David Dandeneau.

David A. Dandeneau is a Metis who was born and raised in Fisher Branch, Manitoba. He has a BA and Certificate of Education from the Collège universitaire de Saint-Boniface (now L'Université de Saint-Boniface). He retired from his position as Director of Development at that institution, in the fall of 2006.

He is the co-founder and past Chair of the Elzéar Goulet Local of the Manitoba Metis Federation. This is the only French speaking local under the governance of MMF. While working as Director of Development at the University he helped to establish its Metis Student Association. He also worked with the MMF to establish the Neil Gaudry1 Endowment Fund a bursary and scholarship fund for Metis students. This endowment fund now has well-over one million dollars of capital. David is actively involved in his community. He is presently the Chair of the Board of Manitoba Film & Music, member of the board of Heritage Winnipeg, President of the Saint-Boniface Development Corporation, chair of the Youville Diabetes Centre, founder and President of Heritage Saint-Boniface, and actively involved in Festival du Voyageur as past Official Voyageur. He currently works as Vice-President of Development for IDFusion Software, an Aboriginal IT company. He is business manager for MJAnne Couture, an Aboriginal women’s clothing design and manufacturing company based in Winnipeg. He also serves on the Board of Governors of the Manito Ahbee Festival Inc. He and his wife Huguette Mulaire have four children and two grandchildren. He is related to the well-known Manitoba Metis fiddler Marcel Meilleur (1930-2007) who was also from Fisher Branch.

Neil Gaudry (1937-1999) was Liberal MLA from St. Boniface, elected to Manitoba legislature April 25, 1988, re-elected September 11, 1990 and April 25, 1995. He died of a heart attack in February of 1999 while attending Festival du Voyageur in St. Boniface.



Compiled by Lawrence Barkwell Coordinator of Metis Heritage and History Research Louis Riel Institute


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