PART-A 2*10=20 1. What is cryptography? 2. Give any four names of substitution techniques 3. What are the services defined by x.

800? 4. What is the purpose of Diffie-Hellman algorithm? 5. Define man in the middle attack 6. List design objectives for HMAC 7. What is MAC? 8. What are the requirements for digital signature? 9. Give the Kerberos simple dialogue 10. What is firewall?

PART-B 5*16=80 11 a(i) Briefly explain about OSI security architecture (8) (ii) Explain briefly about data encryption standard (8) (OR) b(i) Explain briefly about block cipher principles and modes of operation (12) (ii) Explain about traffic confidentiality (4) 12 a(i) Explain briefly about Diffie-Hellman key exchange (16) (OR) b(i) Explain briefly about public key cryptography (8) (ii) What is the use of RSA algorithm? (8) 13 a(i) Expalin briefly about MD5 message digest algorithm (12) (ii) What is the use of authentication protocols? (4) (OR) b(i) Explain briefly about RIPEMD (16)

14 a(i) Explain about Kerberos (16) (OR) b(i) Explain briefly about web security (16) 15 a(i) Discuss the design principles of firewall (8) (ii) What is meant by password management? (8) (OR) b(i) What is meant by virus and explain briefly about threats? (16) .

What is Bastion host? 9.CRYPTOGRAPHY AND NETWORK SECURITY PART-A 2*10=20 1. What is product cipher? 3. What is trap door? 5. Define PEM 7. What are the types of firewall? 10.SKR Engineering College Department Of Computer Science & Engineering Model Question Paper IT1352. Define Hash function 6. What is honeypot? PART-B 5*16=80 11 a(i) Explain briefly about classical encryption techniques (16) (OR) b(i) What is the evaluation criteria for AES? (16) 12 a(i) Briefly explain about elliptic curve architecture and cryptography (16) (OR) b(i) Explain briefly about RSA algorithm (8) (ii) Explain briefly about key management (8) 13 a(i) What is the need of secure hash algorithm (10) (ii) What is digital signature standard? (6) (OR) . What is encryption? 2. Difference between conventional encryption and public key encryption 4. What is MIME? 8.

b(i) Explain briefly about HMAC digital signature (16) 14 a(i) What is PGP and Explain briefly about its working principles (16) (OR) b(i) Explain In detail IP security (16) 15 a(i) What is the need of virus counter measures? (8) (ii) What are the types of firewall? (8) (OR) b(i) Explain in detail Intrusion detection (8) (ii) Explain in detail trusted systems (8) .

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