¬Ÿ⁄‹
•r⁄ œrf◊∑ Ÿar•r ∑r •rn◊Ÿ „•r–
Generals and Major Generals
And Religious Leaders again became prominent.
⁄r.¬t-⁄r≈t ∑◊rŸ ∑ f‹∞ ∑ø ‹rn ∞∑ fŒ‡rr ◊ n∞,
∑ø ‹rn Œ¸‚⁄t fŒ‡rr ◊...
For the sake of livelihood a few left in one direc-
tion and a few others in the opposite direction.
Very soon those who went to the plains started
feeling they should have gone to the hills.
∑ø ‚◊¤ ’rŒ ◊ŒrŸt ;‹r∑r flr‹ ‹rnr ∑r
‹nr f∑ º-„ ¤„rz∏r ¤⁄ ¬rŸr ¤rf„∞ ¤r–
24 25
ŒfŸ¤r ∞∑ ’r⁄ f¤⁄ ‚
‹z∏r; ∑t •rn ◊ ¶r‹‚ º∆t–
Those who went to the hills felt they
should have gone to the plains.
•r⁄ ¤„rz∏t ‹rnr ∑r ‹nr f∑ º-„
◊ŒrŸt ;‹r∑r ◊ ¬rŸr ¤rf„∞ ¤r–
In the name of god, religious leaders
stoked the fires of discontent.
¤nflrŸ ∑ Ÿr◊ ¤⁄ œrf◊∑ Ÿar•r Ÿ
‹rnr ∑ fŒ‹r ◊ Ÿ¤⁄a ∑t •rn ¤¸∑t–
Once again the world
plunged into war.
26 27
28 29
;‚ ’r⁄ ŒfŸ¤r ¤¸⁄t a⁄„ ‚ ·flta „r n;–
∑ø ¤t Ÿ„t ’¤r–
f‚¤ ∞∑ ◊Œ
∞∑ •r⁄a
This time the destruction
was almost total.
One man
One woman
And only one flower remained.
•r⁄ ∞∑ ¤¸‹ ’¤r–

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