A Redneck Visits Venice

By Elton Camp The big-box store bought Bubba out The price he got made him shout “I never expected nothing’ like this! I’m gonna make up for all I miss.” “Italy’s the place you ought to go,” The travel agent’s words became so Venice was old Bubba’s first stop When he saw it, his jaw did drop For he saw, without any doubt, A heavy rain had flooded it out Bubba wrote to the folks at home “If I kin git away I’ll go to Rome.” “Th’ streets air flooded head deep. Buildings air crumbling into a heap.” “I ain’t never seen sich a place. This disaster is a pure disgrace.” “Hit looks like th’ Pope could pray And make that floodin’ go away.” Being here shore gives me chills. I’ll be glad to git back to th’ hills.”

“I feel so sorry fer them folks!”

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