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C1.04 Chua Va Dinh Huong Cau Hoi DABTTL

C1.04 Chua Va Dinh Huong Cau Hoi DABTTL

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Khóa học LTĐH môn Tiếng Anh – Giáo viên: Vũ Thị Mai Phương

Chữa và định hướng các câu hỏi về từ loại trong
đề thi đại học

Hocmai.vn – Ngôi trường chung của học trò Việt Tổng đài tư vấn: 1900 58-58-12
- Trang | 1 -

Phần 1: Trích lược các câu có liên quan đến chuyên đề 1 trong các đề thi ĐH-CĐ

1 . During the First Word war, our ……5 million people lost their lives.
A. assumed B. approximated C. envisaged D. estimated
2. ……study hard before an examination.
A. most the students B. most of the students
C. most of students D. almost the students
3. The mother looked……..at her naughty child
A. anger B. angry C. angrily D. angered
4. Silver is ….. gold
A. valuable less than B. more valuable than
C. less valuable than D. valuable more than
5. Are your plans for this weekend still……?
A. like B. the like C. same D. the same
6. Sometimes people injure…….. when they handle sharp tools carelessly
A. himself B. themselves C. ourselves D. yourselves
7. Please leave this space…… on the enrolment form
A. absent B. missing C. blank D. undone
8. Each of them …… to bring …. own book to the next class
A. are / his B. is / their C. is / his D. are / its
9. Mr. Deley is our most skill speaker, …… he is unavailable. To give the presentation.
A. besides B. nevertheless C. for example D. will
10. A ...... firm will help us find software.
A. consultation B. consultant C. consulting D. consult
11. During the evening football match the stadium was illuminated by ......
A. spotlights B. flashlights C. highlights D. floodlights
12. I have ...... wheel in the back of my car.
A. other B. others C. the other D. another
13. These days people who do manual work often receive ...... than clerks who work in offices.
A. far a lot of money B. far much money
C. far more money D. far a great deal of money
14. This one is prettier, but it costs ...... as the other one.
A. twice as many B. twice as much C. as much D. as many
15. The facilities of the older hospital .......
A. is as good or better than the new hospital
B. are as good or better than the new hospital
C. as good as better than the new hospital
Khóa học LTĐH môn Tiếng Anh – Giáo viên: Vũ Thị Mai Phương
Chữa và định hướng các câu hỏi về từ loại trong
đề thi đại học

Hocmai.vn – Ngôi trường chung của học trò Việt Tổng đài tư vấn: 1900 58-58-12
- Trang | 2 -

D. are as good as those of the new hospital, if not better
16. I can’t tell Peter and Paul apart; they are ...... twins.
A. similar B. alike C. resemblance D. identical
17. These suggestions are ...... to be accepted by the majority of members.
A. unlikely B. impossible
C. undoubtedly D. inconceivable
18. ...... The planes flies, ...... on the ground.
A. The higher, the less clearly we see things
B. The more highly, the less clearly we see things
C. The higher, the less we see things clearly
D. The more highly, the less we see things clearly
19. The cake is delicious!
Well, at least it’s ...... the one I baked last week.
A. as worse B. no worse than
C. as better than D. no better than
20. I love Hanoi, ...... in the spring.
A. mostly B. most C. specially D. especially
21. The city’s population is denser than the countryside’s.
A. higher B. greater C. more intense D. thicker
22. Early sailing ships had some disadvantages.
A. discomforts B. drawbacks C. losses D. damages
23. The teacher is friendly to his pupils.
A. inimical B. tender C. accessible D. intimate
24. The lake is very famous for fish.
The opposite of “famous” is .......
A. infamous B. notorious C. little-known D. popular
25. Cancer is becoming one of the common diseases.
The opposite of “common” is .......
A. usual B. rare C. ordinary D. universal
26. He won’t pass his examination .......
A. unless he is diligent B. unless he wasn’t diligent
C. unless he was diligent D. if he not diligent enough
27. I am very ...... in the information you have given me.
A. concerned B. surprised C. interesting D. interested
28. Nations that live in concord are nations that live together in peace.
A. war B. harmony C. conformity D. happiness
29. Six novels a year, you say? He’s certainly a ...... writer.
A. fruitful B. fertile C. verily D. prolific
30. He missed the lecture, so I lent him my note .......
A. after B. afterwards C. at last D. finally
31. She manages to visit her mother ...... Saturday.
A. every other B. every the other C. another every D. other every
32. ...... arrived for you this morning.
A. Some furnitures B. Some furniture C. Furnitures D. Furniture
Khóa học LTĐH môn Tiếng Anh – Giáo viên: Vũ Thị Mai Phương
Chữa và định hướng các câu hỏi về từ loại trong
đề thi đại học

Hocmai.vn – Ngôi trường chung của học trò Việt Tổng đài tư vấn: 1900 58-58-12
- Trang | 3 -

33. Cut the cake into four ...... pieces.
A. same B. like C. equal D. alike

Phần 2: Bài tập nâng cao (có thể sẽ xuất hiện trong đề thi năm nay)


1. I don’t see any --- in arriving early at the theatre is he show doesn’t start until 9 o’clock.
A. cause B. aim C. point D. reason
2. The police are looking for a man of ---height.
A. medium B. extra C. tall D. special
3. I had to give a full --- of my camera when I reported it stolen.
A. account B. detail C. information D. description
4. The bus --- from High Street to Station Road is 60p.
A. cost B. fare C. payment D. charge
5. Firemen rescued several people from the --- floor of the blazing building.
A. high B. top C. basement D. low
6. The film lasted three hours with --- of 15 minutes between part one and part two.
A. an interval B. a pause C. a stop D. an interruption
7. The discovery was a major --- for research worker.
A. breakthrough B. breakdown C. break-in D. breakout
8. Nobody knows what the…….of the explosion was.
A. source B. cause C. reaction D. reason
9. After the accident, the injured cyclist was in great…..
A. agony B. suffering C. hurt D. pain
10. Her excellent……….in the exams helped her to find o job
A. notes B. reports C. mark D. pain
11. Since I moved house, I haven’t had much……..with those friends.
A. connection B. contract C. business D. meeting
12. I looked up their number in the telephone………
A. guide B. list C. directory D. catalogue
13. In the old days, people believed that the world was flat and ships would fall off the………..
A. boundary B. edge C. border D. limit
14. There weren’t any……..in the factory for bilingual secretaries.
A. situations B. spaces C. vacancies D. offers
15. What…….of milk shake do you want-strawberry, chocolate, or orange?
A. taste B. kind C. flavor D. type
16. She had no...........of selling the clock-it had belonged to her grandfather.
A. intention B. meaning C. interest D. opinion
17. The……..of the murderer lasted six weeks.
A. process B. trial C. charge D. conviction
18. The nurse was on …….in the hospital all night.
A. work B. alarm C. duty D. service
Khóa học LTĐH môn Tiếng Anh – Giáo viên: Vũ Thị Mai Phương
Chữa và định hướng các câu hỏi về từ loại trong
đề thi đại học

Hocmai.vn – Ngôi trường chung của học trò Việt Tổng đài tư vấn: 1900 58-58-12
- Trang | 4 -

19. She refused to eat meat under any……..
A. circumstances B. occasion C. opportunity D. reason
20. I left my last job because I had no………to travel.
A. place B. position C. opportunity D. possibility
21. The poor child was in floods of……..because his bicycle had been stolen.
A. weeping B. crying C. tears D. unhappiness
22. He was clearly nervous; he was sitting right on the……...of his chair.
A. outside B. edge C. tip D. border
23. There were over 30,000……at the match.
A. spectators B. viewers C. witnesses D. watchers
24. Charles had very little interest in the museum: he gave each exhibit no more than a(n)……glance.
A. transient B. temporary C. ephemeral D. cursory
25. I dread having to speak to my boss. He’s such a(n)……..character that I never know how he’s going to
A. transitory B. feeling C. impermanent D. volatile
26. Fighting in the war stopped for a while when the two sides agreed to a(n)…..
A. interlude B. truce C. recess D. intermission
27. I don’t really know Frank all that well. He’s just a(n)……. acquaintance.
A. random B. accidental C. haphazard D. casual
28. In many parts of the world, crop failure means…...., which leads to the death of many people each
A. drought B. desert C. famine D. shortcoming
29. The prison contained four hundred……, most of which were occupied by two or three prisoners.
A. cells B. compartments C. cages D. cubicles
30. As we looked down from the top of the hill, we could just see our house in the ……….
A skyline B. range C. horizon D. distance
31. Our kitchen walls had previously been dark brown, so in order to decorate the room properly I had to
put on four …………….of paint
A. levels B. coats C. skins D. covers
32. When I was a child, I loved to splash in the………….after the rain
A. pools B. ponds C. drains D. puddles
33. As the two teams left the pitch, the 100,000………gave them a standing ovation
A. viewers B. spectators C. observers D. bystanders
34. The……….. of the Titanic was caused by an iceberg
A. plunge B. descent C. drowning D. sinking
35. On the way to Cambridge yesterday the road was blocked by a fallen tree, so we had to make a……….
A. deviation B. digression C. detour D. departure
36. I like that photo very much. Could you make an …………for me?
A. increase B. enlargement C. extension D. expansion
37. Shortly after receiving her gold medal, the Olympic champion answed question at a press……….
A. discussion B. assembly C. seminar D. conference
38. According to the latest…………… poll, the government is more popular now than at any time since
the election.
A. belief B. conviction C. opinion D. opinionated
Khóa học LTĐH môn Tiếng Anh – Giáo viên: Vũ Thị Mai Phương
Chữa và định hướng các câu hỏi về từ loại trong
đề thi đại học

Hocmai.vn – Ngôi trường chung của học trò Việt Tổng đài tư vấn: 1900 58-58-12
- Trang | 5 -

39. When Mrs. Frobisher was taken to hospital, two ambulance man carried her out of the house on a
A. stretcher B. hammock C. mattress D. hearse
40. I’d like to have a bath, but there doesn’t seem to be a…….or anything to stop the water running away
A. lid B. cork C. plug D. cap
41. This jacket would be ideal in winter: it has a fur…………..
A. coating B. lining C. filling D. backing
42. when they finished building the………, the voyage from Europe Asia became much quicker
A. canal B. channel C. ditch D. river
43. Frankly, whether he’ll come or not is anybody’s……….
A. feeling B. distinguish C. diagnose D. estimate
44, it is impossible to stop racial……………simply by legislation
A. prejudice B. tendency C. obsession D, seclusion
45. As a result of the company’s…………policy, there are now 15 Fairdale supermarkets compared with
10 in 1980
A. magnification B. increase C. intensification D. expansion
46. the proposed……….of Micro Industries and SJ Electronics would make the new company the largest
electronics firm in Britain
A. combination B. merger C. fusion D. mixture
47. Robinson’s………..as Sales Manager is now Export Manager of our main competitors.
A. ancestor B. predecessor C. pioneer D. precedent
48. As it was Christmas, the…….. at church was much larger than usual.
A. audience B. convention C. congregation D. grouping
49. In the rush hour the traffic…………..in the city centre is terrible
A. congestion B. condensation C. accumulation D. concentration
50. The play opens the day after tomorrow. Tomorrow night will be the dress…………
A. practice B. rehearsal C. training D. trial
51. I must remember to send an ………….for Uncle Bob’s funeral
A. garland B. bouquet C. arrangement D. wreath
52. I thought the vicar preached a particularly good…………..last Sunday
A. lecture B. sermon C. address D. discourse
53. My cousin’s main…….for going abroad was his poor health.
A. need B. reason C. cause D. desire
54. When the ………..starts touching eighty km/h, the dial lights up , warning you to drive more slowly if
A. arm B. needle C. pointer D. hand
55. This new law will take……….from the beginning of next month
A. influence B. power C. utterly D. force
56. They say it’s all the tall buildings in this area that make the……..on TV sets so bad
A. quality B. station C. reception D. program
57. Has anyone any……….to changing the room we usually practice in?
A. inconvenience B. objection C. contradiction D. complaint
58. His wife has excellent…….on clothes
A. taste B. flavor C. choice D. gusto
Khóa học LTĐH môn Tiếng Anh – Giáo viên: Vũ Thị Mai Phương
Chữa và định hướng các câu hỏi về từ loại trong
đề thi đại học

Hocmai.vn – Ngôi trường chung của học trò Việt Tổng đài tư vấn: 1900 58-58-12
- Trang | 6 -

59. After becoming famous as a ………..with BBC TV, Angela took up acting
A. news-girl B. newscaster C. newsmonger D. newsagent
60. We made a wooden toy with an empty cotton………….and some glue.
A. reel B. roll C. spool D. ball
61. A well-meaning passer-by gave the tourists a wrong………….., and they finished up at the zoo
instead of the museum
A. way B. information C. direction D. advice
62. I want 200 worth of Swiss Francs. What is the………….rate, please?
A. market B. exchange C. currency D. money
63. Some records have very imaginative designs on their………….
A. coats B. envelopes C. sleeves D. arms
64. The bank will require three……….signatures when you open an account
A. trial B. natural C. sample D. specimen
65. Their van was stolen without…………from a public car park
A. sign B. mark C. trace D. spot
66. In an attempt was imply a means……he could increase his income
A whereupon B. whereby C. wherewithal D. whereabouts

Adv& Adj

1. Although we have a large number of students, each one receives……..attention
A. individual B. only C. alone D. single
2. I’d be very………..to go to Japan one day
A. interested B. enjoyable C. frond D. hopeful
3. She is travelling to work by train today because her car is being........
A. stopped B. broken C. serviced D. rented
4. I’m very busy at the moment so it may take a……..time to answer your letters
A. little B. few C. small D, some
5. They wasted………time searching for the car keys
A. priceless B. costly C. valuable D. expensive
6. Is was clear that the young couple were......of taking charge of the restaurant
A. responsible B. reliable C. capable D. able
7. Unfortunately his illness turned out to be extremely……so he was kept in isolation
A. influential B. infectious C. individual D. inoffensive
8. Cut the cake into six…….pieces
A. same B. like C. alike D. equal
9. He was so tired that he wasn’t capable…….driving himself home
A to B. for C. of D. from
10. Our neighbors are very………on camping holydays
A, eager D. enthusiastic C. interested D. keen
11. That……table used to belong to my great grandmother
A. aged B. mature C. elderly D. antique
12. these buses are….. to run every 15 minutes, but I’ve been waiting here for 25 minutes already
A. assumed B. promised C. presumed D. supposed
Khóa học LTĐH môn Tiếng Anh – Giáo viên: Vũ Thị Mai Phương
Chữa và định hướng các câu hỏi về từ loại trong
đề thi đại học

Hocmai.vn – Ngôi trường chung của học trò Việt Tổng đài tư vấn: 1900 58-58-12
- Trang | 7 -

13. Technology is advancing so quickly that machines becomes --- almost overnight.
A. obsolete B. archaic C. stale D. second-hand
14. The house that we used to live in is a very --- state.
A. neglectful B. negligible C. neglected D. negligent
15. Paul is a very --- character, he is never relaxed with strangers.
A. self-confident B. self-conscious C. self-satisfied D. selfish
16. After Mervyn’s accident and his subsequent appearance in court, he was --- from driving for a year.
A. dispossessed B. forfeited C. disqualified D. invalidated
17. Whenever we organize social events or outings in our office, Janice remains ---, as if such things are
beneath her.
A. inaccessible B. outstanding C. aloof D. invisible
18. Fortunately when I collided with that Roll-Royce, the damage to both cars was only ---.
A. shallow B. superficial C. thin D. vague
19. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t get the --- of his opponent.
A. superiority B. better C. victory D. best
20. Toscanini was a --- conductor.
A. notorious B. noticeable C. noted D. notifiable
21. The board of directors will have to take some --- decisions if the company is to be saved.
A. momentous B. momentary C. superfluous D. superficial
22. Unfortunately I must have moved the camera, because the picture is rather ---.
A. vague B. confused C. scratched D. blurred
23. Our neighbors are so --- : one of them always seem to be watching us from an upstairs window.
A. visible B, studious C. inquisitive D. spying
24. This is a nice --- spot. Let’s have our picnic here.
A. secluded B. stagnant C. separate D. motionless
25. While Mr. and Mrs. Simpson were asleep, the burglar picked the lock of their front door and crept ---
into their living room.
A. lazily B. stealthily C. clumsily D. Criminally
26. Only the highest standards of conduct are --- for a man is his position.
A. admissible B. accessible C. approving D. favorable
27. I’m becoming increasingly ---. Last week I locked myself out of the house twice.
A. oblivious B. mindless C. absent D. forgetful
28. As we drove home in the darkness, I found that the lights of the --- cars almost blinded me.
A. opposing B. facing C. oncoming D. preceding
29. Martin’s hair is quite --- now, but as he grows older I except it will become much straighter.
A. wrinkled B. curly C. winding D. twisted
30. This bomb is --- of destroying an entire city.
A. feasible B. able C. possible D. capable
31. My grandmother was --- by Andrew’s cultivated manners and his charming smile.
A. subjected B. captured C. captivated D. enslaved
32. The scheme sounds excellent in theory, but it’s totally --- in a country like this.
A. impracticable B. insoluble C. impassable D. inaccessible
33. The existence of the planet Pluto was not --- until this century/
A. invented B. explored C. discovered D. identified
Khóa học LTĐH môn Tiếng Anh – Giáo viên: Vũ Thị Mai Phương
Chữa và định hướng các câu hỏi về từ loại trong
đề thi đại học

Hocmai.vn – Ngôi trường chung của học trò Việt Tổng đài tư vấn: 1900 58-58-12
- Trang | 8 -

34. A meeting of the association is being --- to discuss the latest reorganization proposals.
A. gathered B. collected C. assembled D. convened
35. This restaurant has a very --- menu. Every day there are several delicious dishes to choose from.
A. variable B. variegated C. varied D. various
36. You can buy an iron at any --- shop.
A. electric B. electrifying C. electrician D. electrical
37. The --- last thing I want now is to catch a cold.
A. most B. extremely C. utterly D. very
38. The government has now ended its term of office, and a --- election is to be held in June.
A. new B. total C. fresh D. general
39. His grandmother’s condition got --- worse during the cold weather.
A. firmly B. evenly C. smoothly D. steadily
40. The --- rule is always to keep calm in difficult situations.
A. silver B. iron C. diamond D. golden
41. The recorder is --- ; I’d like my money back.
A. ineffective B. defective C. deficient D. deceptive
42. You can’t see five yards in --- fog like that.
A. solid B. fat C. thick D. wet
43. I must run, I’m rather --- for time at the moment.
A. squeezed B. squashed C. cramped D. pressed
44. Your new heating system saves money but your rates are increased because you’ve improved your
home. It’s a(n) --- circle.
A. ugly B. cruel C. vicious D. nasty
45. We sold more umbrellas during the wet spell this summer than during a(n) --- spell last year.
A. matching B. corresponding C. equaling D. relating
46. After the meeting, the staff went back to their --- offices.
A. prospective B. respected C. perspective D. respective

Giáo viên: Vũ Thị Mai Phương
Nguồn : Hocmai.vn

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