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Copyright © 1998 by Bert Hellinger, Gunthard Weber, and Hunter Beaumont. All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced whatsoever without the written permission of the copyright owner.
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Hellinger, Bert Love's hidden symmetry: what makes love work in relationships  / by Hert Hellinger with Gunthard Weber and Hunter Beaumont, p. cm. Translation and reworking of: Zweierlei Gluck. ISBN 1-891944-00-2 1. Family psychotherapy. I. Weber, Gunthard. II. Beaumont, Hunter. III. Zweierlei Gluck. IV. Title. 616.89 156—dc21 98-13152 CIP Manufactured in the United States of America 10 9 8 7 6
 Foreword by Gunthard Weber
 Introduction by Hunter Beaumont
 ix PART ONE The Phenomenology of Intimate Relationship Systems 1 Chapter One
 Guilt, Innocence, and the Limits of Conscience
 3 Chapter Two
 Man and Woman: The Foundation of Family
 31 Chapter Three
 Parents and Children
 92 Chapter Four
 The Conscience of the Family Group
 150 Chapter Five
 Love and the Greater Soul
 190 PART TWO Psychotherapeutic Considerations 203 Chapter Six
 The Therapeutic Posture
 205 Chapter Seven
 Some Helpful Interventions
 251 Chapter Eight
 Specific Themes in Systemic Psychotherapy
 Influences on the Development of Hellinger's Work 

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