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139675707 Why I Drink Distilled Water

139675707 Why I Drink Distilled Water

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Published by: Tonya Divine Destiny on Oct 02, 2013
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Cliff< I mo5t of h~ s ~ r C. d Dent%iron, Ed. life irr research into the ph) SIC^! d l l u uiological A "=ti, ,a nl ,A,ec, dirginia, Dr. n ~ scien .,,rnr , -....,.is a graduate of Marshall University and the University of Florida, and has done post-graduate work at Cornell University and the University o f Michigan. His life-long interest in the quality of our water dates from his boyhood practice of quenching his thirst at mountain springs. Dr. Dennison has pioneered the technoloev and n -, of water ~ u r ~ f i c a t i o holds two patents on wdlrl d~\lill~n): rqdlpment He i s a mrmhrr of Who'\ Who or1 Srwnrr. and Technology, Personalities o l the Sourh. Ot~t$randing f ~ f ~ l c a l oof r $America, and is a Fellow of the American Association of Science. Dr. Dennison resides in Clrveland. Tenn~ssee, where he i s an Aswciate Prolrsor at Lre College.

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It is involved i n most. that has allowed our drinking waterto become loaded with virtually every contaminant dumped into the environment. wells and other sources of drinking water have not escaped this evergrowing invasion of pollutants. . even after treatment by our cities. You see. we are over 70%) water. for good health w r rnrru to drink at i r d s ~ eight glasses of pure water every day. lakes. endorsed by the U. .... A< . for the answer we must turn to a product of modern technology the water distiller. I can go back to the hills.. . . Today.... raw water... so it is understandable that America's springs.. . but I cannot go back in time. you might 2sk.S. is the common ingredient in our bodies. absorbs and carries with it something ot everything it touches.. pollution has invaded the hills of West Virginia the same as i t has every other place on earth. An(j... . in pure form. - .. the chemical activities of life and is so imporlIant we could live only about ten days without it. Water. It provides me with that most important substance of life and health . Department of Agriculture as.. just as the mountain stream served me in the past. water dissolves. roaming t k hills of West Virginia.. - So. .. It is this property of being a universal solvent. The distiller provides me with pure water now. . w here can I . Even the Arctic and Antarctic ice caps are beginning to accumulate toxic wastes. if not all. Now. ". In fact..".A desperately needs today? Ironically. a? ical wastes. . generated by our modern technb. ---A I--.SvCI)I logical society.. 1" on the globe.. is a toxic cb ' ' brew ". rivers.ater currents have :ricultural and chemspread toxic incjustrial. why i s pure water so essential to life and good health? The answer is..good. finding a pure mountain spring i s not as easy.W h e n I was a boy.. Air and w. Scientists have proven over the ycars that water i s one of the most eiiicient solvents known to man. . "The only proven way of correcting drinking water pollution in the home". . pure water. and is part of every cell.... drink . When I go back now. i t was such a simple matter to quench my thirst by finding a spring of refreshing mountain water.

water acting a s a solvent. Lots of pure water is needed for this task. introduced into ou r body t lirough ou r drinking water. We (:an under! stand this " ?--. u ~c ~ a c~ r nc wnorns w r cvgnsnuer that these vital elements may be present in quantities of a few thousand ions or molecules. The blood circulates 400 gallons of water through the kidneys each day. We all know that i t is easier to wash dishes in a sink full o f clean water ~ h a n in a cup full of dirty water. just one swallow of water containing one part per million of a toxic chemical will contain six hundred quadrillin (600. . . Pure Distilled Water Helps Keep M y Body Chemistry Regulated and Functioning Properly Metabolic activities depend upon enzvmes.000. can inter11 ere with n ormal metabolic actiivities and enzynnatic path!Nays. . This function o f water in our bodies is imodired when the water i s filled w iinants [hat interfere with its abili Ive bodily sub5tances efficiently. reaches into every cell to absorb and carry away the poisons that are formed as a part of the life process.000) toxic molucules. i t can d o a much better job than when it i s already contaminated with roxic substances. helps prepare substances for transport across cell membranes and for distribution through our bodies by way o f blood and lymph.. .000. .000... . . Pure Distilled Water Helps Cleanse M y Body of Waste Materials Within the body. coenzymes. trace minerals and other substances which are present in minute quantities.:A inter f e ~ c ha.. .Pure Distilled Water Helps Transport Substances In M y Bc As one of the greatest solvents knob. Contaminants and toxic chemicals. Common sense tells us that when the water we consume is pure. whereas.

I DO Not Consume M IIV Harmful Substance! When I Drink Pure Distilled Water Chlorine. leaving i t rough. .... will help leave the . I find that the chlorine level in my tap water i s higher than allowed in my swimming pool. may be one o f the most danclerous " chemicals consumed by man. . dry and a breedine eround for bactethe other iia. strokes and cancer. hpuce chlorinated hydrocarbons tha.. heart attacks. Bo y Cool B This is accomplished whe. Many people have told me they cannot drink their favorite beverage made with tap water once they begin using distilled water.the natural fresh taste of thc fruit. I have a chlorine test kit which I use to test for chlorine in my swimming pool. . distilled water also makes foods cooked in water tastier and the colors remain bright like nature intended. Rex?archstud ies indicate that chlorine combines with ater to prc)organic substances found i n tap w. thcrr is nothing to hide. which has been added to our tap water... I also bse i t to test for chlorine in rny'tap water. If the water in my body is full of contaminants they will be left as residues that will encrust the skin.Pure Distilled Water Hel s Keep h. 6 n 8 a yuc ~nvolved in such insidious diseases as hardening of the arteries.. Drinking lots o f pure ~ n pliable d hand. Pure Distilled water Makes M y Food an Beverages Taste Betlcl What a delight i t is to drink a glass full o f frozen juice made with diuilled water! Without the chemicals and minerals in the water. A -.I my body evaporates from the skin. And. --. Tap water may be drinkable but don't swim in it! ... since there are n o chemicals and other toxic substanc:e to turn them brownish-yellow. Invariably.

no poison<. wo do need miner~ls. snow-melt.lncl : : intc~rii. As a result. boiled and distilled -only dis:illed water is'PURE and virtually free of all contaminants.can use few.l\. gall stonex.. n o heavy metals. fi!tere<l. Yes.cliabrtes.not the water we drink.hc*i~lth 5prc idli\ts brlir~vc~ w r i.lrrlcning o f ~lir artrr i r s . soft.~se.~r'bodies is alreatly polluted. i t s natural cledri5ing functions arcsimpairrcl. kidney stones. ruch as:. As a result.lhility to convert inorganic minerals absorbed from the soil and water into organic forms our l)o(lics cdn use. But. I t is free to absorb and wash away the poisons your cystem generates a n d the poisons that have arrumulated.lhlr! chcniicals. there arc several different kinds o f water. 1. de-iocized.~lol~. hard.lni1. Plants have the unicjur .iucoma and cataract's). no bacteria. raw.o f a l l sickness drill (li. Our bodies. s of hr.einphyse~na and other ailmrnts in greater intensities and more frequrntly when we live with and consume pollu~ed or contarninated water. n o acids.lnd may begin dcci~niirlating therr. w r may (lc~\*rlop hr. According to experts in the field.t!.Tlir!~c waler5 carry 80%. O f the several types ofwater. distiiled water has no taste.ind most of them are harmfulinsome' way. if any.in't il~r.lr the\(. no inorganic minerals.~lth prol)lrm\ . They may contain over 700 irlentifi.. obesity. .rl>t~irlicc h. 111.ins. jc~inl$. rotnl~ounds into our body that we c. The\(* minerills merely contaminate our water and hinder the water from performing i t s natural functions. Sornc. vi5ion prohlcms (gl.ollutdnt5 I~uilcl 1111 in ""I t>100(1vr\u. n o color. Thrsc! watrrs carry minerals. . metals and inorg.~rin#. When water brought into o.. '1rlhrili5. of the minerals absorbed in water. n o odor.The fallacv auour drinking k t e r for t minerals it contains Some people have the mistaken belief that essential minrrals are derived from the water they drink.~ll of which prrmeatr our rystrms . no toxic chemicals. the source of minerals for the body is rhc foot/ wr eat . . DISTILLED WATER enter5 your system clean.rain.

Man has been living o n earth for thou\ands o f years. and especially since Worl(l Wdr 11. we have dumped synthetic chcmic. 709 Petrolia Road.trtrial revolution.~t<. . or any of the other dozens of inlirmities that humans suffer. Does i t not make sense.(416)650-1254. high blood pressure. We are not adapted to these-man-made chemic~ls.'~trcdms and shallow wells.(416)650-5430 1-800-731-4114 . amounts of naturally occuring sub$tdn(r r . But. I am not an evolutionist but I d o believe that man was created an ddaptable organism and that it takes a long tinic lor an organism to adapt to a changing mvironment. There's n o absolute proof that drinking DISTILLED WATER will remove kidney and gall stones. to consume only pvre water? . heart disease. hardening of the arteries. The preceeding are just a few reasons why I drink distilled water. reduce cataracts or cure emphysema. We d o not know the effects these will have o n our bodies or the long range effects they will have o n the bodies of our children and the generations to come. there are hundreds of case histories o f people who have enjoyed success in alleviating or overcoming these health problems when they began drinking DISTILLED WATER exclusively. We know that many of them are toxic. During most of this time he has been adapted to a natural environment getting his water from unpolluted \prings. Since t11~ ili<l~. therefore.There's no absolute med that drinking DISTILLED WATER WIII cure arthritis. Fax. North York. Rut conditions have changed. Ont M3J 2M6 Te1. This water hds ~PPII relatively pure containing only rrlo(lv~.~lsby the thousands intothe environment.

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